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Welcome to the Official Commander Keeners' message board. Here you can discuss ideas for future issues of Keen 'Zine (the Commander Keen magazine), trade ideas, ask questions, etc. If you are not an Official Commander Keener yet, please go to the link at the bottom of the page to sign up. Instead of using your name when the message board asks for your name, put your username instead.

Hi there! (Forte) (09-Sep-00 10:42:14)

ATTENTION: New Commander Keen messageboard (The Commander Keen Council) (19-Apr-00 13:23:12)

Was this previously the Vorticon VI board? (n/t) (Cho'gall) (09-Jan-00 15:17:57)

Um, hi (Princess Lindsey (yeah I'm still here)) (04-Jan-00 14:35:36)

    CC314 is now at and its new messageboard is awesome! You should visit it -- everyone's there and it's Neil and Peter-free. (n/t) (Cho'gall) (09-Jan-00 15:16:35)

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