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I came to MIT to get an education for myself and a diploma for my mother.

Theories in DoS

Theories in DoS is a work in progress document to test and assess network issues regarding protocols such as OSPF, RIP, RIPv2. EIGRP, IGRP, IS-IS. The document will be upgraded from time to time and sample code which I feel relevant will be added as well with current information contained in the README file. Feel free to use the scenarios when assessing your network for security regarding firewall configurations, router configurations and if you'd like to correct me on some of the writing please feel free to e-mail to me.

. . . : : O f f L i n e N e w s : : . . .

Banker gets fscked
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: September 20th 10:30am

Good news coming out of Europe as a Scottish banker is caught downloading kiddieporn. "I came across pornography and stuff that included children and have seen that, but that is all," Chalmers told a court Tuesday. A police raid of his house in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian however found more than 100 images of children in explicit sexual acts to be saved on his home PC. We say chop his balls off, take a picture of them and post it here to let kiddieporn pushers know the pressure is on.
Kiddie Porn sucks

sCrIpTkIdDiOt news
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: September 20th 10:30am

At the young age of thirteen some dipshit plans on being the next Kevin Mitnick as he tries to prove his uberl33tness by defacing 700+ sites supposedly to protest some racist message. I wonder if Dr. Martin Luther king were alive, what would be his response? Anyways for you script kiddiot fucknuts abroad, stop using the "I 0wn3d j00 t0 pr0t3st" excuse for your musings. Don't you know that shit is bad for your health? Well when your in a cell with Bubba you'll see what I mean.
When Script Kiddies Attack

HSBC gets owned
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: September 20th 10:30am

Someone in Europe is getting pretty desperate as more financial firms are being attacked. HSBC was defaced and had their main page replaced with a picture of Tony Blair with a statement bitching about OPEC or something.
HSBC gets owned

Windows of Exposure
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: September 20th 10:30am

Bruce Shneier speaks out on computer security and attempts to look to the future regarding how security stages are set. The article is pretty good and should offer a view on how things should be done in a realistic world but unfortunately we are far and beyond textbook-like mechanisms to get there... I almost sound smart here don't I. Well back to my flipping burgers.
Closing the Window of Exposure

Circumventing Carnivore for cluebies
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: September 18th 7:30pm

We had to jump on the Carnivore bandwagon with our own rantings and ravings concerning the governments eavesdropping machine Carnivore. This document was something I whipped up en-route to California for my McDonalds promotion to McManager from grill whore. Personally I think it has its good points and bad ones. Feel free to comment as you see fit.
Circumsizing Carnivore

reported by: sil
Last Modified On: August 29th 1:30pm

AntiOffline fixes Daemonic. The second tool in a series from the Theories in DoS project. Daemonic is a BGP session killer based on the presumption that a neighbor will ignore another neighbor if it begins to send it crappy information. Notes: Has crashed Zebra routing software and unfortunately I don't have time to test it further. Yes I have read my RFC's and I quote "This is a theory based tool." (Should still work though) Don't e-mail me with some bullshit "HoW dO eYe H4x0r wIf DiS?" shit. If you don't understand BGP and what a neighbor is then you should not be tinkering with this. If anyone would care to send me relvant links I do not mind and I don't mind critisizm one bit. AND FINALLY... The final words on daemonic, thoughts, rants, RTFM's, FAQ's, etc., can be found here.
Final Thoughts
Daemonic BGP session Killer (fixed)

Cracker Profiling
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: Saturday 2:34pm

AntiOffline introduces "Cracker Profiling" which should soon become the industry standard in relevance to everything you ever wanted to know about crackers but were too afraid to ask. This section will be updated frequently and comments, questions can be sent in regarding the highly volatile content which the document is comprised of.
AntiOffline Special Reports: Cracker Profiling.

Tool of the Week
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: Saturday 2:34pm

Need more Intrusion Detection software to play with? FreeVeracity is a general-purpose data integrity tool for free platforms (e.g. GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD) that uses cryptographic hashes to detect changes in files. FreeVeracity can be deployed in a wide variety of application including network intrusion detection and firewall monitoring. By installing FreeVeracity integrity servers on your computers, you can actively monitor the integrity of your entire network.

Moron of the Week
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: August 25th 8:00pm

