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With V-drive roominess, true MasterCraft performance and genuine three-event wakes, this is the ideal boat for the indecisive watersport lover. Which makes your heart beat faster — tournament-quality skiing or head-over-heels wakeboarding? If you can't decide, no problem. The AWSA-approved ProStar 205V does them both, and does them in world-class style.

Here's how we accomplished it. First, we started with a record-capable tournament hull. Then we moved the engine to the rear. This opened up the cockpit for a new wrap-around seating configuration. But this boat has more than great room; it's got great all-around watersports performance. Slalom wakes are soft and low, while boarding wakes have a crisp, defined shape. Add the Pro Rider's wakeboarding package, and you're ready to fly.

We turned the engine around and coupled it to a V-drive transmission. The result is true inboard performance without the compromises of a stern drive. So you get great boarding wakes at lower speeds, and smooth slalom or jump wakes at higher speeds.

For power, we've included a 5.7-liter EFI Predator V-8 that cranks out 310 horses with torque to spare at any rpm. Hole shots, speed runs Ð you name it, you've got the power. It also happens to be one of the quietest inboards on the water.

The cockpit features a new wrap-around seating design. Starting at the observer's seat, it wraps continuously around to the rear and ends up on the starboard side with a convenient molded-in step for easy entry and exit. There's also plenty of room and plush seating in the open-bow area.

The ProStar 205V does so many things, and does them so well, that we could go on and on. But only a personal test tells the whole story. So go ahead. Bring your water skis, your wakeboard — or both.

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