Meiko milestones Milestones

Meiko has gained a reputation for technical innovation and expertise by providing scalable solutions to demanding computing requirements. Meiko's product range is known as the Computing Surface, which is a scalable distributed memory system using differing types of powerful commodity microprocessors together and capable of scaling from deskside to beyond supercomputer in performance.

The successful adoption and integration of commodity technologies and industry standards is key to Meiko's position as one of the leading multiple-processor suppliers. Achievements in this field include the following landmarks:

1985 Europe's first parallel system built with Transputers, then the world's fastest microprocessor.
1986 Hewlett Packard's market leading Ink Jet division select Meiko for 3D printer simulation.
1987 Million dollar system sold to Japan.
1988 Selected by Intel for video compression research.
1989 World's first implementation of ORACLE Parallel Server RDBMS.
1990 Co-design MicroSparc with Sun Microsystems.
1991 General Electric use Meiko system for non destructive testing.
1992 Toyota buy multi-million dollar system for CAD.
1993 $21 million contract from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under Buy American rules.
1994 Perot, Thomas Cook, Bass and Sears buy Data Warehouse systems.
1995 UK Conservative government also sticks to Buy American policies.
1996 Meiko forms joint venture with Alenia.
1997 Lawrence Livermore system expanded.
1998 NSA buy major classified systems via Compaq.
1999 Sun Microsystems place MicroSparc in Community Licencing program.

Market Focus

Massive improvements in the cost performance of computing can enable a fundamental change in the way individuals and enterprises work. Massive but cost effective computing supports new methods and techniques being developed to enable unprecedented levels of information sharing and cooperation.

The opportunity lying ahead is the deployment of information technology to improve commercial competitiveness and bring positive change to our society in general. The huge information processing capability of HPCN (High Performance Computing and Networked) systems, combined with new levels of price-performance, are prerequisites for deploying modern strategies of customer orientated teamworking. Meiko leads the way in provision of these systems and services.

HPCN was once the sole domain of computer scientists and researchers investigating Grand Challenge problems. HPCN traditionally focuses on solving the most demanding data intensive and numerical problems. But the high levels of performance demanded by scientific users are now considered essential by mainstream commercial and public sector organisations leveraging technology to develop their productivity and a competitive edge.

Meiko platforms enable organisations to harness the capabilities offered by modern data storage and analysis technologies such as RDBMS' and OLAP to support an enterprise wide data repository, accessible to all users who need to utilise it.

Both market segments require the ability to manipulate large volumes of data and perform large amounts of scalar and vector computation. Both also demand scalable solutions and excellent price-performance.

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