(From: Fr. Alav QBLH-RC+)

"All Mysteries of Magic, all symbols of the Gnosis, all figures of occultism, all
qabalistic keys of prophecy are summed up in the Sign of the Pentagram, which
Paracelsus proclaims to be the greatest and most potent of all the signs."
-Eliphas Levi

The common elemental belief system attached to the Five-pointed Star by the
Golden Dawn amongst others is only a small portion of an ancient secret known
to the Babylonians, Sumerians Chinese, Mayans and Druids. The elemental attributions
are seemingly "Esoteric" enough to satisfy the arm-chair occultist but the earnest researcher
will find inconsitencies when examining available source material.. The use of the EQ and
Liber AL suggests that the Pentagram conceals one of the greatest and most potent forms of
Magick. The initiate meaning of the Pentagram is hinted at by Levi and the Golden Dawn
although no explicit explanation is posited.

"The Pentagram, which in Gnostic schools is called the Blazing Star, is the sign of
intellectual omnipotence and autocracy. It is the Star of the Magi; it is the sign of the
Word made flesh; and, according to the direction of its points, this absolute magical
symbolrepresents order or confusion, the Divine Lamb of Ormuz and St. John, or the
accursed Goat of Mendes. It is initiation or profanation; it is Lucifer or Vesper, the star of
morning or evening. It is Mary or Lilith, victory or death, day or night."
Levi further elaborates on the nature of the sign.

"...this absolute sign, this sign ancient as history and more ancient, should and does
exercise an incalculable influence"
The Golden Dawn in its FIFTH knowledge lecture supplied a diagram of the Tree of Life
superimposed on the Ankh, the symbol of Venus. It is accompanied by a concise statement
that Venus is the only symbol that touches all ten sephiroth. No further elaborations are
provided. Further more in the Opening of the Vault of the Adepti the candidate who enters
the Seven sided room of Christian Rosecrutz enters via the side representing Venus. Again, no
clarification is forwarded to the would-be Adeptus Minor.
The sacred number of Venus is seven and is mentioned no fewer than seven times on
the Great Seal of the A.'.A.'. whose English title is "The Silver-Star" another allusion
to Venus This secret hinted at through the orders of antiquity as a sign "More ancient than history"
is a naturally occuring phenomenon that is observable and therefore repeatable through time.

The Sun Venus Pentagram

When plotted from the surface of earth over an eight year period the Superior conjunctions
of the Sun and Venus form a five pointed star or Pentagram each conjunction is 72 degrees
apart. This unusual Geometrical shape occurs perfectly naturally in the heavens and was a
sign of sanctitiy to the Ancients. The importance of the Sun/Venus conjunction as an Initatory
trigger is mentioned in a wide range of Holy Books. The first half of the Alchemical formula
Solve et Coagula is a direct reference to the Holy Pentagram for the sun is the Latin Sol and
Ve is Venus.

In Liber AL the consideration of astrological factors in the performance of initiation is
declared by Nuit " Invoke me under my stars ! " (1 :57) What star in particular one
might ask? The answer is provided in the text " The Five pointed-star" (1:60).. Liber AL
continues to reinforce the point. "Solve the first half of the Equation" the allusion is to
SUN + VENUS = 107. There are many 107's in Liber AL these include : - THE SNAKE -
"that giveth knowledge " MAGICIAN, HOUSE OF GOD, THY LIGHT and THE VAULT.

The first half of the equation , the Macrosmic factor is therefore the Sun/Venus
conjunction but this is insufficient without the conjunction of Man and Woman in the
Microcosm. MAN + WOMAN = 82 = BALANCED = ADEPT The Rosy Cross of the
adepts consists of a Golden Cross surmounted by a five petalled red Rose at its centre.

Venus and Woman are symbolically represented by the Rose. Man
and the Sun are the Cross. HE + SHE + LOVE = 107 = SUN + VENUS. This is the true
interpretation of the complex symbolism of the Rosicrucians and their various derivative
off-shoots. The symbols have been confused for millenia. Now is the time to lift the veils
of ignorance and deflate the bloated egos of sham adepthood.

The Secret Marriage

The Supreme Secret of the Rosicrucians, the Templars and many other Occult orders
is thus married to the Stellar secret of the eternal A.'.A.'. The fusion of the two provides
a method of attainment that will "regenerate the world". The performance of a Magickal rite
targetted at a precise Sun/Venus conjunction unifies the Microcosm and the Macrocosm
creating the Elixir of Life. ELIXIR = 107 , OF LIFE = 93 = UNITY,DEITY, 107 + 93 = 200 =

"That which is above is like that which is below... for the performance of the miracle
of the one substance"

Spiritual advancement in this manifestation of the A.'.A.'. system is only possible
by Ordeal. By undergoing a 107 rite the candidate has indicated that they are prepared
to endure the various personal Ordeals. A "secret door" has been opened to allow the
very forces of the Universe to test the candidate to the fullest. This is no idle threat.
Liber AL is clear in this respect. Discussion of this topic is continued in
the next section.

