We were featured in the April 2000 issue of Sailing World magazine, without a doubt the premiere
sailboat racing magazine in the country. Click on the links to read the article, and to see the pictures
and captions.

NOTE: Pictures of pages may take a while to load up with a slow connection.

Page 8 Page 9

Pages 8 and 9 have a HUGE picture of the October 23, 1999 regatta at Lake Arcadia.
On the beach from left to right: Nadine, Jay, Lindsay and Robin. Sailing: Peter and Willy (Boat 5)
lead Francis Shiman-Hackett and Chris Sousa (Boat 6) from UMass, as Adam and Paul of Amherst 2
(Boat 1) prepare to tack out of the bad air. Williams A and UMass 2 are not pictured.

Page 10 Page 11

Page 10 shows the Amherst team eating dinner in their stylish purple and black drysuits at Valentine.
This was an old photo from October 1998. L to R: Willy, Anne Cameron, Matt Bevers, and former
President Andrew Blum '99, who was mercifully cropped out of the photo (he was caught shoveling a
load of Valentine Meatloaf into his mouth)

Page 11 contains 2 substantial paragraphs about the team and former President Peter Beardsley '01.

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