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An Interview with
Rev. George Malkmus

by Chet Day

as published in
Health & Beyond

Rev. Malkmus, thank you for doing this interview.  We’re honored to have you here in Health & Beyond.  Please begin by telling us something about yourself.  Where you were born, where you were educated, where you’ve lived and traveled, what you’ve done with your life so far, and so on.
I was born February 12, 1934, into a typical American (German/English ancestry) home during depression days in Yonkers, New York. Dad worked for the railroad and mother was a registered nurse. I graduated from high school in 1952 and immediately started working for the railroad. However, Uncle Sam soon changed my career plans, and I served in the United States Navy during the Korean War. My duty was mainly in the Atlantic theater, visiting ports in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, North Africa, Puerto Rico, as well as many ports along the east coast of the United States. After fulfilling my obligations with Uncle Sam, I married and returned to working for the railroad. But it was on May 29, 1957, after attending a Billy Graham crusade rally in New York City, that I became a Christian and my life started heading in a totally new direction. That experience so totally changed my life that I went off to school for four years of preparation for the gospel ministry and for the next 20 years pastored various churches in New York, North Carolina, and Florida. For 15 of those years, I had my own radio broadcast titled America Needs Christ, which aired on many radio stations. My most successful church, however, was one I started from scratch in Glens Falls, New York, in 1970 that grew to over 600 members by 1976. We had a Christian school and adult Bible Institute program as well as our own printing press, book store and over a quarter million dollars in assets. It was while I was pastoring this church that I was told I had colon cancer in 1976.

From reading your books and newsletters, I know your interest started in natural living when doctors diagnosed you with colon cancer.  Please share this story with our readers.
My mother was a registered nurse, a graduate of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. I was raised on the traditional American diet of cooked food with meat, dairy, and sugar deserts served daily. My health as a child was probably average--had my tonsils removed at age 3, experienced most of the childhood diseases, along with colds, flus, upset stomachs, and horrible tooth decay. By the age of twelve I had over 30 amalgam (mercury) fillings in my mouth.

During my adult life my teeth continued to deteriorate and I developed severe allergy and sinus problems; constant pimples (which started as a teenager); started wearing eyeglasses; developed severe hemorrhoids and hypoglycemia; and the older I got the less energy I had. But it wasn’t until the spring of 1976 that I started really getting concerned about my health. I started feeling pressure underneath my left rib cage, and tests for blood in my stools proved positive and doctors found a tumor about the size of a baseball underneath my left rib cage where the transverse and descending colon pocket together. I was devastated! Not so much because I was told I had cancer, but that God would allow me to have this potentially life-threatening physical problem when I had dedicated my life to Him, and had been serving Him in full time Christian ministry for so many, many years.

Just prior to being told I had colon cancer, I had lost my mother to colon cancer after she had gone the medical route of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. When mom was first diagnosed with cancer, she was a hale and hearty woman, but immediately after starting these medical treatments, mom visibly started to deteriorate physically very rapidly. In fact, when mother died, I felt it had been the treatments she had been receiving at the hands of the medical doctors that ultimately caused her death, rather than the cancer itself.

So what should I do? Mother, as a registered nurse, had always taught me that when you have physical problems, you go to the doctor and do exactly what he says. But after seeing what the medical doctors had done to mother and the horrible results she had experienced at their hands, I turned my back on the medical approach and went searching for an alternative. In my search, I remembered an evangelist in Texas by the name of Lester Roloff who was considered a ‘health nut’ by his preacher brethren (and, might I add, was severely criticized by his preacher brethren for his teachings on nutrition and told by many fellow preachers time and again that this health message had no place in the church).

Brother Roloff encouraged me to change my diet from the traditional Sad American Diet (SAD) and adopt an all raw diet with lots of carrot juice, which I did, and stayed on for approximately one year. Almost immediately after making this diet change, I felt worse as my body started to throw off toxins. However, after a few weeks of cleansing reactions, I started feeling better than I had felt in a long time and within less than one year on this raw food diet with one to two quarts of carrot juice a day--not only had my tumor disappeared, but so had every other physical problem I had been experiencing prior to the diet change--my hypoglycemia, hemorrhoids, severe allergies and sinus problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, pimple outbreaks, even body odor and dandruff were gone!

After that first year on total raw fruits and vegetables with one to two quarts of carrot juice daily, and after all symptoms of physical problems were gone, I did alter my diet to include about 15% cooked food. I added things like baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, brown rice, baked squash and sweet potatoes and occasionally whole grain pastas. And so, for the past twenty years, my diet has consisted of approximately 85% raw, 15% cooked, with at least two eight-ounce glasses of carrot juice daily. Then about seven or eight years ago I started adding to my diet three to four tablespoons of Barleygreen daily. (More about Barleygreen later). On that diet I have remained totally free of all physical problems for 21 years. By that I mean that for the past 21 years I have not experienced so much as a cold, sore throat, headache, upset stomach, been to a doctor or taken as much as an aspirin while my physical abilities, stamina and endurance as a 63 year old are better then they were as a teenager.

How and when did you first learn about Natural Hygiene?
My first contact with Natural Hygiene was shortly after being told I had colon cancer in 1976, when I saw an ad in a health publication advertising the Shangri-La Health Resort and Institute in Bonita Springs, Florida, which had been founded by a Mr. Cheatham (although he had already died by the time I learned of the Shangri-La and it was being run by his wife and children). It was also about this same time I learned of T. C. Fry and started reading his materials voraciously. Well, the more I learned and the more I experienced in my own body, the more excited I became over what a changed diet and lifestyle could do for our physical bodies. So it just naturally followed that in the summer of 1978, after extensive talks with Mrs. Cheatham and a visit to the Shangri-La, I accepted a position at the Shangri-La as head gardener, grounds keeper, and lecturer. I spent two years at the Shangri-La developing organic gardens and lecturing. This was a very exciting time in my life as I was not only in a wonderful environment for my personal health and healing, but also it was an incredible time of learning as various Hygienic doctors as well as other speakers were constantly coming in to lecture to the guests. Also, Dr. Jeffrey Fine and Frank Sabatino were staff doctors while I was there and with whom I had almost daily contact.

With  all of  this background in Natural Hygiene, why is it that you never mention Natural Hygiene in your writings or lectures?
Victoria BidWell has been very kind to me in the past and given me full page promotions of my book God’s Way to Ultimate Health in several of her publications which I greatly appreciated. However, after giving my book a very nice write up, she expresses one negative: “God’s Way to Ultimate Health regrettably, does not use the term ‘Natural Hygiene.’” So, why do I not associate myself with Natural Hygiene?

In my study of the history of the natural health reform movement in America, I find it began in the early to mid-1800’s by people who were predominantly of Christian persuasion. Victoria BidWell writes in The Health Seekers Yearbook on page 305 that: “...most were deeply religious and made of strong Christian, moral fiber.” Sylvester Graham was a Presbyterian minister. Ellen G. White, one of these health reformers, took this information she had learned from the earlier reformers and actually started a religious movement out of it--known today as Seventh Day Adventism. Then for many years, this health reform movement, for various reasons, lost steam and almost died.

