Talker story 2 - a hacking

This page was first created 30th November 1998

In all of the time that the planes of existence was under my control, from October 1996 until November 1997, we only ever had one hacking that worked. And that happened pretty early on.

It was November 1997, and I was sitting at home. That was before I had my own computer at home to work on, I was still using the university ones. I suddenly got this idea that the talker was in trouble. So my fiance Sootie and I rushed up there to check it out ( she used to run the talker with me until August 1998 ).

I went there, and all mayhem was breaking loose. We discovered that someone had logged on, then suddenly 7 other people had come on ( which was unusual cos we had only just opened, didn't usually get so many come on ). And then they were shouting out all kinds of weird control characters, and it kept crashing. Again and again it would crash. They laughed as they made it crash again and again, and arresting them or doing anything didn't stop it.

We did a bit of research, with our new coder that we had, Thephoenix ( second coder ), and he put in a check of last command processed which would catch anyone trying to do that again, as well as putting in an exception, which would not allow the particular string which crashed the talker, or any variation of that string. Henceforth hoping that that would stop them. It worked.

Our investigation discovered who it was also. The site that was used from one of the 7 who logged on was quite unique, from hawaii. And the particular site was one which we knew was used by someone who had tried to hurt us before we started, tried to prevent us opening. One of the other sites, one which seemed to be the ringleader, was one of the ones which was used by someone else who had tried to shut us down. These were people from another talker, The Rainbow Room, by the names of Alohalori and Swantis. The other 5 we had to assume were their friends. We knew why they did it, they had threatened to do it previously, and we proved it sufficiently for our sakes that it was them.

For a little info on why they got to this stage, read below.

In May 1996, Sootie and I were going to a place called lintilla, as we had been for a year or more. We both became friendly with Alohalori, and marginally with Swantis. As we discovered, Swantis was in love with Alohalori, and Alohalori didn't really care more for Swantis one way or the other. Swantis was frantic, and looked to blame anyone who was getting along well with Alohalori, who might be pushing her away from her. She found Sootie and I and targetted us.

Swantis falsified board messages on their zoo port so as to get users against us, which she needed to do for we were incredibly popular users. Then on her port, the rainbow room, which had just opened, she just suddenly banned us. She then continued the abuse, and when I asked her for an explanation, she banned me from the men's only talker ( which she was going to and administering for some strange reason ). When I went to Ratatosk with my evidence, he was going to ban her from everything forever, when suddenly Swantis threatened with all of her weight to tear the talker apart. Despite support from all of the wizzes, all of the SUs and the majority of users, they total site banned us so as to stop a scandal. As a result of this abhorrence, Fantasia, who had her talkers there at the time, decided to leave for good to her own site. She said she was not prepared to have good users firewalled from her site when they had done nothing to her or anyone else, and wanted her own freedom.

Poor little Swantis. If she hadn't done this, she might have one day had a popular talker. It certainly was heading that way before this big drama. Oh, and Lintilla did undo the ban, with some level of apologies, but the damage was already done.

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