How the devil uses the liberal media to manipulate society

The Bible describes the devil as the originator of sin. We all known he stays very busy. He appears to have a large mental capacity, and he can be anywhere in the blink of an eye, yet the devil is not omniscient nor is he omnipresent so he requires underlings to do his bidding.

Although Satan has a host of demonic angels throughout the world, there is one thing he and his demons can't do. Satan and his fallen angels are spiritual beings, which makes them incapable of acting in this physical realm. This is where the need for human organizations comes in. In the nations where the devil has dictators in command, he can use them directly to control those countries. In the "free world" Satan has found by using the liberal media, he can effectively and clandestinely achieve the same level of control.

The liberal media is not only the devil's best device for corrupting and controlling human society, it's his most diabolical device. The finger of blame is rarely every pointed at the liberal media for society's ills. This is because the press is the one who's in charge of fixing the blame. Having the liberal media decide if they're partly to blame for our country's moral decline, is like putting a tobacco company in charge of finding out what causes lung cancer.

If you were to ask Christians, who they believe was conspiring to bring about the One World Government, many of them would cite groups like the Illuminati or the Trilateral Commission as ones working to bring forth a world government. Conspiracy theories sell a large number of books, and many of these organizations are pro-world government, but I don't foresee conspiracy groups ever gaining the clout to pull this off. Honestly, I believe conspiracy theories are just a distraction to draw our attention away from the primary forces that are laboring to achieve the New World Order.

The liberal media will be a substantial player in end time events. When the Antichrist finally arises to power, the liberal media will be tripping over themselves while trying to report his every word. The values that the press currently portrays will perfectly match the values of the forthcoming Antichrist. It will be love at first sight.

The liberal media's final act will be to broadcast the hatred of the Jews and nonconforming Christians. Even today, these two groups are reported on with a negative bias. As we draw closer to the tribulation, that negativity will only increase.

When Jesus Christ returns to earth, He'll cast the liberal media into the pit of darkness. In hell they won't be harassed by us Christians so they'll have the freedom to follow whatever news stories they choose. They will be able to cover topics like "Why is hell so hot" or "Does a snowball really stand a chance down here?" I'm sure the liberal media, at that time, will conclude that hell is a racist and homophobic place, and the burning sulfur will certainly be noted, by them, as being destructive to hell's environment.

After watching the liberal media in action over the years, I've detected several of their tricks of the trade. The following is a listing of their more popular tactics:

Positive Spotlighting
When an event takes place that will advance the goals of liberalism, the liberal media will give it special attention. Some of the groups that benefit from preferential treatment are; the wacko environmentalists, the gay groups, the abortionists, and the political lefties. (Everything that's counterproductive to the liberal cause is played down.)

Negative Spotlighting
When something occurs that threatens established liberal dogma, the media reports on this activity so they can alert their counterparts in the various liberal activist groups. (The same warnings are not given for acts that threaten conservative thinking.)

Picking and Choosing
The greatest tool the liberal media has at its disposal for manipulating the thinking of the masses is the option of picking and choosing which news stories will receive press coverage. By selecting stories which are sympathetic to their way of thinking, the liberal media can help determine the direction this country will be heading.

The Friendly Fool
The best ally the liberal media can hope for is when someone from the opposition does something they can use. If a liberally minded person, like the Unabomber, commits a deadly act. The press can't really do anything with his act of terrorism that would be positive, attacking him would mean attacking their own beliefs. When someone like Timothy McVie blows up a federal office building, the liberal media has the opportunity to turn that action into a high holy day for the pro big government and gun control forces.

The Team Player Ploy
Because everyone wants to be part of the establishment, the elite press has been able to win over their enemies by encouraging them to be team players. Through the use of good and bad press coverage, even the most hard to reach people can be altered to a more liberal way of thinking. For example, federal judges when they come to Washington, they're not subject to stand for reelection. These judges are appointed for life. The press by using their carrot and stick approach, have been able to transform Republican nominated judges into "respectable" liberal judges. This has happened several times.

The Name Game
This is where the press assigns names to groups that put a pro-liberal spin on them. The abortion issues is a good example. People for abortion are called pro-choice. By using the word choice, this transforms the act from the killing of the unborn to a rights issue. The pro-life folks are referred to as anti-abortion. Anti is a negative prefix meaning against. Because most people would wish be on the positive side of an issue, the negative title puts you at a disadvantage. here are some more examples the liberal media uses to put their agenda into a more positive light: gay rights, new morality, free speech (talking about porn), independent mothers, and judicial activism.

Rewriting History
The boldest of the liberal media's tricks is the brazen rewriting of history. It's a process that goes on at a constant pace. If history does not support liberalism, then liberals will act to change history. The Reagan years are frequently targeted by the revisionist liberal media.

Few people realize how important an influence the monologues of NBC's "The Tonight Show" and CBS's "Late Show" along with skits from "Saturday Night Live" have on public opinion. In late 1992, I remember the pounding George Bush received from all the late night jokes that pointed to a weak economy. After the election, it turned out that the economy was booming at a 4 percent annual growth rate. This news was too late for Bush who, as we all know, lost election. In 1998 the growth rate was at 2 percent. Did you hear any jokes about how bad the economy is? No, of course not.

Shooting blanks
To cover their liberal bias tracks, the liberal media will occasionally throw a few "hard questions" to organization and people they share the same ideology with. The most popular blanks the liberal media chooses to shoot at the President is the question of infidelity. At one point in time, if you'd been found to be an adulterer, you would be taking a fatal bullet. Today, this type of revelation is seen by many as a positive, showing you a desirous person to have so many conquests. In the final round, God will get to fire the last shots and everyone will find He's a well trained marksman.

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