For immediate release: November 6, 1998


LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Mixx Entertainment ( today announced the introduction of a new and exciting manga story to its flagship "next-gen" lifestyle magazine, MixxZine®. Beginning with the February/March issue of MixxZine® (2-4), "Sorcerer Hunters" will replace the concluded "Ice Blade" saga. Created by Satoru Akahori and Ray Omishi, "Sorcerer Hunters" (originally known as "Bakuretsu Hunter" in Japan) is a fantasy adventure story set in a world where sorcerers use their powers to oppress the masses. The story centers on a team of four sorcerer hunters who, led by Carrot Glace, must resolve their own interpersonal issues and still find time to save society from those who use magic for evil. A hugely popular manga in Japan, "Sorcerer Hunters" is a welcome addition to MixxZine®'s "motionless picture" collection.

This latest addition of "Sorcerer Hunters" to MixxZine® reaffirms Mixx Entertainment's commitment to bringing the most innovative manga to North America. Featured alongside popular culture editorials, "Sorcerer Hunters", added to the current MixxZine® line-up of "Magic Knight Rayearth," "Parasyte," "Gundam Blue Destiny," and "Harlem Beat", will further enhance the cutting-edge entertainment package available in MixxZine®. MixxZine® is the leader in providing a true "Mixx" of cultures, entertainment, and media.

About Mixx Entertainment, Inc.

Mixx Entertainment is a revolutionary new media publisher with an aggressive agenda of creating and promoting global entertainment properties crossing both cultural and geographical boundaries. With offices in the US and Japan, Mixx Entertainment publishes a wide line of products.

Among Mixx Entertainment's exclusive licensed and original properties are MixxZine®, Smile™ Magazine, MixxOnline (, Sailor Moon(, Magic Knight Rayearth, Parasyte, Ice Blade, Harlem Beat, Mobile Suit Gundam Blue Destiny, Bakuretsu Hunter, Sushi Girl, Spring and Chaos-The Life Story of Kenji Miyazawa, MixxTV, Graduation for Windows 95, Sailor Moon U-Print CD-ROM, Ah My Goddess! U-Print CD-ROM, You're Under Arrest U-Print CD-ROM, and over 20 Japanese language edutainment CD-ROM titles.

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