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Governor GWB has been riding the wave of a national trend towards lower, and lower, crime statistics. Of course GWB is attempting to take credit for lower levels of crime in Texas but the truth is that crime is down much more in other parts of the country then it is in Texas. I believe that the credit for the reduction in all categories of crime on a nation wide basis belongs to the Clinton/Gore administrations efforts beginning with the '94 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. The Clinton/Gore administration's legislation has make, and has attempted to make, the following improvements (Some of these initiatives have not been funded because of Republican opposition):

Following are some of the results of the Clinton/Gore administration's efforts:

Following are some additional things that we could do to bring crime down even more:

Following are some of the things GWB has helped to change as Governor of Texas, several of which I think are misguided:

To be fair, there are some other things in the criminal justice area that Governor GWB has done that I am in complete agreement with, but I will let GWB tell you about those things on his web site.

The Republicans in the U.S. Congress, and the NRA's, has been using some propaganda to deceive the American people about what the Democrats really stand for on gun rights issue that I feel needs some explaining. First, Democrats are for common sense gun control legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and children. They are also for increasing the accountability for those who misuse guns. The Democrats are not for banning guns, or taking away our constitutional right to bear arms, as the NRA and many of the Republicans in the U.S. Congress would have you believe. Don't be fooled by the Republican's tricks on this issue or any of the other issues.

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