Other Illness & Surgery


Gone to LA

  Ingrid Laceybald for the play

Ella's relations with family and friends are put to the test as they must compete alongside her new infatuation, with Death — a character who is always ready and willing to take her away from it all. Ingrid Lacey (Drop the Dead Donkey) has shaved her head to play Ella who suffers from breast cancer in this play at the Hampstead Theatre in London.


Jonathon Creek

  Zoe Hart as Rebeccawithout her wig

Rebecca (Zoe Hart) was a tax inspector with alopeica who had a crush on Jonathon Creek in one episode.


Blue Heelers

  Tasma Waltonas Dash McKinley

Constable Deidre (Dash) Mckinley started getting this funny little cough. After a biopsy, she is told she has Hodgkinson's Disease. After chemotherapy she looses her hair. Actress Tasma Walton shaved her head in this Australian cop series.

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