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Democrat Party

In my opinion the Democrat Party is the lesser of two evils. If you look at the last seven years and compare that to the last twelve years that the Republicans were in the White House it is clear that the Democrats are the true fiscal conservatives, the party of smaller more efficient government, and the party of personal responsibility. There is no question that President Clinton harmed the public's perception of the Democrat Party with his sexual exploits and his lies trying to cover up those exploits, however, he has been a great president and his policies have been a great benefit to the people of America.

I strongly disagree with the Democrats positions on the death penalty, foreign trade, and immigration, but the Republicans are even more staunch supports of these policies and the other Republicans policies are even more distasteful to me.

The Democrats are stuck in the unenviable position of being forced to raise increasing amounts of money for political campaigns from a support based of labor unions who's memberships has been declining over the past fifty years. The result is that the Democrats have been forced into raising funds from the same wealthy individuals and large corporations that have historically been supporters of the Republican candidates. The effect of this change has been the apparent, and probably real, perception that the Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans and both parties are legislating for the benefit of these wealthy special interest. The major difference is that the Democrats support meaningful campaign finance reform legislation like McCain-Feingold and the Republicans oppose it. That is not a huge difference between the two parties but it enough to make me believe that the Democrats are the less of the two evils.

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