Enter Dr. Shelton in the late 1920s and the health reform movement started to gain new life. Others joined him and this all culminated in 1948 with the establishment of the American Natural Hygiene Society. Then, around the year 1970, T. C. Fry came on the scene and became a very outspoken representative and presenter of Natural Hygiene.

One of the very disturbing things to me with the approach of the modern health reform movement as promoted by the American Natural Hygiene Society is the absence of God and the heavy emphasis on science.

The leadership of Natural Hygiene has used evolution and science (so-called) as the foundation of their teachings rather than the Bible and creation. Because of this removal of God, I cannot personally be a part of or promote a movement that teaches that the human race descended from a monkey (ape, gorilla, orangutan, etc.), and teaches us that because our digestive systems are similar to an ape we should eat a predominantly fruit diet. My conviction is that if their foundation is wrong, then there is nothing solid to build upon, and the movement established on such a godless foundation will eventually crumble and fall. And that is exactly what I see happening today within the Natural Hygiene movement. Many voices, going in different directions, and each claiming to be the ultimate authority. I consider science and evolution very shaky foundations because they are continually changing to conform with more current findings.

Victoria BidWell has tried to bring Christianity back into Natural Hygiene, and I sincerely appreciate her efforts, but she is like a voice crying in the wilderness because the bulk of the teachings of those who have been the most outspoken voices for Natural Hygiene in recent years have left God out. (T. C. Fry was very openly antagonistic to Christianity and forcefully taught evolution in his writings.) Because of this non-Christian foundation and even antagonistic attitude toward Christianity by leaders in Natural Hygiene, rather than joining them, I felt I could reach the general population and the Christian community much more effectively apart from the Natural Hygiene Society than by being affiliated with it. And this has certainly proven to be true. In just five years we have tens of thousands of people, predominantly Christians, on a basically raw diet with literally thousands of testimonies from folks who have been restored to health from almost every imaginable physical problem, and the testimonies continue to pour in daily from around the world. And our publication Back to the Garden in just a little over three years has reached a circulation of over 100,000 copies per issue.

But, in addition to the above, there are other areas where I differ with Natural Hygiene. I guess I am kind of a maverick in that I am always seeking truth and refuse to be locked into a system just because someone or some group claims to have all the truth on a given subject. I am always open to new information and then I compare this new information with the Bible, which I consider to be absolute truth.

For instance, I have not only spent two years at the Shangri-La studying Natural Hygiene as well as some 20 years reading almost all of their material, but have spent time studying the writings of Dr. Ann Wigmore and actually studied personally under her in Boston and then practiced the Hippocrates program for several years. I also studied under Dr. Carey Reams and spent time with him in Blue Ridge, Georgia. I have read all the writings of Dr. N. W. Walker, the one who introduced carrot juice to the world. And then there is Paul Bragg, one of my health heroes, plus many, many others. But what I have tried to do through the years is take the best from each and leave the rest so that the Hallelujah Acres approach is similar to many but uniquely different in its simplicity and Biblical foundation.

One of the teachings of Natural Hygiene that I feel very strongly about is its promotion of heavy fruit eating. I saw problems with this way back when I was on staff at the Shangri-La some 20 years ago. I personally witnessed hypoglycemic problems with people on a high raw fruit diet. In fact, the longer I have been studying nutrition and watching the physical reactions to a high fruit diet, the less and less fruit I encourage people to eat. Presently, I am teaching no more than 15% of our daily diet should consist of fruit. And if a person has diabetic or hypoglycemic problems, yeast problems, or cancer, I recommend absolutely no fruit in the diet.

Another teaching of Natural Hygiene that I believe is creating a lot of needless problems is distilled water fasting. I first started having problems with water fasting when I personally went through a 14 day water fast while at the Shangri-La some 20 years ago and noticed severe energy and weight loss and an incredibly long recovery time to regain my strength. During my two years at the Shangri-La (a Natural Hygiene fasting retreat) I witnessed too much to ever feel good about water fasting, including the death of a man on a 40 day fast. When a person is sick, I feel there are almost always two main causes for their physical problem--TOXICITY and DEFICIENCY! Distilled water deals exclusively with the ‘toxicity’ problem while totally ignoring the ‘deficiency’ problem until the fast has been completed. The water fast does create a very rapid cleansing of the body--too rapid in many instances, which often causes severe cleansing reactions requiring the person to have to go to bed. Then when the fast is finally completed, it usually takes literally months for the body to restore its vigor and strength. And I have seen some who have never regained their strength following an extended water fast. Water fasting is too traumatic on the body, and I believe it can cause permanent harm.

Here at Hallelujah Acres, we teach that if people want to be well, they must first stop putting into their bodies those substances that caused the body to break down in the first place, while at the same time they start putting into their bodies the nutrients necessary to rebuild their bodies. I feel the greatest and fastest way to rebuild the body is through the use of Barleygreen and raw, freshly extracted carrot juice. And I will challenge anyone to show me a method that gets better results than we are obtaining by using a different approach. I am a bottom liner! I don’t give a hoot about theory or what ‘so called’ science has found! What I want to know is--does it work? And does it continue working consistently time and time again in all kinds of individuals and over the long haul?

Another area where I disagree with Natural Hygiene is their constantly putting down the use of raw, freshly extracted vegetable juices. I do understand and agree with their contention that the body was designed to receive its nourishment through the eating of whole, raw food--but we are dealing with problems today that necessitate our taking a long, hard look as to whether in today’s world we are getting sufficient nutrients to cellular level to adequately meet the nutritional needs of our beautiful body/temples. My contention is, that on the diet promoted by Natural Hygiene we are not! Our soils are depleted of nutrients. Even the use of the word ‘organic’ doesn’t mean very much. Organic only means that the food was grown without poisons. It does not mean that the soil on which that food was grown contained all the nutrients the plant needs so that the food eaten contains within it all the nutrients our body needs when we eat that food.

The juicing of the raw vegetables separates the fiber from the juice and by drinking just the juice without the fiber, we are able to concentrate the nutrients. When these juices are placed into our bodies, because they contain no fiber, the nutrients can enter almost immediately into the bloodstream without hardly any nutritional loss. The use of freshly extracted vegetable juices and Barleygreen are the KEY to getting the results we are experiencing with folks who have adopted the Hallelujah Diet. For verification that these juices and Barleygreen will do as we teach, I challenge anyone to give them a try. It is one thing to criticize or accept another’s dogma, but that is not good enough for me. For over 20 years now, I have been studying, investigating and trying all kinds of modalities, seeking truth and what modalities give us the most positive results.

And finally, I believe the Natural Hygiene diet does not provide the body cells with sufficient nutrients. A look at the health of those long time Hygienists who have followed the Hygienic diet to the ‘T’ prove the truth of what I am saying. Most of the foods grown today in both the organic and commercial markets just do not contain all the nutrients our bodies need! And the purists in Natural Hygiene teach against the use of any concentrated nutritionally dense foods such as carrot juice and/or Barleygreen. Because Hygienists are not receiving enough nutrients in the food they are eating, I find that Hygienists tend to be hungry most of the time and as a result eat huge amounts of food. My personal experience has been that when we stop eating the bad foods, and the cells are satisfied with high quality and concentrated nutrients, physical problems disappear, hunger goes away, the energy level dramatically increases and even the desire to cheat disappears.

