Five Iron Frenzy - Quantity Is Job #1

Label: Five Minute Walk
Number Of Songs: 8
Best Songs: Get Your Riot Gear, My Evil Plan..., The Untimely Death...
Style: Skacore
Sound-Alikes: Supertones

Well kids, it's finally here!  The new Five Iron Album we've all been waiting for.   It is definately different, and depending on your tastes you will either like the band more or less after this album.  The instrumentation is more advanced, meaning that there is not so much of the power chord thrashing going on anymore.  Don't get me wrong - the album still rocks and there's still plenty of distortion, it's just not quite as hard.  Reese's voice is sounding better than ever(he's got an awesome range), the horns are getting crisper, and there are varied drums.  Musically, I think this album is great and there's not enough stuff like this out there!  The only complaint I have is the song(Get Your Riot Gear) that is a swing song.  It's a good song, but it sounds dumb coming from a skacore band, and I truly hope Five Iron doesn't hop on the swing bandwagon.

We all know Reese Roper is a lyrical genius, and he is at the top of his form on this album.  Jeff(the girl) wrote a song too called All That Is Good, and it is one of the better songs on the album as well.  I laughed out loud at the song entitled 'The Untimely Death Of Brad' about a rumor that was started on the internet about Brad dying.

Overall this is an awesome album, and you definately get your $10 worth, because even though it's called an EP, there's 47 minutes of music on it!