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When you find a game you like, click the 'PLAY' button and PLAYMACHINE.NET will automatically download and set up the game for you. All you need to do is choose which drive you would like the game installed to.
If you don't want to download via the Internet we have our CD PLAYPAK available for FREE which saves you download time and makes it simple to install games on PLAYMACHINE.NET via CD ROM. On the Install wizard dialog you will see a CD button, click here and fill in the info needed to receive a FREE CD PLAYPAK.


ALL GAMES ARE FREE TO TRY! Once the game has been installed you can try it out. Our 'Game Dialog Box' will appear. Here you will find the following links and options:

SELECT MODE: Allows you to choose the mode of play
FREE TRIAL: select this option for a free trial of the game.
Select this option to insert tokens for a full play.
CONTINUE: Select this to continue on from a previous game.

USER NAME: here is where your user name will be displayed or entered by you.
PASSWORD: password entry field
SAVE: check the save box if you do not wish to have to re-enter the fields above at every visit.

START GAME: Starts the game play.
A link to some useful few tips and screen shots for the game you wish to play.
GET TOKENS: Click here to purchase tokens.
MY ACCOUNT: Click this button to view and change your details at PLAYMACHINE.NET.
NEW ACCOUNT: Click this button to create a PLAYMACHINE account, here you will enter a user name and highscore name etc.
SPECIAL ACCOUNTS: Click here to create sub-accounts from your own account, you may set allowed ratings and deposit tokens from your account into this account.
CLOSE: Closes window to return to gamepage.

SEND SCORES: If for some reason you are disconnected from your Internet connection before your game ends, when you reconnect this button will send in your score to the highscore list.
CONFIGURE: Clicking this button will browse through the various configuration set ups for controlling the game you wish to play. Next to the configure button you will also be able to select the number of players playing the game.


If there is a any page you cant find on PLAYMACHINE.NET , check out our SITE MAP.
If you have any questions about PLAYMACHINE.NET try checking our FAQ's page to see if we can answer them there, or click on the 'CONTACT US' button on any page to see a list of contact email's for questions and info regarding PLAYMACHINE.NET.



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