But I do not want to close the answering of this question on why I do not use or promote Natural Hygiene in my writings without making some positive comments about Natural Hygiene. First, the writings of Dr. Shelton, T. C. Fry, and other Hygienists had a very powerful influence on my life in the early days, helping me to not only switch from the traditional ‘SAD’ American diet to a more natural diet, but also it helped to open my eyes to the horrible effect the medical/drug industry was having on the American people and how they were destroying our beautiful bodies with their various modalities. I am also thankful for the many people who have been reached and helped through the outreach of Natural Hygiene. I have developed many wonderful friends through my contacts with Natural Hygiene for which I will always be grateful.

Please tell us about your Health Ministry program, which I think is America’s best chance for outsmarting the establishment on the health question.
Twenty-one years ago, when I switched from the SAD American diet to God’s diet, little did I realize what an impact that simple change in what I ate would have on my life. As I said in my previous interview, the most significant experience of my life was when I became a Christian in 1957. However, the second most significant experience in my life was this diet change in 1976. And just as my conversion to Christianity resulted in my going to school to learn more about spiritual things for four years and then sharing what I had learned for the next 20 years as a pastor of various churches , my conversion to a natural raw diet resulted in my desire to learn all I could on nutrition, which I have been doing for the past 21 years. However, my knowledge of nutrition has not come through a structured classroom environment, but rather through personal experience and personal research.

Well, the more I learned and personally experienced, the more excited I became about the eating and juicing of raw foods and this greatly increased my desire to share what I had experienced and learned with others. Now I knew Natural Hygiene was making some inroads into reaching the non-Christian community, but my burden was primarily to reach the Christian community: a community I had been ministering to for some 20 years concerning spiritual matters, and now I had this tremendous burden to reach this same community with this message concerning the physical body.

I started out by trying to share Natural Hygiene literature and tapes, but this was met with very strong rejection by the Christian community because of the heavy use of evolution by Natural Hygiene spokespeople as the reason for making these dietary changes. The Christian community strongly rejects the evolutionary hypothesis as to where this universe came from and how life on earth began. The Christian community believes the Bible when it says in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created...”. And again in John 1:3, “...all things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” Bible-believing Christians believe all ‘true science’ supports this Bible teaching of creation.

So I was faced with a real dilemma -- how do you reach a group (Christian community) with a message they will not even listen to, no less receive, because of very strong beliefs and pre-conditioning even though you are one of them? For so many years, my efforts were shunned and I became very discouraged, but I never gave up trying. Then around the year 1987, one of my pastor friends got on this raw food, fresh carrot juice diet I was promoting and experienced wonderful healing in his body. One day he came to me and said, ‘Brother George, you have got to write a book!’ I protested, telling him that I did not know how to write a book -- but he persisted by telling me that the people in our churches were sick and dying needlessly because they lacked this information. So I spent the next two years of my life (on and off) writing the text for Why Christians Get Sick. Finally the text was completed, and I went searching for a publisher. To my great disappointment, not one single Christian publishing house would touch it because it was a controversial subject and no one had ever heard of George Malkmus. Then I tried going to the secular publishing houses and was rejected because of its Christian content.

So what do you do? Both the Christian publishers and the secular publishers had rejected this information which I knew could make sick people well and even save lives if only I could somehow get this message into their hands. Also, I felt like I had wasted two years of my life by spending all this time writing a book no one would ever read. Then I learned that I could self-publish and I started pursuing that possibility. I talked to a local printer and he told me how it could be done. All the printer needed was the money to pay for the printing. So I scraped together every dime I had and finally 5,000 copies of Why Christians Get Sick were in print. ‘Hallelujah!’ I can still remember driving home from the printer's that day with all of those cases of my books in the back of the vehicle and thinking how everyone would now be able to buy my book, know all of these good things and be able to get well and stay well. As it turned out, no one wanted to buy my book and again I felt great disappointment and rejection by the Christian community.

The big break finally came on February 12, 1992, when I opened up a little health food store and restaurant on Main Street in Rogersville, Tennessee, a town of less than 5,000 people with practically no nutritional awareness. The store was only eleven feet in width and seated 16 people. In this restaurant, people could buy freshly extracted carrot juice and Barleygreen by the glass and other vegetarian fare. Also, twice a week, I conducted a free seminar on nutrition. In the beginning, very few people came, but gradually some of the people who attended my seminars started to apply what I was teaching. They saw their physical problems go away, and they started sharing their personal experiences with others. By early 1993, many people in that little mountain community of Rogersville had seen their physical problems go away by simply changing their diets. They shared the good news with others and soon we couldn’t fit everyone who wanted to eat  or attend my seminars into the restaurant

So in March of 1993 we moved down the street to a 56-seat restaurant and the day we opened in this larger facility, we had to turn people away. During 1993, our store and restaurant became the ‘who’s who’ of Rogersville, as the most prominent people in our community came to us for good food and nutritional knowledge. Even the Chamber of Commerce held their monthly luncheons in our establishment.

By early 1994 we were getting so many requests to hold seminars and do radio and television interviews all across America, we just couldn’t keep up with it all. So on March 28, 1994, we closed the restaurant and moved our base of operations to our 50 acre farm in Eidson, Tennessee. Eidson is a tiny mountain community 12 miles north of Rogersville. When we moved to the farm, our staff consisted of only one employee in addition to me and my wife Rhonda. Today, we have 17 employees [27 as of August 1999]; six phone lines that stay jammed most of the time; a fax line; and my book Why Christians Get Sick is presently in its 15th printing with 150,000 copies in print.

Other additions to our ministry include a second book containing 280 pages that came out in 1995 titled God’s Way to Ultimate Health with 52,000 copies already in print, and then there is our semi-annual news magazine, Back to the Garden. The first issue of Back to the Garden came out in 1993 with an initial printing of 4,000 copies. Our current issue, #15, had an initial printing of 100,000 copies and we have already had to order an additional 25,000 copies of this issue. Back to the Garden is a 24-page publication that teaches health from a Biblical perspective and is sent out free of charge to whoever requests it. We support our ministry through the sale of books, audio and video tapes, Barleygreen, etc. Rhonda and I have never taken a salary from the ministry since its beginning as our burden has been since inception to reach the world with the message YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SICK .

In the fall of 1994, we started what I believe will prove to be the greatest outreach effort of all -- BACK TO THE GARDEN HEALTH MINISTRIES. The idea for this ministry came when we started receiving requests for more information from individuals who had restored their health by applying the nutritional principles that we teach. These good people wanted to share our program more effectively with others. So we bring these folks to our farm for three days of intensive training. And, as I said, most of these Health Ministers are men and women who have been on the Hallelujah Diet and been healed of almost every physical problem they were experiencing. Problems from terminal cancer to diabetes to arthritis to heart problems to weight loss to you name it. Problems that just disappeared from their bodies after making the simple dietary changes that we teach. One family, consisting of mom, dad and four children, who are presently Health Ministers in Burlington, Vermont, has lost a total of 285 pounds collectively as a family while dozens of physical problems have simply disappeared from their bodies since making this diet change.

