October 03, 2000


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Special Features:
Based on Popular PC Title; Turn-Based; PlayStation Enhancements in Interface; New Beginner Mode; 21 Historical Civilizations; Uses 10 Blocks of Memory Card
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Human , Microprose , 
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Andy, The Game Hombre
Concept: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound: 6.5
Playability: 9
Entertainment: 9
"Civilization II is a great strategy game, and this incarnation for the PlayStation is more than adequate. It's been awhile since I played the PC version, but the second you pick up this game, you quickly become addicted to your quest to conquer the world, soon finding the hours on the clock flying by faster than Randy Moss on a post pattern. About the only problem I have with this version is the resolution, as it is hard to see some of the terrain bonuses; otherwise, everything from the throne room to the advisors are here in all their glory. If you like strategy games, and you missed it on the PC, definitely give this one a whirl as it is still one of the greatest."

Paul, The Game Professor
Concept: 8
Graphics: 6.75
Sound: 7
Playability: 8
Entertainment: 9
"I missed out on the Civ II craze on the PC, but I remember a number of people in the office losing a number of days to this behemoth. It looks pretty dull at first, but I was sucked into this game almost immediately. Before I realized it, six hours had passed and I wanted to keep going. Don't make the mistake of not clearing a chunk off your memory card. It takes 10 blocks so be warned. The options this game has to offer are overwhelming and there are a ton of ways to play. However, I found the military strategy of my Nordic ancestors to work the best - march the military down the opponents' throats. It's a brainless strategy, but a smart tactic the first time around. I suggest renting this game for a few days because some of you might get bored out of your gourd. Don't let the score fool you. I like this game a lot."

Reiner, The Raging Gamer
Concept: 9
Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 4.75
Playability: 8.5
Entertainment: 9
"Hopelessly addicted. I haven't fallen victim to a strategy game for quite some time, but Civilization II has me completely shackled to my PS-X. This PC port is magnificient. Some of the artwork and options have been slightly altered, but the absorbing gameplay is still intact. The resolution is obviously worse, but the menus are still easy to read and the play is extremely fast and not hindered by loading or lulls. The graphics are sufficient, but lack flash; and if Civilization II has any kind of downfall, it's found in the monotonous and annoying music. If you're going to play for hours on end, then you'd better hope you have your own tunes ready and waiting. To truly be engrossed (and successful), a general knowledge of world history, sheer resourcefulness, and intelligence are required skills."

Civilization 2

Control Your Destiny

March 01, 1999

If you envision a group of game producers and designers huddled in a conference room discussing what project will be "the next killer game," what is the first idea to come to your mind? A fighting game starring Steve Austin? A game like Resident Evil or Final Fantasy? How about a title that simulates 6000 years of organized culture and allows the player to develop trade, command armies, and advance technology all in an attempt to conquer the planet or leave it? Although the latter was probably the farthest from your mind, this game concept has been imitated in video games ever since a designer and programmer named Sid Meier adapted a board game called Civilization to a computer. Subsequently, this award-winning game, which spawned a sequel in 1997, has finally made its way to consoles.

Civilization II, like most strategy games, is a different breed than the average popular console game. It is not driven by dazzling images and special effects. The heart of the game is not the graphics, but the complex program that keeps track of every event and changing variable. There doesn't seem to be too much going on when you start on a small block of land with a few thousand settlers. The year is 4000 BC and you decide to start a new city next to a river. You may decide to build a barracks for your small army or possibly attempt to fortify your city. After a few turns you notice that almost 100 years have passed, and you decide to explore beyond your small cube of land. Over the next thousand years, your settlement will grow larger, new cities will be settled, and you may have to defend your territory against barbarian invasion. Whatever the scenario, an increasing number of challenges and decisions must be made as your civilization grows, and the timeline creeps toward the year 2000 AD.

A game can normally last about 12 hours which, for some players, will pass in the blink of an eye. Civilization II has an addictive quality that can keep you up through the night and thinking about the next game throughout the following day. Of course, this title is not for everyone, but Civilization II is not like most other games available for the PlayStation.

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