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Executive Summary

"Treason is the betrayal of one's own country."

Did you know that several major U.S. corporations are using U.S. prison labor to book flight reservations, data processing, cloths manufacturing, product packaging, and other normally high paying U.S. jobs? Did you know that the top 1% owns over 50% of all U.S. stocks? Did you know that the top 1% now has more wealth then the bottom 95%. Did you know that a full-time worker earning the minimum wage has an income well below the poverty level? Did you know that about 1 million people immigrate to the U.S. every year? Did you know that global warming could cause sea levels to rise over 200 feet during the next fifty years? Did you know that 90% of all campaign contributions come from the top 10% of wealthy individuals and large corporations? Did you know that most of the fortune 500 companies have built factories in Mexico and that wages in Mexico have been going down in real terms? Did you know that free trade deals like NAFTA, and corporate down-sizing by highly profitable corporations, has moved millions of workers from high wage industrial jobs to lower wage service jobs? Did you know that our Senators and Representatives in Congress need to raise between $5 million and $50 million from wealthy special interest to run for public office? Did you know that Congress can vote themselves pay raises and they now earn over $141,000 a year, plus benefits? Did you know that the Reagan-Bush S&L de-regulation legislation cost U.S. taxpayers $500 billion? Did you know that electric utility company de-regulation has hit California and residential consumers are seeing their bills doubled from last year? Did you know that our once highly progressive federal income tax system has been reduced from a top rate of 80% to a top rate of 28% during the Reagan administration. Did you know that tax loopholes and corporate welfare cost over $100 billion each year? Did you know that since the 1950's the share of federal taxes paid by corporations has dropped from 50% to 10%. Did you know that of the $5.7 trillion national debt, $4 trillion occurred during the Reagan-Bush 12 years?

American workers are increasingly getting dump, and dumped on, by corporate America and federal legislation sponsored by corrupt money grabbing legislators. Corporate greed is rewarded by Wall Street and reinforced by the U.S. Congress. Wealthy individuals have their wants and concerns are very well represented by members of Congress, but who in Congress is representing the average working American? In Washington money talks and as a result "we the people" are losing our democratic form of self government. The growing concentration of wealth in America is a danger sign that our forefathers, like Abraham Lincoln, warned us about. We must reform our campaign financing system to a system of public financing and we must restore the tax code to one that is highly progressive with a top rate of 70% to 80%. GWB wants to take this country in the wrong direction with weak campaign finance reforms, regressive tax cuts, and other legislation designed to benefit corporate America and billionaires at the expense of middle class working Americans.

GWB Right House Web Site

The purpose of the GWB Right House web site is not just to expose the extreme issue positions of George W. Bush, but to educate the American people about some of the important issues. In addition, I want to use this opportunity to educate people about the possibility that there is a small group of very wealth, and ruthless, individuals who seek more wealth and power in America and throughout the world at our expense, and at our governments expense. Do you think that if our elected leaders deliberately tax cut and spend our country into bankruptcy so that a few fat cat billionaires can pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar that they would be guilty of treason?

The Candidate

George W. Bush is not like other Americans. He is a third generation politician and economic elite who's father and grandfather paved the right-wing campaign trail and coat-tail riding business road map that he now follows. GWB has almost nothing in common with the average American worker and his campaign proposals reflect that elitist extreme right-wing leadership intent. It appears he supports weak environmental regulations, a poverty level minimum wage, tax cuts for the richest Americans, HMO's profits over patients rights, lessening the role of government as a social safety net provider, less liability for irresponsible corporations through tort reforms, and huge increases in military spending. His leadership record in Texas is very poor by almost any standard. In Texas he turned a record budget surplus into a budget shortfall because of his large tax cuts. His presidential campaign proposals of huge tax cuts for the rich and big spending increases promise to return this country to the huge deficits of the Reagan/Bush years. The American people should fear him for who he is and what he really stands for. This web site exposes the real GWB.