We all know I can be a cocky bastard and quite frankly I wouldn't change for anything. SO FSCK J00. Seriously though this was probably the stupidest e-mail I've seen in a while so I HAD to respond to the fucknut. Oh well I thought it was funny as shit. Anyone up for registering
Moron of the Week

reported by: sil
Last Modified On: August 25th 8:00pm
AntiOffline introduces Bubonic.c which seems to be a multipurpose DoS tool which affects Windows2000 and has been tested against Linux running on an Ultra 5. Log files from the kinds of packets it sends can be seen here. Randomized flags, sequences with a spoofed source setting is sure to keep the script kiddiots gcc'ing. Its a lame DoS tool but hey who cares. Snapshot of the Window2000 load can also be viewed if you care to see them. Please note the time it took to bring it that high which is actually shorter since I had to capture the screen which was across from me. It brings the load up within 45 seconds flat. On my Ultra5 running Linux it brang the load up to 1.23 from an 0.01 in about 1 minute. Compiles fine on Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris and who knows what else.
Log file (warning its pretty long)
Load pix

reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 23rd August 2000 8:15pm
Why was the site down again? Some bofh CCNA fuckwad decided to revamp Sprint's OC3 into a 56k connection. Were reviewing our terms of service and soon will be issuing denials of service if these fucknuts continue... Well no DoS'es but a lot of mouth. So whats new for today? Well I'm too tired to think right now but tomorrow will be the official release of my BGP killing tool so router administrators beware. For those unfamiliar with my TID tools please read Theories in DoS which will explain them a bit. I will also be finishing up the document soon.

Mobile Security News
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 23rd August 2000 8:14pm
Now you can secure your Palm Pilot. Well soon you will be able to. Broadbeam has unveiled its scheme to unveil secure bridges through Palm Pilots. Its official we are now working on our own product line called SecureBox. SecureBox will be designer briefs designed to safely transport your penis to the restroom in an effort to take a secure leak without the opportunity of someone named George Michael sneaking peaks at the public restroom.
Misinformation Weak

Organized who?
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 23rd August 2000 8:13pm
"Organized crime bandits intent on stealing thousands of pounds through an online fraud scam have had their plans scrambled by a new security system run by the Egg internet bank." Seems someone wasn't so organized after all. Well here ya go another Public Relations assessed intrusion case filled with the stuff insurers want to hear. Fuck it one of these day's I'll act like a journalist and e-mail or call these companies and grill them to get the real scoop. Not some 0-day watered down shit.
We got owned
And here are ...
three different watered down stories of it

Everybody write now
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 23rd August 2000 7:52pm
Another article pointing out things most competent compsec people should know: Security Techniques, Intrusion Detection Services, etc. This time brought to you by the staff at Security Portal. While on that same site they have what I deem as a "Cluebies Guide to Firewalls." For those who deserve to be slapped like a bitch and explained what exactly a firewall is. While you figure it out the knowledgebase of Security Portal's readers I think I'll play with my Cisco Pix's and Nokia IP440's in my work lab tomorrow.
Cluebies 101
Advanced Firewalls for Cluebie Crackheaded Fucknuts

BTInternet sucks
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 23rd August 2000 7:36pm
BTInternet one of Europes leading ISP's has introduced.... Another security hole for their customers. YAY!!! The trouble with the net is shitty admining as I see it. Well let me grep my logs for BTInternet customers and fsck around with them... By the way if you care to correct me is the BT for Beyond Trash? E-mail me and let me know P.S. for those visiting the BT website, disable java the shit just crashed my ejeet browser.
This is my problemed spot (BT website/hole)

reported by: rwxr--r--
Last Modified On: 20th August 2000 8:48am
Updated the programming section to include some socket programming tutorials. Maybe I'll add some read me's, and faq's for shell scripting and php soon who knows I'm too tired to think. For those who haven't seen The Cell yet, don't waste your money. The plot was predictable and unless your a special effects freak the only effect it'll have on you is disappointment since you'll have a couple of less dollars out of your beer money.
Sockets Programming

reported by: rwxr--r--
Last Modified On: 20th August 2000 8:00pm
Now everyone wants to be a security expert it seems. Someone decided to right a "truth about Unix" semi(half-assed) newbie article. Guess this is geared more to the cluebie generation. I don't see any mention of local users and their script kiddiot exploits nor do I see any type of penetrational scope on the doc, (e.g.: social engineering, physicality, etc.) Which reminds me I wonder if RedCrap Linux ever fixed that stupid problem with XScreensaver shit when you hit the ctl-alt-del button and go right into that users term... Doh well maybe one day I'll stop being lazy and look to see whether or not its been mentioned or write a vulnerability memo to them. WAIT!!! maybe you should write it I don't use RedCrap anymore... Strictly Solaris and BSD baby!$!$! Well enough fscking around I'm going to watch The Cell
Clueless in Seattle

Offline Polls?
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 19th August 2000 7:00am
So what do you do when its 6:00am and you can't sleep? What else do you do... Write a god damn poll for your site jerky. Scroll down and cast your vote for our lame ass polls. Well it was either that or I could've studied but fsck that I was too tired at the time so shoot me... Chick of the week is now randomly selected so each time ya come this way it'd be a new picture. Don't forget to see the note near the bottom for of that page for you leechers

Script Kiddiots attack again
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 18th August 2000 10:00am
Script kiddiots abroad have been attacking sites aboad claiming a "Free NAPSTER" clause which we think makes Napster looks worse than it does better in court. Someone should get a hold of these r0otards and give them a swift kick in their ass. *Note to script kiddiots* Don't you know that hacked site isn't going to get you anywhere but Kevin's old cell? Instead of rooting a machine you should take some time and write your local congressman/slut and bitch about it rather than "0wning" some website. Get a life (this message was brought to you by the Institute for "Higher Pimping")
PC World