As of this writing, we have had over 600 people come through our training. One of the things that has amazed and blessed me is the large number of professional medical people who have come for our training. They include nine medical doctors, 58 registered nurses, 18 chiropractors, three dentists and one optometrist. We have also had over a hundred pastors, evangelists, and missionaries come through our training as well as homemakers and just common folk who want to help others. These Health Ministers are now spread out over 46 states in the United States, plus three provinces in Canada, along with several foreign countries. We have already had people come from as far away as New Zealand and the Philippines just for the three days of our training, and we have folks scheduled to come for our next session from South Africa.

Currently, we are conducting a Back to the Garden Health Ministry Training Session every other month. Our capacity is only about 75 per training session and presently, because we are having more wanting to come than we have room to accommodate, we are starting to have a backlog. These sessions last for only two and a half days, but they are very intensive -- starting at 8:00 a.m. and continuing until 9:00 p.m. each day with very short breaks. Yet, in spite of the small amount of training they receive, the results these Health Ministers are obtaining in the field are extremely exciting. Here is a sampling of results from a few of our Health Ministers:

Minister had hemorrhoids healed; weight loss; diabetes improvement; cancer healing in 6 weeks. Graeme Coad, Virginia Beach, VA

One lady was in her early 50s. She suffered from lupus, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis and was very obese. She is a nurse. After 4 mos. on the program (Hallelujah Diet) she had lost about 50 pounds; was off insulin and off the 14 other medications including pain medication and was able to do about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. Tom & Laurie Ousley, Kokomo, IN

Lupus gone; diabetes gone; colon tumors disappeared; female troubles improved; MS improved; mercury poisoning and psoriasis clearing up... not enough hours in a day to meet the demand. Brian Cutts, Wallingford, CT

A medical doctor from John Hopkins Hospital who bought some Barleygreen from me says it has cleared a rash from his face that no drug could help. He already has his patients calling me about Barleygreen. I personally have lost 60 pounds and people are seeing a change in my body. Robert Cyr. Jr., Baltimore, MD

Currently helping a recovered diabetic -- Doctors wanted to amputate his legs -- went on (Hallelujah) diet and lost 180 lbs. -- still has both legs and Dr. will take him off medication next visit. Helmut & Ingred Joks, Ocala, FL

This is only a small sampling of the reports we have received from hundreds of our Health Ministers. We envision multiple thousands of Health Ministers fanning out across not only the United States, but also the world in the years to come, and we believe this Health Ministry has the potential of making an impact on the world the likes of which have never been seen before. One reason this ministry is having such an impact and is being so readily accepted is that it is Biblically-based, simple to apply, inexpensive, can be done at home without any professional help, and almost always gives very rapid, positive results.

Experiencing such rapid results encourages a person to stick with the diet. Another thing that is so powerful is that our Health Ministers only share information, and then it is up to the individual if they want to apply that information to their own bodies or not. The Health Minister does not get involved with the person’s personal physical problems or offer specific advice for a specific symptom.

By not getting involved with a person’s personal physical ills or offering advice for specific symptoms, the Health Minister avoids the potential legal problems associated with diagnosing or prescribing by a non-professional. These Health Ministers do not even offer advice, but only share nutritional information from a Biblical perspective. The First Amendment guarantees us this right!

Because of the financial backing of too many big organizations (drug companies, AMA, the SAD food industry), I don’t think the government or establishment will ever make public the truths about the relationship between diet and disease. Since the politicians and government won’t do it, what must each of us do to get the truth out anyway?
This is a very difficult task -- not only because of the huge influence of the manufactured food industry and medical/drug industry on our national leaders, but also because our press is so controlled. The press, for the most part, will not even investigate or disseminate information that is contrary to the status quo. However, I am not discouraged and believe there are things we can do to get this message out, and we here at Hallelujah Acres are doing all we can within the financial and staff limitations that we have available to us.

First, we believe that one of the greatest avenues we have of getting the health message out is to consistently live this vegetarian lifestyle in front of family, friends, business associates, and community. As we consistently live the lifestyle, our physical problems will go away, weight will normalize, energy will increase, emotional problems will disappear, and those who know us will ultimately become interested and start asking questions. We have found that once a person gets on our program and all of their physical and emotional problems go away, most of them become flaming evangelists for this way of life. As proof of this statement, we have thousands of people on our program who are sharing this message with almost everyone they come in contact with.

Secondly, when others start asking questions we must be able to provide simple answers. Most people do not want difficult to understand or scientific answers or complicated modalities. Keeping the program simple is a vital reason why Hallelujah Acres has been able to reach tens of thousands of people around the world in only a few short years. We do not teach that a person has to seek out a health professional, stop working, go to bed, or go on an extended water fast. This approach will turn off the majority of people!

Thirdly, we must educate those who show interest with every means possible -- including seminars, newsletters, books, audio and video tapes. I find testimonials one of the greatest tools in getting a person’s attention so that they will start investigating the vegetarian lifestyle further.

Fourthly, at Hallelujah Acres we are also using the media of radio and television to get this message out. For several years now, I have been doing almost weekly radio and TV interviews across America. Recently, I was granted a nine minute interview on the 700 Club. The 700 Club is a syndicated Christian broadcast hosted by Pat Robertson that is received across America on the Family Channel and is viewed by literally millions of people. Well, the response to this interview was the greatest the 700 Club had ever experienced in their entire history, and they were not ready for what happened. So many people called in wanting more information on the healthy lifestyle I talked about that they were able to process only about 12,000 of the requests for more information, while over 100,000 calls were missed.

Fifthly, I believe the reason for making this lifestyle change must come from a higher authority than man. Promotion of vegetarianism by animal rights activists will appeal to some, but not to the majority. We have also found that because this vegetarian lifestyle has been associated with the ‘hippie’ and ‘New Age’ movements, it has turned the majority of the American people and especially the Christian community against it. I feel that the only way to reach the masses is to show them that this diet and lifestyle was given originally to mankind by the very creator of mankind -- God Himself! This is the highest authority and this vegetarian diet was given to mankind approximately six thousand years ago in the Garden of Eden. It is recorded in the Bible in Genesis 1:29.

For years, you were a voice in the Christian wilderness, accused by fellow pastors as having fallen prey to New Age tendencies and far-out ideas. Why and how did you continue in the midst of such resistance? Why didn’t this closemindedness sour you on the Christian community?
That is a reasonable question to ask, but a very easy one for me to answer. My belief system is not founded on people -- what they believe or don’t believe or do or don’t do. My foundation as to what is truth and what is error is founded on the Word of God -- The Bible! As far as I am concerned, the Bible is the only source of absolute truth mankind possesses. So when I found in the Bible that God created man to be vegetarian and gave mankind an original diet of raw fruits and vegetables in Genesis 1:29 -- then I knew that I had a truth that no Christian could refute if I could only get them to check out what I was teaching in the Bible.

