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If you don't have WinZip, get it! I will not send anyone unZIPped or self-extracting (EXE) versions of the files by e-mail, so don't even ask.

There are no Macintosh files on this site. I'm sort of a PC bigot.

CreaturesCreatures 2Creatures 1 and 2 Required Files
Utilities (Creatures 1)

CobCom 2.0 by Lee Gaiteri (me!). 18 KB. Freeware. Windows 3.1 or 95. (Requires Visual Basic 3.0 runtimes and CMDIALOG.VBX control file.) Documentation in Rich Text Format. Creates COB files either by modifying an existing COB or by loading a COS file (used by Alexander Laemmle's COE). Can import sprites do use as pictures, and can inject objects into the game. The new version supports RCB files more fully.

NornPose 2.02 by Lee Gaiteri (me!). 17 KB. Freeware. Windows 3.1 or 95. (Requires Visual Basic 3.0 runtimes and CMDIALOG.VBX control file.) Much improved documentation. Makes Norn graphics from the individual body parts, and saves the results as a BMP or SPR file. The Norns can be posed any way you want. (In fact, it even works for Grendels, to a certain extent.) You can also adjust for errors in the ATT body data files that make the body parts look out of alignment. Version 2.0 allows you to assemble the image of an individual Norn (even one of mixed breeds) if you supply its genetic moniker and other information; also, some previously arcane portions of the interface are now much easier to use.

BMP2SPR 1.1 by Lee Gaiteri (me!). 31 KB. Freeware. Windows 95/NT only. Scant documentation. Converts Windows bitmap (.BMP) files to .SPR format and vice-versa. It can work with .SPR files in some very useful ways, managing multiple images instead of just one. Features color-conversion options for .BMP files that don't use the Creatures palette. A must-have for COB authors who want to make their own sprites.

GenCompare 1.01 by Lee Gaiteri (me!). 8.5 KB. Freeware. Windows 3.1 or 95. (Requires Visual Basic 3.0 runtimes and CMDIALOG.VBX control file.) Scant documentation. GenCompare can compare the genetic files of two creatures and find mutations. It also has a handy feature whereby you can compare a Norn to its parents, if you have the parents' DNA (this works for 1st-generation Norns as well). Very useful if you're trying to track down a mutation.

COB Files (Creatures 1)
New Users
If you wanted to download COB files, but you're new to them and don't know anything about them, especially if you don't know how to use them or what you'll need, read the FAQ page to get more information before you download.

Be sure you read the text file that comes with each COB. The text file will give you instructions on how to install and use it. All the COBs on my site come with text files.

My Own COBs: 2.5 KB.
Everything you need to handle your Norns' needs during and before pregnancy. The pregnancy toolkit includes 5 different COBs:

  • Egg Pauser- Stops existing eggs from hatching in the wild.
  • NEW! Egg Unpauser- Allows existing eggs to hatch in the wild, even if they've been picked up or stopped with the egg pauser. (The egg unpauser is actually a "remover" for the egg pauser.)
  • Full Term Pregnancy Infusion- Brings a pregnancy to term. Most problem pregnancies can be solved with this.
  • NEW! C-Section- Removes an egg from a Norn's womb. Useful for Norns who will not lay an egg, even at or past full term.
  • Fertility Infusion- Can be injected into a male or a non-pregnant female to boost sex drive and hormones directly.
The Egg Pauser and Full Term Pregnancy Infusion COBs are no longer available for download separately. The Fertility Infusion, however, is from COB Tutorial Lesson 4 and is available as below. 4 KB.
Put Norns to sleep in comfort (and for more than just a few seconds at a time) with the bed COB. The bed can be moved by the hand (very difficult to code), and keeps Norns comfortable while they sleep. 6 KB.
The herb box is a vendor object that grows feverfew, morning glory, gentian, and carrots. Handy for Norns on the go or for taking care of sick Norns.

Like the Norn doll, this object also uses some brain stimulation, to make Norns notice the plants/carrots that it vends. 8.5 KB. Version 1.1r.
The Norn doll is more than just a variation on the Bed Time Bear or Slink's teddy bear COB. This doll actually reminds Norns and Grendels to eat by stimulating their brains!

This doll says "mommy" in a Norn voice when a creature (or the hand) squeezes it, and Norns and Grendels will sometimes kiss the doll affectionately. Don't forget to move NDOL.WAV into the \Sounds directory when you install this COB. 2.5 KB. Version 1.0r.
Chicken soup is a good food that's especially good for sick Norns. It gives sick Norns a shot of energy to fight their illness, and also warms them up a little. (Since sick Norns are usually already hot, chicken soup also cools them down.) The soup is also attractive to Norns, who otherwise might not eat it at all when sick. 3.5 KB. Version 1.0r.
The playpen lets you leave a baby Norn (or Grendel) on the kitchen/garden level unattended while you deal with other things. You can put toys and food in the playpen, and move it left and right. Unfortunately, you can't park it in front of the computer, but you can always put the super speech toy in the playpen.... 1.5 KB. Version 1.0r.
The joke book is a toy for your Norns that lets them share a joke; or, if there's no one else around, they're entertained anyway. It makes the Norn (or Grendel) who uses it giggle. It also makes them happier, less bored, less angry, and less lonely; it has similar effects on others nearby. 4.5 KB. Version 1.1r.
The Super Speech Toy (SST for short) teaches 50 words, all the currently known words except for the creature's name and the hand. This is a truly educational toy. Among the words it teaches, it teaches 16 verbs instead of the original 14, all the object names, both the creature names, and 13 words to let the Norn/Grendel express how it feels.