The Ordeal X of the Beast and The Scarlet Woman

The performance of a Sun/Venus rite will generate the initiatory process known
as the Ordeal X. The exact nature of the ordeals will vary greatly between
individuals since it is intimately involved with her psychic/physiological make-up.
The diary extracts from the discoverer of the EQ are included to provide hints
to the Magician of its effects.

"The ordeal X is a process one must go through if one is to comprehend the
Mysteries of AL with any degree of understanding and remain with even a semblance
of what is known as sanity. The ORDEAL X = 75 = BEAST...literally to BE AS T where T =
GOD. Therefore to be a BEAST one must BE AS GOD and to be God we must transcend
manifestation enter the Nothing at X and receive the initiation of the ordeal experienced
when we try and reconcile being with non-being on our return to manifestation. This is a
bad experience, a really bad experience.The would-be-candidate must be warned that the
ordeal is real and could cause his or her death,it is not a step to be taken lightly."

The value of THE ORDEAL X is 128 suggesting the unity 1 of duality 2 to infinity 8.
It is triggered by the passage of the Sun throught the house of the Dual one or
BAPHOMET (128) . A succesful initiation using this method results in the male
aspirant becoming THE BEAST and the female THE SCARLET WOMAN.
Both titles have the value of 128.The house of the dual one is intimated in Liber AL
chapter 2 verse 78 "... and the name of thy house 418". But where exactly is this house ?

The number 418 is accorded great importance in Thelemic Magick. The
Temple of Solomon the King deals with the subject at length. Crowley states that it
equates to the word of the Aeon and adds " ...the symbol will remain the Expression
of the Goal."

To the practitioners of the English Qaballa 418 remains a number of seminal
import. Two direct references are made in Liber AL about this concept.

"I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen." 1 46
"They shall worship thy name, foursquare, mystic, wonderful, the number
of the man; and the name of thy house 418." 2 78 There are numerous phrases within
Liber AL that yield the value 418. These include "The unveiling of the company
of heaven" ,"Aye listen to the numbers and the words". "foursquare, mystic, wonderful, the
number" and naturally "..of the Ordeal x. What is this? Thou shalt know"

Despite the apparent abundance of 418's in the text, the house of the dual still appears
to be missing. By applying the EQ to astrology it was discovered that the house
of the dual one is generated by adding the values of the astrological signs
LIBRA 58 SCORPIO 93 SAGITTARIUS 146 and CAPRICORN 121 totalling 418.

Immediately after performing a ritual targetted at the conjunction of the
SUN AND VENUS (128) the candidate will undergo the Ordeal X when the sun sails
through the House of Baphomet. Just like "THE WANDERING STARS IN THEIR
COURSES"(418) the
processes cannot be stopped but must simply be allowed to run their cycle. The potential
danger in the undertaking has already been stressed but for those foolish enough to
undertake the work the rewards are manifold. The passage of the Sun through the
House 418 will precipitate a great change in the consciousness of the aspirant. The initial
harmony of the psyche is upset in Libra..The scales are tipped, the Ordeal begins. Cherished
beliefs and ideals are purged in Scorpio The slate is to some degree wiped clean. As the Sun
continues its course the aspirant is presented with new concepts and stimulus in Sagittarius these
solidify in Capricorn creating tremendous tension within the magician. A Duality has been
created at the centre of her being that must be resolved. As the Sun continues through
Aquarius the aspirant is "Cleansed" by the water of the Goddess the process being
analogous to baptism.

The Aquarian glyph is sometimes intepreted as twin serpents. In the
mediterranean Minoan cultures the twin serpents are held apart by the Goddess Qatesh
therby resuming the dualistic symbolism. The entrance of the Sun in to Pisces the sign of
the twin fishes marks the resolution of the duality ( FISH = 50=SELF). Finally the sun
enters Aries, the aspirant is "Reborn" as a Minor Adept , The lamb has been scarificed
and if successful the candidate becomes a King of the Earth. EARTH = 66 =ARIES.

The Freemason and the accidental Alchemist

"Also I welded together the Flaming Star and the Sixfold Star in the
forge of my soul, and behold! a new star 418 that is above all these."
Liber 813 1 11

In the introduction to the "Book of Lies" Crowley recounts how he accidentally
revealed the supreme secret of the OTO. Shortly after it's publication the O.H.O. visited
Crowley and stated that since he was privvy to this knowledge he should be admitted him to
the IXth Degree thus binding Crowley from publishing any further sensitive material. Despite
vocal protests from the indignantMage he was directed to a chapter where it was said to be
"...printed in the plainest language". Crowley was somewhat taken aback by this revelation.

