CRA Poll Results - September 6, 2000

Liberals remain on top with 32% of decided voters, compared to 28% for both the Tories and NDP.

Note: The survey was conducted during the period August 21-30, 2000, with the results for Nova Scotia accurate to within + 3.4 percentage points in 95 out of 100 samples.

Liquor-sale study needs an airing

The future of Nova Scotia's government liquor stores is of strong interest even to those who avoid strong drink. . . . Missing from all this (debate) however, is a PricewaterhouseCoopers report ordered by the Hamm government (and paid for by taxpayers) that has been sought by the Liberals for nearly two months.

Where is it? Rodney MacDonald, the minister for the liquor commission, said it isn't ready - Premier Hamm told a Truro reporter it was - and implied it would not be ready until the Tories have decided what they want to do about the liquor wholesale and retail business.

This report should become public property before the government decides whether it likes it or not and makes a decision - without real public input - of some importance to provincial finances and provincial employees.

-- The Daily News -- August 28, 2000


Nova Scotians are now seeing John Hamm's priorities.

Tory Promises vs Tory Reality

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News Release, September 11, 2000

Dr. Jim Smith, MLA
Liberal Health Critic

(Halifax, NS) Liberal Health Critic Dr. Jim Smith is wondering how much health care funding is enough for John Hamm.

Dr. Smith said that Premier Hamm's latest statement on the need for even more federal health funding borders on the bizarre. Smith said, "A little over a year ago this money would have been welcomed. But John Hamm's response is to put his hand out for more. It is bizarre that the man who said he could fix healthcare for $46 million could get that and more, and still want additional dollars."

Smith said John Hamm's response is an indication of the damage that his government has done to health care in the past year.

Added Smith, "If John Hamm can't see any good news with today's announcement, how much health care spending would be enough? Or perhaps this is just an attempt by John Hamm to justify not having to restore the beds and nursing positions he cut."

Smith also noted the irony of some of the figures the Premier was considering. "With some of the spending John Hamm considering being in the $200 million plus range, perhaps what this Premier needs is a good old fashioned Health Investment Fund."

During the last election Tory leader John Hamm promised to hire new nurses and open hospital beds across Nova Scotia if elected. Listen to John Hamm's Election Promises

Remarks on Tory Health Cuts
by Russell MacLellan, Liberal Party Leader - June 30, 2000

For a copy of the proposed hospital cuts information, please contact the Liberal Caucus Office at 902 424-8637 or Toll Free 1-877-778-1917.


Check Out Tory Promise Review

During the first week of May, Liberal Leader Russell MacLellan was able to prevent the looting of school equipment throughout the province. For an account of how the Hamm government was forced to become accountable, those with Real Audio can listen. (click here)

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