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Hello Radio And Television Craze Folks!!
WELCOME to the "ON THE AIR IN ATLANTIC CANADA'S message board. If you have any comments related to radio, television broadcasting or even Internet all means share it with the rest of the broadcast world!!!
This site is open to any broadcasters that's on the World Wide web!!!

Just keep it clean insults to anyone!!!

Have Fun..."ON THE AIR"!!!
(If you want to post a reply, comment, or question in general, you can by clicking under the heading, or stroll down to the message box below!!)

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Now viewing page 1 of 4 (30-Sep-00 10:35:38 to 08-Sep-99 09:13:54)

Two More Halifax Stations Heard Live On The Internet (Wayne Harrett) (30-Sep-00 10:35:38)

Hi! (Juliet) (09-Sep-00 11:30:04)

A Tribute To Broadcaster Gerry Parsons (Wayne Harrett) (08-Sep-00 15:13:51)

Just MORE Radio Trivia....... (Wayne Harrett) (07-Sep-00 23:48:09)

Radio Jobs Galore!! (Calgary) (Dave Cruickshank) (06-Sep-00 20:44:39)

"Oldies" On FM in Toronto? (Wayne Harrett) (05-Sep-00 22:29:57)

First Tune Played On Stations (Wayne Harrett) (04-Sep-00 01:25:36)

NTV's Music Videos.......... (Wayne Harrett) (24-Aug-00 13:35:02)

AND, You Thought You Had A Bad Radio Show....... (Wayne Harrett) (19-Aug-00 14:27:04)

SUN FM in Halifax (Curious AM/FM) (19-Aug-00 14:19:43)

Would love to share my talents with a winning team ( (07-Aug-00 17:40:16)

Television Report On Horses (Bill) (31-Jul-00 23:28:36)

New CKEP web site (23-Jul-00 22:18:11)

What ever happened to the opening for the Op's Man gig over at Magic 104 Moncton? (Jack of all trades) (16-Jul-00 22:20:59)

So Long, (Zip) (14-Jul-00 02:03:47)

CHNS/CHFX DID Provide Forest Fire Coverage.. (Wayne Harrett) (04-Jul-00 19:13:05)

Where is Bill Hart? (Smooch) (27-Jun-00 13:23:18)

Forest Fire - No Radio coverage!!!! (John Stevenson) (24-Jun-00 16:36:43)

Hello Wayne (Randy Dewell) (21-Jun-00 22:06:14)

Global Television's Web Site (Wayne Harrett) (18-Jun-00 21:31:54)

Media Softball tournament in Saint John (Tom Bedell) (16-Jun-00 18:05:32)

Knock, Knock?? (Wayne Harrett) (13-Jun-00 20:43:20)

Come Chat about what interest you! ( (11-Jun-00 13:28:12)

Lack of Proffesionalism (Mr. Fred) (08-Jun-00 20:40:00)

Who has the number 1 morning show in Metro ? (Steven Bishop) (26-May-00 22:56:28)

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Now viewing page 1 of 4 (30-Sep-00 10:35:38 to 08-Sep-99 09:13:54)

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