oxygen depletion off the coast of New Jersey - USA

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Name:oxygen depletion off the coast of New Jersey, USA

Scientific name: O2 - Sauerstoff

Details: vital gas dissolved in water, 100 - 120 % is normal for intact ocean waters, many fish die if exposed longer than 2 hours to saturations below 20 % saturation, indicator substance for pollution and ecological quality. Severe fishkills are reported from such loaded areas worldwide, in this case off New Jersey even invertebrates like clams, mussels and crustaceans were suffocated over large areas - this anoxia became famous because it effected for the first time a relatively open ocean site, with high waves and very good water exchange. It later led to the foundation of the new Insitute of Marine and Coastal Sciences at RUTGERS UNIVERSITY

Status: 1976

Dynamic:concentrations below 50% normally associated with a variety of other pollutants, which are more expensive to analyse, like mercury or pcb

Special: map modified from Gerlach, Marine Pollution, Diagnosis and Therapy, Springer Berlin fig 39. This area is also known for unusually high pollutant concentrations in zooplankton, even at considerable distance to the coasts.

As soon as we get recent data we will upgrade the map in a time series. A continuous registration via a long glasfiber into the ocean is now mounted at that area and will soon make oxygen data online available to the public. Also it is planned to mount an onine in situ microscope there to study for example the very little known distribution of cancer in copepods and migration routes of glasseel.

this collection was performed by the Kinder University - for questions and additions or corrections please contact Dr. Uwe Kils - associated with RUTGERS Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences and Christian Albrechts University Kiel, Klinikum, Institute for Toxicology

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