I also knew that I had walked in gross ignorance for 42 years of my life as far as how to nourish or take care of my body was concerned. I knew that if this Health Message was going to reach the world, the only way it could happen would be to get it into the church. I knew that if I could get this message into the church it would ultimately move like wild-fire throughout this country and around the world. I knew that the Christian community does not move rapidly to accept new ideas because it is very concerned about accepting error or doing something that is contrary to the will of God.

And so, I just kept hammering away at the Christian community until some started to listen and apply what I was teaching and get well. It worked! Now, just five years later, this Health Message is literally going around the world and it is going forth through this same Christian community that resisted it so intensely in the beginning. This past week we appeared before millions of Christians on the 700 Club and then just yesterday I was told that another large Christian network wanted to interview me. The reformers of the 1800s did a mighty job disseminating this Health Message without radio, television, the Internet or Web page. Today, with all of the modern means of communication available to us, I believe that it won’t be long before this Health Message will be mainstream in America, if not in the entire world.

You don’t write much about your personal spiritual growth as a result of developing the Hallelujah Diet and program. Would you like to tell us how your diet and life-style has deepened your own connection with God? Dr. Cousens says a high raw diet increases one’s connection to the Divine. Do you agree?
I personally do not believe that diet has anything whatsoever to do with our relationship or connection with God! The Bible says in John 14:6, ‘Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.’ And again, ‘He that hath the son hath (spiritual) life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.’ (I John 5:12). The Bible teaches that our relationship with God is by faith -- through Jesus alone -- and not by anything we do or don’t do physically! Galatians 3:2-3 brings this out very clearly by stating: ‘This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?’

Now I do acknowledge and believe that a raw vegetarian diet will heighten our awareness of God by cleaning out the body/temple and bringing us closer to His creation! But I do not believe that the vegetarian diet or lifestyle is the basis for our relationship or connection with God! This comes only by faith through Jesus Christ! Another thing this raw diet has done for me is to convince me even more that the Bible is indeed the very word of God! Why? Because this raw vegetarian diet was given by God to mankind, in the Garden of Eden, immediately after creation some six thousand years ago, and it all is recorded in the Bible. Who better to tell us of the proper fuel for our physical bodies than the Creator Himself! And when we apply this teaching, our bodies respond by getting well and staying well. This is another powerful confirmation of the Bible’s accuracy.

I recently heard three fabulous tape recordings about Grace Stern Swanson’s remarkable spiritual growth as a result of a 42-day water fast. And of course we have lots of Biblical evidence for extended fasting. Do you feel there’s a place for water fasting for enhancing our individual connection with God?
Ever since spending two years at the Shangri-La Natural Hygiene Resort and Fasting Retreat in Bonita Spring’s, Florida and what I personally experienced there on a 14-day distilled water fast, as well as what I personally observed others experiencing, I have very strong concerns about ‘water fasting’ for any reason. Webster’s dictionary gives over a dozen definitions for the word ‘fast.’ One of them being: ‘…to eat sparingly or abstain from some foods.’ When the Bible uses the word ‘fast’, I am not sure whether it means that just water was consumed during those fasts or not. In any event, I consider a juice fast on raw vegetables a much better and safer means of fasting and if someone wanted to spend that time communicating with God, all the better.

You get at least one hour of vigorous aerobic exercise daily. What is the best time of day to do the exercise? If it’s in the morning do you do it before or after Barleygreen? Why? What kinds of exercise do you do?
I feel that morning is the very best time to do exercise. It does not take away energy from the day. It actually gives energy. I do it after Barleygreen. Sometimes people say they don’t have enough time to exercise. I get up at four o’clock so I can make sure that I have time to fit it in. My exercising varies. I like to walk, I like to speed walk, I like to jog, but not extended distances. I have my own gym and in there I have a NordicTrack. I have also a Nordic CTX machine, which is a weight resistance machine. I have a rebounder and I have an AbWorks. I also have some light weights. I just kind of do various things. I don’t do the same thing everyday. I try to do an hour total each day and in addition to that, I like to do my gardening and I like to climb the mountains, and I like to do other physical things.

Would you say something about the inches you’ve gained after many years of being the same weight.
About six months ago I got the Nordic CTX machine -- a weight resistance machine -- I took my measurements before I started doing that machine and in six months I’ve added two inches to my chest and almost an inch to my biceps. This is at almost age 64. I was kind of encouraged to see that.

Please say a few words regarding your conclusions about eggs and cheese.
Well, first off, I’ve not done any so-called scientific experiments with it, but my whole feeling is that animal products are not the best thing to put into our bodies. I don’t believe our digestive system was ever designed to handle that. We have masticating teeth, not canine teeth, and if we were supposed to eat anything from an animal source I believe it would absolutely have to be in a raw form because when you put heat to it you destroy so much of it.

Have you ever experimented personally with having raw eggs?
No, I haven’t experimented with them. I have very strong feelings against animal products.

You’ve been very consistent then.
For 21 years.

A lot of my readers are feeling these days that they have to have some animal products, so it’s good to hear from someone who’s gone without eating animal products for that long without encountering deficiencies or difficulties.
I think the reason why Hygienists are oftentimes feeling a need for something more is because they’re not concentrating the nutrients from the vegetables. The body’s just not able to extract enough from the raw food. Digestion uses a lot of energy. We’re almost self-defeating by eating these huge amounts and getting so little nutrients actually into the cells and that’s why the key to our ministry and the results that we’re getting I feel is because of the concentrations of these nutrients in the carrot juice and in the Barleygreen.

I think that’s one of the places where Hygiene’s really fallen down by rejecting the juicing. I think they’ve made a big mistake with that.
It’s interesting. They’re rejecting it in their official publications, but I find that many of them practice it.

Would you say something about nuts, seeds, and sprouts and their place in the Hallelujah Diet.
I used to do a lot with sprouts... had my windowsills covered with them, but at Gerson they started having some problems with sprouts. They were having people going through their program, responding well, recovering from serious cancers, and then going home and going backwards. They found often that these people were using an abundance of sprouts. So I’ve just about eliminated sprouts from my diet. Not that I wouldn’t eat alfalfa sprouts on a sandwich or something like that on occasion, but I feel the juices are so much more important and so much easier really.

As far as seeds and nuts go I feel that they’re really high in protein and fat and difficult to digest. I don’t say no seeds or nuts, but I say go real easy with them and the best I find are the raw almonds and the raw sunflower. And then I even prefer to soak them 24 hours in distilled water to help them break that protein down.

We’ve been talking about other countries going international with the Hallelujah Diet. Will you share with H&B readers some of the experiences you’re having there.
Yes. We are literally finding this message going around the world. We have health ministers that have come from New Zealand and the Philippines and Mexico and Canada and we have folks coming in for our May session from South Africa. That’s to learn from us so that they can share this message better in their own countries. But also our literature and our tapes are going around the world. We just recently had an order for sixteen cases of God’s Way to Ultimate Health from Singapore. This is very exciting, and we just see this continuing to accelerate.

Have you had any legal problems or threats from the government, establishment, AMA, or representatives of the status quo?
No. The approach that we use I think is fairly unique in that we teach nutrition from a Biblical perspective. I’m an ordained minister and the first amendment still gives me the right to teach Biblical things. So I think our approach is different than many others out there and thus far we haven’t had any problems.

