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Welcome to Ted's Seinfeld Page. We now have seven sound clips, but will soon have to close the site because I am going to college, where I will put up another page. Get the sound clips now, because they will be gone in a few days. Until then, keep checking each day for more.

Seinfeld Sound Clips

  1. nosoup1.wav
    contents: "No soup for you" - Soup Nazi(18Kb)

  2. nosoup.wav
    contents: "Very good, very good...you know something? No soup for you-one year" - soup nazi(129Kb)

  3. dismiss.wav
    contents: "wait, wait wait,wait, here me out, here me out, don't dismiss this-you're very quick to dismiss, don't dismiss"-George(124Kb)

  4. dutyfree.wav
    contents: "Well, I still like to shop at the duty free shop...I like to shop at the duty free shop(3x)(305Kb)

  5. giddayup.wav
    contents: "giddayup" - Kramer(25Kb)

  6. pullback.wav
    contents: "Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in" - George(88Kb)

  7. intros.wav
    contents: "Hi Marla..Jerry...George, Marla...Marla...George...Jerry, Stacy...Stacy... Jerry... George, Stacy... Stacy... George"- Jerry,Marla,Stacy,George(215Kb)

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