"It instantly flashed upon me. The entire symbolism not only of Free Masonry but of many
other traditions flashed upon my spiritual vision... I understood that Iheld in my hands
the key to the future progress of humanity. "

Throughout his occult career Crowley has been the unwitting scribe of many
"Messages of the Gods ". The Book of Lies in particular contains many inspired verses
which seem to relate to his works especially relevant to the A.'.A.'. In this respect it is
remarkable that despite his apparent lack of knowledge of the EQ the actual methods of
worship are revealed with the utmost clarity. Chapter 69 of the Book of Lies is reproduced

This is the Holy Hexagram. Plunge from the height, O God, and interlock with Man!
Plunge from the height, O Man, and interlock with the Beast!
The Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace; the Blue Triangle is the ascending
tongue of prayer.
This Interchange, the Double Gift of Tongues, the Word of Double
Power-ABRAHADABRA!-is the sign of the GREAT WORK, for the GREAT
WORK is accomplished in Silence. And behold is not that Word equal to Cheth, that
is Cancer, whose Sigil is {Cancer}? This Work also eats up itself, accomplishes its own
end, nourishes the worker, leaves no seed, is perfect in itself. Little children, love
one another!
The allusion to the Holy Hexagram is that described by Levi as the Six
pointed star. Analysing the text reveals that HOLY HEXAGRAM = 125 = SIXFOLD STAR.
The Hexagram is not mentioned in Liber AL but reference to it occurs if the text is examined
using the EQ.

"Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight,
eighty, four hundred & eighteen."
Liber AL 1 46

The first word of the above verse is NOTHING = 97 = HEXAGRAM. In mathematics
Nothing or zero is produced by the addition of +1 and -1. The first words of the second
sentence are SIXTY-ONE = 135 = PENTAGRAM. Once again the unity of the microcosm
and the macrocosm. Sixty-One can be written as61 = LOVERS. The value of SECRET KEY is 153

Continuing in similar vein EIGHT has the value of 87 that of METHOD
The three sephiroth joined by the path of the Priestess of the Silver Star on the
Manifest tree. It would be ridiculous not to mention that SILVER STAR, the English
rendering of the A.'.A.'. has the value of 119 = EMPRESS, She whose path crosses
the Priestess above the Abyss effectively resuming the whole CREATION myth of
the two trees. The total value of the numbers mentioned in the verse is 418 + 80 + 8 +
61 = 667. 66 = EARTH , 7 = SEVEN= 79 = HEAVEN. The fusion of heaven and
earth. Six = 50 Seven = 79, 667 = 50 + 50 + 79 = 179 = Unity (1) with Heaven
(79).667 is precisely ONE more than 666. ONE= 46 = WOMAN, 666 = 50, 50, 50,=150 the

Returning momentarily to the Book of Lies we find that the number of the verse
is 69 the value of AS ABOVE = SO BELOW. The sum of the two phrases is 138
the value of GREAT GODDESS and ONE ONE ONE suggesting the threefold expression
of the Goddess through its earthly agent WOMAN. The colour of the triangles are BLUE
= 64 =EAGLE = LIGHT and RED = 43 = INK total value = 107 = SUN +
VENUS.TRIANGLE = 112 = SEVENFOLD.The Triangle of the Silver Star
is therefore synonymous with the SEVENFOLD EMPRESS. The verse then informs
the would be seeker "The Great Work is accomplished in Silence" SILENCE = 107 =
HOUSE OF GOD. The value of GREAT WORK is 104 that of MYSTICAL,
SECRET. and VICTORY the English rendering of Netzach.

THE GREAT WORK is therefore THE SECRET. The value of the two
phrasesis 157 suggesting the unity with Venus through the Pentagram. Indications
of the method of invocation are revealed by the number 157 which yields INVOKING
ME and UNDER MY STARS.Further elucidation is provided in the verse ."...the Word of Double Power-ABRAHADABRA
...And beholdis not that Word equal to Cheth, that is Cancer."
The value of ABRAHADABRA is 79 that of HEAVEN. The Value of CANCER is 78 that of NUIT.
Nuit is the Queen of Space and requires precisely ONE to equal
79 or ABRAHADABRA. This is the "ONE to follow THEE (78) " of Liber AL 2 76.

It has already been demonstrated that 666 the supreme Solar number requires the
addition of ONE or WOMAN to achieve Unity with Heaven (179). Likewise NUIT
requires ONE to manifest HEAVEN (7) on EARTH (66). It should be abundantly
clear then that woman is the Source of Creation. MAN = 36 = SUN cannot become
an ADEPT = 82 without the aid of WOMAN = 46 = LION. The symbolism is partially
revealed in the Tarot Trumps Lust, The Lovers and Art. The blending of the SOLAR and
LUNAR currents at the correct time is therefore a key to understanding the source of this
POWER. This is suggested by the numeration of the words SOLAR + LUNAR = 73 =

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