And you don’t seem to anticipate any either?
Well, that’s hard to know. This message is so well distributed now across America and even the world that I think it would be very difficult to stop it even if I was stopped.

You talked about fasting in Part 1 of your interview. I want to follow up on that a little bit and ask what you would recommend -- just juice dieting and Barleygreen or do you feel that using the basic Hallelujah Diet is enough to detox the body. I guess I’m asking “Is there ever a place for juice dieting and Barleygreen alone for a week or two?”
I personally feel that distilled water fasting creates too rapid a cleansing, and I feel that just juicing, even though you’re nourishing, can create too rapid a cleansing. And I really prefer the Hallelujah Diet where we allow some cooked food and some raw food in the diet. The body still does its detox, it does its cleanse. It just does it over a more extended time so that the person doesn’t go through these harsh cleansing reactions. And I’m finding as good, if not better, results than when I used to teach all raw without any cooked. It makes it much more doable. I used to find that when I tried to get folks to go all raw that they were cheating all the time. A little cooked at the end of the evening meal seems to make it easier.

Suppose you came into a windfall of several billion dollars to be used for research and development only. What area or areas would you choose to focus upon to either advance our knowledge of Natural Hygiene [or the Hallelujah Diet and program] or provide irrefutable proof of its validity? (Charlie Donham)
Well, I think that’s really where the need is... irrefutable proof... because the establishment will not do any investigation or studies into what a raw diet will do in effect on the human body and then they refuse to accept any independent research. All they say is, “Hey, there’s no documentation out there.” So if I had the money, I think that is the area where we would do some real solid studies to show them beyond any shadow of a doubt that it does work. Because it does.

Natural Hygiene speaks often of “vital force” and “nerve energy” but these terms remain essentially elusive and ill-defined. Do you think that the concept of “prana” in Indian philosophy/yoga and ayurvedic medicine and Qi (chi, ki) in Chinese/Japanese medicine and philosophy (where they have been elaborated on at length) have relevance to or can throw light on the Hygienic concepts of “vital force” and “nerve energy”? (James Heney) I guess Mr. Heney’s getting at a simple question: What’s the life force that drives us and keeps us alive?
Enzymes. Yeah, you see man is a three-part being... body, soul, and spirit. All I learned when I went to Bible college to prepare to be a pastor and a minister of the Gospel was the spiritual part and I learned nothing of the physical part. And yet the physical part is what carries around the spiritual part. I feel that the spiritual part is something we do by faith... not by experience... I see many people trying to connect the physical with the spiritual by... if we fast, if we go raw, if we do this, we’re going to have some new spiritual power. And I really don’t subscribe to that or find it Biblically based.

So for you the fundamental is faith. And that the faith can be strengthened and deepened with the program.
Exactly. But it’s not what creates it.

This next question is interesting, also from James Heney. Do you regard any pathological conditions or disease syndromes as essentially irremediable by the Hallelujah Diet and program, and if so would you have recourse to modalities to correct them? If so, what modalities would you employ or recommend be employed?
Good question. I tell folks, quite contrary to the medical profession that gives them so many months to live in many cases, I say that as long as there’s life and breath there’s hope. And I find one of the most horrible things is when a medical doctor pronounces the death sentence on a person because I believe it affects them and their ability to heal because they feel it’s hopeless now, and the body just takes that signal and starts shutting down. We find within six months from the time a person makes this dietary change over ninety percent of all physical problems are gone. Not a 100% but over 90% and there have been numerous cases where I felt it was hopeless, even though I didn’t admit that, where the recoveries were almost miraculous. So I just feel that the body wants to be well and if we will bring conditions as conducive to healing as possible within the body the body will do its utmost to recover.

Have you in your experience come across anything or any modality outside the Hallelujah Diet and program as currently understood that you feel has merit in terms of promoting health? If so, please identify and discuss. (James Heney)
Well, this is an area where I’m doing a lot of research, and I really haven’t come to any firm conclusions on it.

How about acupuncture?
Once again, there’s a stimulation there, but I really prefer to stick with simplicity. What we’ve got, I haven’t really seen anybody we couldn’t help that somebody else has been able to help with other modalities. One of the things that makes the Hallelujah Diet so unique is the simplicity of it and that it works in so many cases. I’m not sure that there’s something more that can be done. I keep looking. I’d love to have 100%. So I keep looking.

Do you perceive any one element of the Hallelujah Diet and program (raw foods, exercise, sunlight), as being more fundamental or important than others? Do you think that too much emphasis is placed on some and others relatively neglected? (James Heney)
I think they all work together. As far as nutrients are concerned, I feel the Barleygreen is the most nutritionally dense food we can put into our bodies. Bar none. I feel carrot juice is number two. I feel the raw food is number three. The cooked food is basically to slow down detox and for the psyche. Exercise I feel is extremely important and could be as important as the nutrients. But a person needs to be careful not to enervate, depending on what their physical condition is. Start slow and build as the body allows. The combination of it all... there’s really no one single thing that’s going to get the job done.

I think prayer or meditation, depending on where you’re coming from, is also important. For me it’s three key things: its exercise, its diet, and its peace of mind.
Yeah, meditation is excellent. Prayer is excellent. There needs to be a real positive feeling within or thoughts within that I’m going to get well, I can get well, what I’m doing is going to create this healing within my body. The negative thinking will definitely lead in the opposite direction.

Now’s a good chance to discuss more about Barleygreen. Would you tell my diehard Natural Hygienist readers why they should at least give Barleygreen a try?
Well, I thought the same thing for many, many years. Of course I was indoctrinated by Natural Hygiene and so when I first came in contact with Barleygreen about eight years ago, I had a lady friend on her way from Pennsylvania to Florida stop by and see me here in Tennessee. She had the first jar of Barleygreen I ever saw. She started telling me what a wonderful product it was. At that time, I was on fresh, raw wheatgrass juice. I’d been growing it in my windowsill for about two years after going up to Dr. Ann Wigmore’s and learning the Hippocrates Diet. I just never gave my friend’s request to try Barleygreen a tumble. But she left me the jar and Dr. Ruth Swope’s book Green Leaves of Barley and after she left I started reading the book and started seeing the testimonies. I couldn’t refute the testimonies so I decided to give it a fair try in my body, and the only way I knew to do that was to stop the wheatgrass and just do the Barleygreen. After about three or four days on this green powder, I noticed energy increase and better endurance in my jogging. I’ve never gone back to the wheatgrass.

There’s two foundations that I have used for 21 years to arrive at where I am today. Number one, I feel from the Genesis 1:29 scripture that God’s original diet for mankind was raw fruits and raw vegetables. That’s been a steadying force or anchor for me and kept me from going too far afield with so many of the voices that are out there crying for us to follow.

The other thing that has been a real foundation for me is a simple question: Does it work? I don’t care what the claims are or what’s on the bottle as far as the nutrients are supposed to be... but does it work? Does it work consistently over the long haul for all types of physical problems?

