Puzzle game// Monday, October 2. Raz

Im back :) I am working on a smaller project at the moment. It is a puzzle game . Based in a factory the aim of the game is to make sure boxes get safely to the top of the screen by moving platforms vertically to 'finish' the conveyor belt. Here is a basic, early picture to explain it better.

First ITP3 Screenshot. // Tuesday, September 26. Craig

Take a look at the first screenshot of an ITP3 level in action HERE.

All the sprite graphics in ITP3 are being done by me (as is traditional with ITP games) and the backgrounds are being done by David Blackwell. Currently the game engine is performing magnificently, and you should be able to spot springboards, sloping surfaces and both horizontal and vertical moving platforms in that screenshot. I intend adding lots of old favourites from ITP1, such as movable blocks and the classic RamBob cannon.

As with all my games, I won't be able to work on ITP3 that much until after uni finishes at the end of the year, which it does so in November. Until then, take a good look at the screenshot and dream..

ITP3 Sneak Peek// Thursday, September 21. Craig

Yep, work on ITP3 has been started by yours truly, and a platform engine has been built to emulate the original ITP1 controls while removing the bugs (and adding lots of fancy platformy stuff as well)

As per usual in the ITP games, I'm doing the majority of the graphics. A quick sneak peek at the new RamBob sprite can be found HERE.

Don't hold your breath for it, however, as I have university exams coming up and I still intend to work on Mulch. Expect a lot of work on ITP3 during summer holidays though.

Astrospoon feature// Friday, September 1. Jonty

Total Klik has put together a feature on Andy Hull's upcoming platformer, Astrospoon, featuring all the latest news and screenshots!

Click here to view the preview. If we're lucky, we could be playing this classic in October.. Stay tuned!

Leap Frog -- 100,000 and counting!// Monday, August 28. Jonty

Johan Leion's game Leap Frog has passed the 100,000 download mark at CNET's download.com!

The game has had a lot of positive reviews (82% have given it the thumbs up), and has brought a whole new audience to VReal's site and games.

Click here to goto the CNET download page.

To celebrate, here's 2 screengrabs from the upcoming Leap Frog 2:

Title Screen , In-game

Exander - Part One for download// Tuesday, August 22. David

Well, Exander - Part One is the first Chapter in the Exander series, and the prequel to Exander2. You can download it now from the software page :D. I hope you all enjoy it.

Page changes and more great news! // Saturday, August 5. Craig

We've been busily working away on the VReal pages today, and moving around you'll notice a few changes.

Firstly, I've finally update the members page, so you can see who's in VReal and a little bit about them.

Secondly, Jonty has been working hard rearranging the Software page. A lot of people have been confused with the dropdown menu system, so we've rearranged all the games into catagories by release year, so you can see what we've been up to since 1996.

Finally, a bit of news which may make a few of you rather happy. It seems that Owen Lindsay (of LBC, Naimistath and Bloodbath fame) has come back into VReal after a prolonged absence and has the whiff of games creation drive again. Welcome back Owen!

Exander2 development page// Wednesday, July 19. David

My upcoming game Exander2 now has a Development page :-). It contains news about what is happening and the latest screenshots. Please visit at, Frogman

The Lost Man released. // Friday, July 7. Craig

The Lost Man has been released, and it can be found on the Software page.

A survival horror game in the same vein as VReal classic Bloodbath, it also marks David Blackwell's first game for VReal.

We hope you all enjoy it!

Previews now automated. // Friday, July 7. Craig

The Previews page is now online, and is automated which again means for more frequent updating of the pages.

Go there and take a look at what we've got coming soon.. =)

BBZ - On hold// Thursday, July 6. Raz

Hi people. You may remember me saying that BaseBall Z will be finished soon but alas I have got another bug in it that appears to be through no coding fault. I hope to get it sorted soon. Sorry to delay it (again) but I wanna release a finished game that I am happy with. :) -Raz



What's Hot

Dave Blackwell, AKA Frogman has been hard at work on the sequel to Exander, his ambitious RPG inspired by the classic Ultima series.

Dave took a short break from work on Exander 2 (not to mention numerous other projects) to put together a trailer to shed a little light on the story..

Get your Exander 2 trailer today! (844kb) Download>>

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