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George W. Bush Humor

Following is a collections of humorous and satirical quotes, remarks, and ironic humor. I got these from a variety of different sources, send me an e-mail if you have some good ones I can add, enjoy:

George W. Bush, a reformer who needs to be reformed ~ Born with a silver spoon up his nose ~ The only politician dumber then Dan Quayle ~ A kinder gentler scam artist ~ Like father like son, the rip-off continues ~ Compassionate conservative or smug fascist ~ "There ought to be limits to freedom" ~ Texas takes #1 spot for pollution, executions, and child poverty under Bush ~ He is not a crack addict anymore ~ His drunken and drug filled days are behind him ~ No more pink elephants for GWB ~ Enemies list is filling up fast ~ Money talks, everyone else can shut their blow holes ~ Large multinational corporations are good citizen who care about the American people ~ Oil & Gas are GWB's favorite industries ~

The environment is tough, it can take it ~ GWB begins new current events training by looking at pictures in newspaper ~ GWB whimpers and says "please don't kill me" ~ Billionaires, fools, and the misinformed join the GOP ~ Daddies S&L deal has kept the big money billionaire players loyal ~ Turning the other cheek to the Bush's ~ GOP conservative = friend to the greedy billionaires ~ Estate Taxes are for wimps, not for want-to-be sons ~ Who needs a balanced budget anyway ~ Tax cut for everyone ~ Military need expensive wall built around the U.S.for non-existent enemy ~ Hypocrisy is just republican political rhetoric ~

Character, morals, leadership, and intelligence, what ever happened to Jimmy Carter anyway? ~ Reagan's big tent was full of fools, the weak minded, and the misled ~ Read my lip, No New Bush's ~ George W., Jeb, Marvin, & Neil all strike it rich. Them is some smart boys daddyO ~ Campaign Finance Reform, He-He ~ GWB needs another $100 million to win, send checks or money orders ASAP ~ Bush dynasty, or vast right-wing conspiracy puppets ~ Large corporations need protection from the greedy public ~ Can Ross save us from this Bush? ~ How dare the Democrats try and take credit for the balanced budget and a good economy ~ GWB's favorite number 666 ~ No new Bushit ~ Bush Sr. & Bush Jr. - Dumb & Dumber or Scum & Scummier ~

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