The Issues

On many of the important issues facing this country large numbers of the American people are confused, misled, and deceived by politicians, the media, and their own lack of concern. The result has been a history of the American people electing politicians, like Nixon, Reagan, and Bush, who have failed to keep their campaign promises and have effectively slapped the American people in the face with legislation that has been harmful to our economy, our environment, and our democracy. Many voters mistakenly attach to much importance to one issue, or to one mistake by a politician, and then they carry that narrow minded over simplistic view of politics and politicians into the voting booth where they vote for people who really don't represent their interest and concerns on the important issues. The failure of the American people to recognize these planned deceptions, and their own visionary weakness, will only result in more mistakes in electing leaders who actions on the issues are critical to the future success of this country and its people. This web site attempts to provide some balance and reality by looking closely at many of the most important issues facing America and how GWB is likely to effect each of these issues.

The Greedy Manipulators

There is a very good possibility that there is a small group of very wealth individuals who are ruthless in their quest for more wealth and power in America and throughout the world. I believe that this small group of individuals are deliberately subverting our countries laws and corrupting our elected leaders in pursuit of their greed driven goals. I suspect that this treacherous money hungry little group has been using many of the Congressional Republicans, and some of the Congressional Democrats, including the top person in the White House when possible, to help them achieve their goals of more wealth and power for themselves through legislation that is good for them, but bad for us and our form of government.

I suspect that this small group of conspiring and colluding money managers and their clients, most of whom are inheritance rich individuals, view their situation as one in which it is them, against the voters in America. I believe that they feel like the voters are ill-informed fools who will make the wrong choices if given the chance and who can easily be misled with small bits of created propaganda. So to avoid that chance of error that could cost them lots of time and money, like what happened when JFK narrowly defeated Nixon in 1960, they have decided that it is better to be pro-active by eliminating risk early-on and by manipulating and tricking the voters through the media and through our elected political leaders. They do this knowing that if they can get enough voters, or fools, as they like to call us, voting for their paid-off politician puppets they can move their treasonous self-serving wealth and power accumulation goals forward.

As a result of their recent successes in bringing in more voters and political leaders into their "Big Tent of Fools" plan, a plan that represents the extreme right-wing side of the issues like tax cuts for the rich, no minimum wage, free trade, cuts in social programs, more corporate welfare, less corporate accountability through tort reforms, more immigration, etc., they are very eager to get one of their good-ole-boys back into the White House. They know that if they succeed at this goal they will also be able to maintain their control in the Congress and then they can make some major changes in legislation, like repealing of the estate tax, that will help them secure their current positions of wealth and power far into the future.

For these wealth and power hungry individuals the American people, and the American government, are just expendable pawns in a world-wide game of dominance by their multinational corporations and real estate ownership. Things like workers rights, environmental regulations, trade barriers, inheritance taxes, and federal income taxes are all obstacles to their accumulation of wealth and power and are targeted for destruction by their political operatives.

The federal governments ownership of massive amounts of U.S. real estate, the U.S. government (we the people) owns over 40% of all U.S. real estate, is like a carrot dangling in front of their asset hungry mouths. It appears that they have decided that if they play their cards right they can bankrupt the U.S. government and then pick-up these government owned real estate jewels for pennies on the dollar. It would be like stealing candy from a baby. The $500 billion S&L rip-off was just the tip of the wealth transfer iceberg, the repeal of the estate tax will be the icing on the cake, and the U.S. governments real estate assets will be the cherry topping.

So big the question becomes, how can we, the average well informed American citizens, educate the other misled citizens about the veiled dangers to our constitutional form of democratic government from this small group of greedy treasonous conspirators, if they really exist? If they don't currently exist how can we insure that they never develop to the point of endangering our countries workers and our governments assets?

Following are some of my recommendations to help educate the American people and protect our country from small groups of greedy individuals who seek to manipulate and subvert our laws for their own greedy interest:

I believe that if we succeed in educating enough Americans about these few facts and ideas we stand a good chance of taking this country back from the greedy few who seek only to increase their own wealth and power. If the American people wish to continue governing themselves, as our founding fathers intended, they must take the time to learn the facts, study the issues, educate their friends, and lobby their elected leaders. God is good, but it is up to us to make this country work the way our founders intended, by majority rule in a dynamic representative democracy. Get involved now or be prepared to bow to and serve your new ruthless oligarchy leaders.

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