Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

November 20, 1999 (8 Kan, 17 Xul, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today to discuss some important matters with you. At present, your world is transforming. This alteration is creating a number of profound reverberations throughout physicality. Not only are your changes modifying the very nature of the 3-D space that you now occupy, but they are also altering vastly the way the rest of physicality is ordered. This innate ordering has not been changed in nearly 13 millennia. You are to be the special circumstance that permits Heaven to finally reorder this aspect of Creation. Dear Ones, see yourselves as very unique Beings put into some very unusual conditions. The reality that you occupy now has been turned into a most dark realm. We are turning it back toward the Light. This vital but difficult task is one for which you have so willingly volunteered. We in Heaven are quite grateful for your courage and your commitment to the Light. You are to be truly congratulated for what you have taken on. Know that you are not alone. Many in Heaven have come to offer you their support, as well as their commitment, in assuring your success for your amazing tasks.

      This commitment from every level of Heaven has helped to provide you with your success. The decrees of the divine plan have established a timetable whereby you are to achieve this success. We ask that you take the time now to focus daily upon your tasks and to feel the Love and the support that Heaven continually gives you to achieve your sacred objectives. It is the purpose of Heaven for you to achieve your new reality as quickly as divinely possible. Our every act is for this purpose. The integration of your spiritual and physical bodies is just one example of our actions. Every step that we take is to assist you toward creating your fully conscious reality. Keep in mind that, at times, this process may seem to overwhelm you, or even to make you feel you are at a prolonged standstill. We fully understand the reasons behind either extreme viewpoint. Your world is one that seeks an instant point of gratification. It has neither the patience nor the requisite attitude to accept anything less. Yet the ways of Heaven are not limited by the possibilities that you present to us.

      Our purpose remains a much broader and lasting objective. To do this requires that we perform our tasks according to some basic rules established by the Creator. These rules have given us the guidelines for performing our divine intervention. Accordingly, we request that you view your present situation as only temporary. We are moving in a very swift manner to conclude our various programs. When completed, they shall permit your world to be altered quickly into a most marvelous reality. To us, you are willing co-creators of this new world. You possess some truly magnificent abilities that are only beginning to become apparent to you. Never forget, dear Ones, that you are physical Angels. Always be aware of how wondrous you truly are. The feelings of being limited and unable to succeed at your tasks are illusions given to you that you have decided to respect. We ask you to look inside and discover these truths for yourself. Be ready to be who you are. Use it to transform your reality into what it is supposed to be. You are meant to live in a reality filled with abundance and lined with self-fulfillment.

      As you grow in consciousness, you start to expand your awareness of your reality and learn how it acts to limit you. This process is yet another of those that we have introduced into your consciousness. Remember that we are your guides. We seek to give you the way to improve your present condition. At times, it means that we need to permit you to confront what appears to be a difficult situation. These situations are just conditions that allow you to grow. As you do so, you are able to create new conditions that can alter any difficult situation. Basically, you are a solution-oriented Being. In this reality, you have permitted the powers-that-be to strip you of these abilities. Now, you are quickly obtaining the wherewithal to overcome this serious condition. We are very proud of what you have accomplished to restore this innate talent. Many of you are using this ability to focus on solutions to create institutions and programs that can eventually be one of the keys that assure humanity its entry into this new reality.

      Your world is contained within a specific reality. As noted in many previous messages, your reality is preparing to jump to a new space that contains a very unique character. This space has the ability to link you into the totality of physical and spiritual Creation. This linking enables you to become fully conscious. It also permits you to obtain the fulcrum that changes all of physicality. To better understand this process, we ask you to imagine a very large wheel. See yourselves as the hub of this wheel. The rest of physical Creation is contained in the wheel's spokes and in its rim. By altering the speed of rotation and its direction, you have the ability to reorder the way the spokes are constructed and what is contained in the wheel's rim. This position is what you are close to undertaking. It is a vast responsibility. However, it is one that you are quite capable of successfully shouldering.

      Physical Creation is revealed at specific moments. Each of these moments contains the elements of past, present and future. The future of each moment is altered by the next moment. Similarly, each present has the profound ability to alter a previous moment's past. This process is ongoing. It permits a certain set of circumstances to unfold as predicted by the divine plan. In addition, the full gamut of possibilities is continually being unfolded in each reality. Physical realities exist in four states. The first is the prime physical state. The next is the past etheric state. The third is the present etheric state, while the last is the future etheric state. The prime physical state is one that contains the true physical state agreed to by its inhabitants. The other three are similar to quasi-dream states that affect the physical.

      Look upon each quasi-dream state as a set of specific thought-forms. These thought-forms impinge upon the physical state. Yet, they lack any degree of physical substance. Nevertheless, they can be changed by those Beings who occupy the prime physical state. This is carried out through the co-creative ability given to each inhabitant of the physical state by the reality's life contract. This contract delineates the very nature of the reality and how it can be altered. In addition, the divine plan and its heavenly representatives have a large say in how this process is divulged. This merging of the physical realm into the spiritual is one of the prime conditions established for this Creation. This process is part of what is now occurring in your reality. Hence, there is a great need to re-evaluate how you see the passage of time.

      Time is not just a linear measuring of this reality. It is actually the divine rhythm whereby any reality unfolds itself. This rhythm helps to define a reality and places it within a certain clustering of other realities. You are preparing to reorder this fundamental rhythm. This reordering will eventually create a new reality completely different from the one that you occupy now. This process is the critical one that pushes you to your omega point. As you grow in awareness, you are also expanding the very nature of time. This coming modification has already dismantled much of your reality's matrix and allowed us to establish the foundations for your new reality. It has also brought you close to your transformation into fully conscious Beings. This objective remains one that is constantly unfolding. It is really much closer than most of you now believe.

      Today, we have talked about the process that is moving you toward a new reality. This process is nearing a critical point. Accordingly, we request that you use the completion of this adjustment period to move forward. Employ its magnificent energies to create the moment when some exquisite heavenly gifts can be showered upon you. We now take our leave. Beings of the Earth plane: use the great gifts of Heaven and your wondrous abilities to forge your new reality. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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