WARNING! The Super Speech Toy and other COBs that teach words are prone to aggravating a bug which exists in Creatures. This bug, known as the autosave bug, happens when the game tries to save while a creature is using the toy. (The only real workaround would make the super speech toy much less useful.) If you are concerned about this problem, I suggest using the Doctor or Cheese cheats to disable autosaves until Cyberlife comes up with a fix. 1 KB
The Grendel selector simply selects a Grendel. No more waiting for it to eat a fruit or perform an action--the object selects it directly. The only problem is that this COB isn't designed for situations in which more than one Grendel exists in the world. 1 KB. Version 1.0r. Includes "undo" object in RCB format.
Get rid of weeds the best way: Keep your Norns from seeing them! You can eliminate the threat of weeds without deleting them outright. And if you want, you can restore them later using the included weed shower.

Tutorial COBs: 281 bytes
The cheese variant from Lesson 1. Includes remover from Lesson 2, in RCB format. 201 bytes
The cheese variant remover from Lesson 2. You'll need Lesson 1's object to test it. (Includes lesson2.COB and the identical lesson1.rcb file.) 365 bytes
The training weed from Lesson 3. 265 bytes
The fertility infusion from Lesson 4. 1 KB
The cheese vendor from Lesson 5. Includes a remover and the cven.spr file required to use the object.

Collaborative COBs: 71 KB. Version 1.1. By Lee Gaiteri (me) and SteerPike.
A musical instrument for Norns with the blues. (This actually functions as a musical object, in that it stimulates the appropriate sensory neuron in creatures who hear it.) 2 KB. Created by NoRnGaL, with some minor modifications (like the graphic) by yours truly.
Gets rid of weeds for good. (Back up your world first, unless you're sure you'll never want the weeds to come back!)

Utilities (Creatures 2)

BMP2S16 1.01 by Lee Gaiteri (me!). 32 KB. Freeware. Windows 95/98/NT only. Scant documentation. Converts Windows bitmap (.BMP) files to Creatures 2's 16-bit .S16 format and vice-versa. Operation is practically identical to BMP2SPR. (This version has been updated to work with sprites of any width; widths that would not work in Creatures 1 are valid in Creatures 2's S16 format.)

CobCom/C2 1.04 by Lee Gaiteri (me!). 12 KB. Freeware. Windows 3.1 or 95/98/NT. (Requires Visual Basic 3.0 runtimes and CMDIALOG.VBX control file.) Creates COB files for Creatures 2. Can import sprites from S16 files to use as pictures, and can inject objects into the game or remove them. (This version is yet another bug fix--multiple-object COBs, however, such as Cyberlife's object packs, are not supported yet.)

NornPose C2 1.02 by Lee Gaiteri (me!). 37 KB. Freeware. Windows 95/98/NT. Makes Norn, Grendel, and Ettin graphics from the individual body parts, and saves the results as a BMP file. The interface is much simpler, in many ways, than the original NornPose. (Version 1.02 fixes a bug that occurred when displaying some female Norns.)

COB Files (Creatures 2) 73.5 KB. By Lummox JR and SteerPike.
The saxophone for Creatures 2 is a musical object that lets Norns reduce stress and generally just play the blues. Since there are no true "music" objects in C2, this is a "mediabox". S16 and WAV files are included in the COB itself. 8.0 KB.
Chicken soup is an extremely attractive food that helps heal sick or injured creatures. It reduces pain, makes Norns more comfortable (less hot, less cold), and has all kinds of benefits. The S16 file is included in the COB itself. 2.0 KB. Version 1.1.
The joke book makes creatures happier, less angry, etc. by encouraging laughter. It has a positive effect on other creatures in earshot, too, since they get to listen in on the joke. It works pretty much the same way its Creatures 1 counterpart does--but this one works for Ettins, too. The S16 file is included in the COB itself. 1 KB. Version 1.2.
The SleepyTime COB is a simple script to help solve the problem of Norn insomnia in Creatures 2. The COB has been updated to correct a slight format problem, and was since updated again to deal with the fact that the stupid object injector likes to crash when dealing with small, imageless COBs. 1 KB. Version 1.2.
The QuickPower COB activates all powerups in the world, but does so without popping up any message boxes or anything else. It also has the distinction of being able to work even if the powerups themselves are no longer in the world--so if you've turned off a cheat, for example, this should bring back all your kits.

Creatures 1 and Creatures 2

Slink's dDNA Analyzer 66 KB. By Sandra Linkletter. Posted with permission.
The quintessential program to view C1 and C2 gene files. It's been invaluable to many a gene editor, and I'm happy to preserve it here.

Required Files

This file is an essential for several of my programs, as most were written in Visual Basic 3.0. It's Microsoft's fault that this file isn't on their own Web site, where it belongs. I posted this file here because apparently people were incapable of finding it themselves; I'll admit it's not easy to find, but it's not that difficult. I'm posting it here to prevent the 500 e-mails I get every week requesting it--but I still reserve the right to rant on and on about how people can't search the Web for themselves.

As for the rest, well, you'll have to go look for those.

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