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EARL F. DODGE of Colorado
Prohibition Party
Presidential Nominee

"I reviewed the material you have online on the Prohibition Party and my candidacy. It was very fair and objective and I want you to know how much I appreciate the quality of the Politics1 site." -- Earl F. Dodge


POLITICAL: National Chairman of the Prohibition Party, 1958-62 & 1979 - present. National Executive Secretary, Prohibition Party, 1962 - present. Prohibition Party nominee for US Senator from Kansas, 1966 (9,400 votes). President, Good Government Association of Kalamazoo (Michigan), 1968-71. Chairman, Colorado Prohibition Party, 1971 - present. Prohibition Party nominee for Colorado Governor: 1974 (6,400 votes), 1978 (2,200 votes), 1982 (3,500 votes), 1986 (8,200 votes) and 1994 (7,700 votes). Prohibition Party Vice Presidential nominee: 1976 (16,000 votes) and 1980 (7,200 votes). Prohibition Party Presidential nominee: 1984 (4,200 votes), 1988 (8,000 votes), 1992 (900 votes) and 1996 (1,300 votes). President, American Civic League. Secretary-Treasurer, National Prohibition Foundation, Inc. Secretary-Treasurer, Right-to-Life Education Fund, Inc.

PROFESSIONAL: Owner, campaign button mail-order business.

EDUCATION: Attended the Malden Public Schools. Attended the Narcotics Institute (Illinois), 1959.

PERSONAL: Born December 24, 1932 in Malden, Massachusetts. Married to Barbara Regan Dodge. Seven children, 17 grandchildren. Baptist. Member, Sons of the American Revolution. Member, Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims.

Prohibition Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

Watkins -- a retired aeronautical engineer with a college undergraduate degree in physics -- is the Prohibition Party National Vice Chairman. Along with his wife, the 69-year-old Watkins is also active in his local Baptist church. He is also the grandson of 1920 Prohibition Party Presidential nominee Aaron Watkins.


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Dodge -- the National Chairman of the Prohibition Party -- is a frequent candidate who has lost 12 consecutive races for political office. Prior to 2000, he's been the party's VP nominee Earl Dodge - 1982twice and the Presidential nominee four times. In 1996, Dodge was on the Presidential ballot in just 4 states and carried a total of only 1,300 votes. Dodge, 67, is again the Prohibition Party nominee for his a fifth White House run in 2000. As of September 1, Dodge had qualified to appear on the November ballot only in one state (Colorado) -- but is also seeking write-in votes elsewhere. In line with the party's philosophy, Dodge is campaigning on a hardcore Religious Right, pro-life and anti-drug platform. Dodge says that his campaign is not about being elected President but rather about promoting a meaningful public discussion of his platform. Even though Dodge has no chance of winning, Dodge's Presidential campaigns have consistently produced great-looking, full-color campaign buttons (probably because Dodge earns his living as a mail-order campaign button dealer).


Ardent Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition by John Kobler (1993). This book details the history of the Prohibition Party and the temperence movement in the United States. Kobler's book also focuses on some of the personalities of the movement including Prohibitionist leaders like Dr. Silas Comfort Swallow, John Bidwell, Carrie Nation, Joshua Levering and others. Follow the link to read more about the book. List: $14.95. Your Price: $11.96 (You Save 20%). (Paperback.)

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