Who the Heck is Joy Anyways?

It must be boring out there in cyberland to come look at my personal information page. However, I suppose you want to see the face that is responsible for making that bizarre animated chia picture on my homepage. Your curiosity is understandable. ;)

I was born in North Miami Beach, Florida on November 7, 1970 and currently hail from West Palm Beach, Florida. Although there is no telling where I will be at any given time. LOL. I love to travel, and frequently get the roadtrip bug.

For the past 2.5 years, I have been attending community college with a major in Biology. My interests in education include molecular biology, genetics, anthropology, journalism, forensic science, and languages. I focused mainly on the biological sciences when choosing my coursework, hence you will see I have a page devoted to science.

My interests have been outdoorsy sports, horses, the beach, internet (of course), traveling, and so on. The picture below is of me and my best bud, Traveler. I got this horse just before my 13th birthday in October 1984. He was 5 months old at the time. I raised and trained him and not until 1994, 10 long years later, I was forced to sell him to facilitate myself going to college. :(

Thats all I've got to show you, so if you want to know more .. I guess you'll have to whip out an e-mail to me and ask!

Be sure to sign my guestbook on your way out. :)

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