The Barleygreen, as I learned about it and did research on it, I found that it’s a raw food. It is unique from all the other supplements -- if I dare put it in that category -- that are out there in that Dr. Higawara who developed it found in the humble blade of barley grass the most nutritionally dense source of nutrients on earth after examining some 500 different green plants. After he had grown it organically and run it through a juicing machine, he found immediately after removing the juice from the fiber of the plant that it started to oxidize and lose its nutrients.

That wouldn’t do because ultimately it would lose all its nutritional power so he had a very difficult task: to get the nutrients from the cell of the plant to the cell of the body without losing them. So the first step was to find a way to stop that oxidation. He did that through maltodextrin, which is a carbohydrate. So as soon as he released the juice from the fiber of the plant he binds it to maltodextrin which stabilizes it or stops further oxidation. Then he reduces the juice to a powder in a vacuum in two seconds at room temperature. Because of the stabilizing and no heat processing Barleygreen remains a raw product with enzymes still alive for three to five years in powdered form.

It is the key to us getting the results that we get here at Hallelujah Acres because when we introduce this program to somebody and they have a physical problem, if they don’t see some results fairly quickly they’re not as inclined to stay with it.

The Barleygreen impacts the immune system and starts rebuilding the essential organs so rapidly that usually within three to five days they’ll noticed some improvement. And that’s a fast turn around. We have many people who have told us that within three weeks they’ve lost physical problems of twenty years standing.

We believe the Barleygreen is the key to getting this rapid response. Of course the carrot juice follows up. It’s a “living water” that just does beautiful things in the body. The combination is giving us results that I don’t know anyone else is getting.

Can you tell us more about maltodextrin?
It’s a carbohydrate that’s derived from corn and it converts to sugar, as does any carbohydrate, but it is the very key to making Barleygreen work.

I had a man come to me with one of these other green powders at one of my meetings and he said, “Look at all that filler. You’re just using filler so you don’t have to put so much barley juice in there.” And then I told him what I just shared with you about it being the key. I said “If your product doesn’t have it, it’s no good. Over a period of time, it’s going to oxidize and lose its nutritional value.”

And you’ve tried the other barley products? Experimented with them?
Oh yeah. And we have people coming to us all the time who have used these others and then we get them on the AIM Barleygreen and they see an almost immediate difference and improvement.

I also want to ask about Herbal Fiberblend. Again, I didn’t try that for a long time because I thought that if was eating right I didn’t need anything else. But then when I started getting such good results with the Barleygreen I tried the Fiberblend as well and have had good results with it too. So would you share something about Herbal Fiberblend?
I find that there are two basic causes for physical problems: one is deficiency and the other is toxicity. The Barleygreen and Hallelujah Diet deal with deficiency but the toxicity... if we start flooding the body with all these good nutrients... especially in the juice form... and the body starts releasing these toxins, we need to make sure that they get out before they get reabsorbed into the body. We find that the Herbal Fiberblend, which is nothing but psyllium and herbs, starts moving the crud out at a more rapid pace.

Also something else that I’ve found interesting: Natural Hygiene has always been against any kind of colon cleansing. I went total raw for a full year when I first went on this diet back in 1976. I mean, I was total raw. And after over a year of total raw, I started reading about colon cleansing and I thought it made a lot of sense and so I got myself a colema board and went on a week juice fast and every three hours I’d have a carrot juice (with other green veggies in the carrot juice) and at the hour and a half mark (which would also be every three hours) I would use a heaping teaspoon of psyllium and a tablespoon of bentonite. It was really a juice fast for a week with the psyllium/bentonite. Every morning and evening I would run four to five gallons of water through my colon.

I was absolutely flabbergasted because I thought my colon should be clean after a year of total raw. I probably got two to three gallons of the most horrible, hardened crud (almost like inner tube in hardness), and it just proved to me that that’s one area, that mucus lining will not come off easily, especially if you get into heavier incrustration.

What the Herbal Fiberblend does is to keep it clean. Especially if we’ve gotten it clean. And it will also stop any further build-up. I take it personally because any time we put a cooked food into our body the body reacts by forming mucus to envelope it and help it through. And if we continue eating cooked food, that mucus can slough off and start building up on that wall. And I do eat some cooked food. So I just take the Herbal Fiberblend and then I know I’m keeping my colon nice and clean.

A number of my friends and subscribers are very keen on the instinctive eating school of nutrition. Would you say a few words about that?
I think that has potential problems. I instinctively ate for 42 years of my life, and I instinctively went to the junk foods and the sugary and salty products so I don’t think our instincts are that attuned. I think the animals still have it, but I think ours have been pretty warped and degraded.

What is your opinion about the use of frozen or dehydrated whole plant foods? (Sandy LaBedz)
The only method I know of that will preserve the nutrients, including enzymes, is dehydration. And yet it is important that the dehydrator be one that has a thermostatic setting where you can put the temperature at 107 degrees or lower so that you don’t kill the enzymes. All those dehydrators that have set themostats are usually about 160 degrees and they’re going to zap most of the nutrients.

I think for frozen fruits -- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and the like -- I think they are protected to some degree, but I don’t know any better way to preserve them and certainly they’re better than store-bought in the winter time.

Some experts recommend rotating one’s foods to avoid contact with one food or family of food on a regular basis. Supposedly this helps to prevent or exacerbate food allergies. Others recommend eating instinctively, eating only what smells and tastes appealing at a given moment. Apparently, these are contradictory approaches. Do you have comments on either or both? Should we ever eat things which we don’t particularly enjoy but which we “know” are allegedly good for us (e.g., raw broccoli)? (Sandy LaBedz)
I don’t find any problem with food allergies on our program. The allergies usually just disappear. Most allergies are nothing but an immune system not functioning properly. As far as rotation is concerned, I find the animals in the wild don’t have the large variety. In fact, something that was very interesting, a study that I read many years ago, where they took an animal and gave it only one kind of grass over its entire lifetime -- no variety at all-- they found that even though nutrients the body needed were not in that particular grass the body was able from the raw materials to convert it and make every single nutrient the body needed. Which I thought was really, really interesting. So I personally don’t think it’s necessary to rotate foods.

What are the ideal percentages of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocados, grains and legumes (raw, soaked, sprouted or cooked), overall fat, and cooked food in the diet? (Sandy LaBedz)
I used to be much higher in fruit than I am now. I used to teach 65/35 vegetable to fruit. I’ve seen so many adverse reactions to too much fruit in the diet that I’m today promoting an 85/15 split--only 15% fruit, and only that if a person does not have hypoglycemic or diabetic problems or yeast infections or cancer. And if they have any of those problems I recommend no fruit in the diet.

I think Hygiene has really overemphasized fruit in the past and I think that’s created a lot of problems.

Oh, I think it has too. All of Stanley Bass’s experience has proven exactly the same thing. He takes all his cancer patients off fruit immediately.
Well, Gerson found that the high sugar in the natural fruit can cause capillaries to open and cancer to spread. So we’re getting more and more to indicate that fruit can be a negative. As far as seeds and nuts, I just don’t use them on a consistent daily basis. I’m not against them, but I say go real easy with them.