Media Sucks
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 18th August 2000 9:00am
E-commerce corporations are starting to get annoyed by the media's sensationalism of elite script kiddiot hacker stories which are often overhyped. Result? Simple people get paranoid and don't want to do their e-business jerky. So what impact does this have on us at AntiOffline?... Absolutely nothing but if you want to send us your credit card information for no reason, we'll be glad to sell you a bogus product and 0wn0r1ze your credit.
Media 'Sin'sationalizms

reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 17th August 2000 7:00pm
Want to say something or see what others here speak out? Feel like posting links to nudies of your ex-girlfriend's sister's ex's new girlfriend's lesbian girlfriend's lover? Or would you care to post some cool tech/security related questions, comments, concerns, flames, etc? Visit the forums and say "What ya gotta say." Be advised however first moronic script kiddiot r0otard fuckhead lame ass dipshit to remotely attempt some bogus ass re-posting lame-fu POST / shit will get their whole class a blocked. And if that's not enough I'll get your backbone's ARIN address and ban your country and every proxy you use... Trust me...
AntiOffline Forums

E-Tards to blame
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 17th August 2000 12:pm
Are internet newbie luzer crackhead filthy trashy whorish users to blame for the downfalls of the Microshit operating system's ability to be exposed to numerous Viruses? Well the answer is obvious to any kindergartner with the exception of John Vranismybitch, but CNET decided to waste bandwidth on the article so here it is in your face like that cop who keeps asking me to hold the milk on his coffee at my day job at Dunkin Donuts.
internet newbie luzer crackhead filthy trashy whorish users' story

w00t w00t
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 17th August 2000 12:pm
MASSIVE greets to staff at Prohacktive's Silicon Toad for the wicked looking new logo. For those unfamiliar with Prohacktive now's the time to become acquainted. Features include a cool staff, IT library, Tools, News, Exploits, and Lab section as well as a forum. This is hopefully going to be one of the top security sites very soon. Now if only they'd accept my MacroShaft Advisories we could do some business, although Microsoft may beat them to the punch or with one ... (Depends on how good they cover that up this time ;) hohoho)

Show me the money
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 17th August 2000 12:pm
Folks over at MetaSeS have introduced outsourced security services for cool stuff like Intrusion Detection Services and development things like in-house security programs. I wonder how long would it be before I get an elite job offer to gcc tool.c -o tool ; ./tool there. Heaven knows this McDonald's work is killing me.
Information Week

Full Disclosure irresponsible?
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 17th August 2000 10:00am
Weld Pond speaks out on whether or not some security holes should be fully disclosed. This seemed to be one of the talks of the town at Defcon where on the previous date Marcus Ranum of Network Flight Recorder spoke at the Black Hat conferences in regards to full disclosure.
Weld Pond speaks

EPA Insecure?
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 14th August 2000 12:00pm
The General Accounting Office has deemed the computers at the Environmental Protection Agency as insecure. This shouldn't come to any surprise since the gov lacks security by any means. Maybe they should hire some professional security group to lock things down before script kiddiots continue their games.
Computer User

Safeway Abused
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 14th August 2000 12:00pm
Safeway which is a supermarket chain seems to be the latest victim of what they deem as an attack. Personally this seems to be more of a disgruntled employee than it would a "hacker" but who the hell am I to say.
This is London
Business Day

SCRIPT Kiddiot News
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 9th August 2000 4:00pm
"When Script Kiddiots Attack"
"Script Kiddiots and the Gubbament"

reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 3rd August 2000 3:00pm

Cisco Relevance
Theories in DoS

Carnivore circumvention?
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 27th July 2000 6:00pm

IETF addresses DoS concerns
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 27th July 2000 2:00pm

Theories in DoS

Security through Obscurity?
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 27th July 2000 2:00pm

Marcus Ranum speaks...

Well Done
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 21st July 2000 9:00pm

Hackers speak out about hackers/hacking...

Hell To Pay
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 21st July 2000 11:30am

When Script Kiddiots Attack

Windows 2000 Security?
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 21st July 2000 0:00am

Securing Windows2000

Overhype Alert
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 19th July 2000 12:00pm

Government Scammage

Janet Reno bullies Penenberg
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 19th July 2000 12:00pm

Davy vs. Goliath

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 19th July 2000 12:00pm


Rocket Scientist
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 16th July 2000 1:15pm

Brought to you by the words "luzer"

Mr. Clean
reported by: sil
Last Modified On: 21st July 2000 11:45am

Older News

Site of the Week

Site of the week goes to PacketNinja which happens to have some pretty cool shit there. Aside from that the webmaster/owner/admin|slash|pimpmaster|slash|geek there is a pretty cool mo' fo who's responsible for one of my favorite tools, Nemesis.

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