Safewash is proud to announce the introduction of the most effective laundry detergent replacement ever offered:


The T-Wave  


  Our new generation of laundry discs have a much greater     cleaning power than any discs ever created

  Each set comes with a complimentary 8 oz. bottle of Tsunami   papaya enzyme as a bleach alternative to keep whites and colors   bright (usage is optional)


  Safe for your family and all fabrics

  Environmentally friendly

  Saves you 70% over detergent and softener

  60 day money back guarantee

  We do not and never have MLM our product



 *For a limited time, you will receive an 8 oz. bottle of Tsunami Papaya Enzyme FREE with each set of T-Wave Laundry Discs!


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To our over seas customers:  

Because of an overwhelming demand in Europe, our old  website was translated into French, Spanish, German, Swiss and Finish.  Unfortunately, our new site will not be translated until some time in early Fall.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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