That’s what I find too. I mean, I love nuts but I have trouble digesting them.
There is one thing I just thought of that I do use and have only added in the last year maybe or so to my diet and that’s raw flax seed oil. I feel that our body does need some oil of high quality, and I believe the raw flax seed--the omega 6--it’s better quality than the fish oil and I like the source better. The only other oil I recommend is the extra virgin olive oil. If it’s extra virgin that means it’s raw from the flesh; if it’s just olive oil then it means it’s heat-extracted from the seed, which I feel is carcinogenic.

How about ground up flaxseed?
I use them occasionally and think they can be very beneficial.

Bob Avery always asks my interview guests about bee pollen and bee products. Would you say a few words about that, please?
For 21 years almost I’ve tried them, not tried them; used them, not used them. And I have never one time been able to tell any difference when I used them and didn’t use them. I have read pros and cons about them and some say they are indigestible by the body while others say they are a wonderful source of nutrition. I can’t say anything positive because I’ve never experienced anything positive.

Disdain for enemas/colonics seems to be a tenet of Natural Hygiene, yet Dr. N.W. Walker, who used and advocated them, outlived any Hygienist I’ve ever heard of. How come?
Well, I do not believe there is much use or need to go to a therapist for a colonic. I feel that all they’re going to do is get the loose feces out and it’s not going to get to the crud that we need to get. And they’re expensive. So I prefer to get your own colema board... that’s a lifetime investment and is a much better way to go.

Dr. Walker, bless his heart, he’s one of my health heroes, but I don’t subscribe to his high colon enemas. I think we have better ways now. But that guy was a jewel.

Do you feel that cooked whole grains, legumes, and steamed vegetables are unnecessary or even deleterious if a person could eat an all raw diet? (Deborah Boyar)
I feel that they are probably beneficial. I find that on the total raw diet that there is not always sufficient carbohydrates. Even though we’re killing the food by cooking it, it’s not cell food, it’s still providing carbohydrates which keeps our body temperature at 98.6, gives energy, and so forth. So I have made for the last 20 years part of my almost daily diet some cooked legumes, steamed vegetables, on occasional whole grain pastas and things like that.

I believe the original diet was all raw, as it is for all animal live. But I think we’ve had so many generations consuming cooked food that the body has somehow adapted maybe even a need for some. I don’t understand it all. I do find that I do better when I have some cooked food.

Linus Pauling said that people taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C a day had reduced incidence of asthma. Do you think there is any truth to that finding? (Fred Sobelmobile)
I feel all supplements are in a form contrary to the way God designed us to receive our nutrients, even the natural ones. You can take a 1000 mg of Vitamin C out of its natural setting where it has its proper relationship to the enzymes, to the minerals, to the protein, and put it in a capsule of some kind and swallow it. And it goes down to the bottom of the tummy and starts dissolving. I believe the body rather than receiving it as nutrition receives it as a toxic substance.

In fact I feel anything that goes in our body is received either as nutrition or poison. Our original genetic coding determines which is what. So I think the body will make every effort to excrete it or get ride of it as rapidly as possible, usually through the urine. As one doctor said, “It makes mighty expensive urine.”

I’ve heard people say they think they’d had some improvement through the use of supplements, but I feel it’s more of a stimulating nature like a cup of coffee with its caffeine rather than as a nutritional source.

Linus Pauling may have had some improvement in asthma and other physical problems, but he talked about improvement. I’m talking about these things going away by simply making dietary changes. So I don’t think there’s really a place for high dose supplementation.

Will you say something about water and our needs for water. I recently read a book that says that we’re all severely dehydrated. Do you agree?
I think that’s definitely true, but I think there are different kinds of water and we need to be careful about what kind of water we put in our body. I think the very best water we can put into our body is the naturally distilled living water found in the raw fruits and raw vegetables. That, I believe, makes the greatest positive impact on our bodies. The only other water I’ve had for the last 21 years is steamed distilled, which in its processing destroys the bacteria through the boiling and leaves all the contaminants behind as the steam rises. Some of the chemicals can vaporize and rise with the steam so it’s important to have a post charcoal filter to remove that. That’s the purest water I know of, and it will help to leach out the inorganic minerals in our systems. It will not touch an organic or living mineral in the body, contrary to what some people say.

Let’s talk politics for a minute. What about how we’re all caught in the grasp of the health insurance and medical industries? Please comment.
Well, I’m not against doctors. I’m not against nurses. I think most of them went into the profession with a sincere desire to help people, but I’ve found that what they’re taught is absolutely horrible. It’s hurting people, in fact killing people with drugs and various modalities that they use. And so we live in a society where these medical modalities are so expensive that the average person can not afford them. So that has brought about this health insurance business. And it’s a very, very profitable business. I’ve personally not had any health insurance in 21 years. I have accident insurance but not health insurance because the last person I would go to with a disease problem would be a medical doctor because they do not have any knowledge of how to make the body well except for the use of drugs, radiation, and surgery which are counterproductive.

I also feel that this is a political thing in that if we are sick and then the government has some kind of control over the insurance that the people have, including Medicare, that they have a hold on us because if they can control our bodies they can control us, to a great degree.

So one of the greatest ways to break the shackles is to have a well body and I think this would bring back tremendous control to the individual. It’s an interesting topic.

It really is, as is the whole business of taking responsibility for ourselves, too, instead of looking for the magic pill that’s going to let us run rampant with all our desires.

I find Medicare, for instance, as a means of milking the American people to bring huge amounts of money into the medical/drug industry at the expense of the elderly. Rather than helping them, they’re creating more problems for them. Literally killing them. None of our government leaders will do anything to reverse this.

The Bible contains many references to healing through the laying on of hands. Your comments, please.
I’ve been in the Christian environment since 1957 when I became a Christian and I’ve been in many, many churches. Pastored numerous ones myself. I have seen all kinds of physical sickness within the church over these many years and hardly ever have I seen anybody ever really get well. Some people have claimed healing, but a month later there they are with the same problems back again.

I had a young lady in one of my churches many years ago who had severe arthritis. She was confined to a wheelchair. She went to one of these healing meetings and under the influence of the speaker and the setting she literally got up and walked.

She came back home and not only was not able to walk, but she couldn’t even sit in a wheelchair. I really have some serious misgivings about these so-called healers who use the spiritual/Christianity as the basis.

I’m not saying God can’t heal because He can. But over 90% of all the prayer requests in all my churches and every church I’ve ever been associated with have been for sickness. The percentages of Christians dying of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes is identical to the non-Christian community. I have some strong reservations as to whether God is doing a lot of that.

Well, we’re doing it to ourselves. Once people get on the Hallelujah Diet, they get well. Which is how God means for us to be anyway.
That’s what I feel. We’re looking to God to come rescue us after we have messed up our bodies by putting wrong things into them. Using God like a fire alarm box. He doesn’t respond very well. Yet He’ll respond completely if we follow the laws He’s given us.

What final words do you have for us?
I just challenge folks if they’re having any physical problems that haven’t been corrected using other modalities to give the Hallelujah Diet ninety days in their body. We find many folks who have come to us who have used other means without getting results and have gotten on our program and have. It can’t hurt them, and it’s helped multitudes.

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