core talent

> Randy Pitchford - Direction, Lead Game Design

     Before co-founding Gearbox Software, Randy's had a long professional background of design and level building in 3d games including work on 3dRealms’ Duke Nukem 3d, Atomic, Duke Nukem 64 and Shadow Warrior and Rebel Boat Rocker's Prax War.  Randy produced and directed the development of Half-Life: Opposing Force to complete the game on time and under budget.  Randy is also is a fierce deathmatch enthusiast who has earned a reputation since the days of Doom with the handle “DuvalMagic”.  Before becoming a full-time game developer, Randy was a professional magician in Hollywood occasionally performing at the famous Magic Castle between classes at UCLA.

> Brian Martel - Art Czar

     Brian is the most experienced game maker on our team.  He comes from a long history of game development first with Microprose then with 3dRealms and Rebel Boat Rocker.  He has worked in just about every aspect of artistic design, creation and implementation for digital entertainment in nearly every game genre and is a value to our team.  Brian has worked on a number of #1 selling AAA titles from Civilization to Duke Nukem 3d.  He also serves as Gearbox Software’s art director where he has touched nearly every piece of art produced by our company in addition to inspiring design and creativity within our level builders. 

> Landon Montgomery – Models, Animation

     Landon is a very talented designer who has the rare ability to balance speed efficiency with very high quality in his character and weapon models and animation.  Before helping form Gearbox Software, Landon enjoyed various tenures at technology companies including Hewlett-Packard, Virtus, Bethesda Softworks and Rebel Boat Rocker.  He has developed many titles including DeathMatch Maker for Quake, Bethesda’s Battlespire, PraxWar and Half-Life: Opposing Force.  Landon enjoys RPGs, CART racing, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 - he can also deliver quite a whomping on DM6 as “Nexus-6”.

> Stephen Bahl – Models, Animation

     Stephen, an artist who focuses on model building and animation, is a power-house of 3d game content development.  He created and brought to life the characters of “Eclipse Team” for Rebel Boat Rocker’s Prax War. Gearbox Software is glad to have Stephen for his clever animations, focus on the 3D game genre, cool enthusiasm, and level of output. For OpFor, Stephen created all of the soldiers as well as many of the game's new weapons and creatures. He also creates Gearbox Software's teaser videos including the well received trailer for Half-LIfe: Opposing Force. Stephen is also our token member with real-world military experience. He was in the army for three years and earned the rank of corporal. He was stationed in locations like Panama and Korea.

> Rob Heironimus - Lead Level Design, Sound F/X

     Before becoming a professional designer, Rob sold software and fueled the big rigs in Indiana while going to school at Purdue University for Computer Science. Rob's level designs for Quake set new standards using mood and suspense in first person action.  He was discovered by Rebel Boat Rocker and became a level designer for Prax War. For Gearbox, Rob conceived and created much of Half-Life: Opposing Force and served as the lead designer of Half-Life: Blue Shift. Beyond that, Rob shrouds his past in secrecy.

> Mike Wardwell – Level Design

     Before joining Gearbox Software’s design team, Mike worked for Ritual Entertainment where he contributed to SiN and the highly rated Quake Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon.  Before Ritual, after he left school at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where he studied engineering and computer science, Mike briefly worked for Epic Megagames contributing to the UnReal project. For Gearbox, Mike created more of the Half-Life: Opposing Force environments than any other designer at our company. Mike also currently holds a post with the Cyberathlete Professional League as their League Commissioner where he manages the largest professional gaming competitions in the industry.

> Sean Reardon – Engine Programming

     Starting life as a demo scene programmer, Sean quickly became lost in the world of polygons and visible surfaces.  Around the same time that he entered college at the University of Texas at Dallas, Sean began work with his high school friend Steve on the Opal Engine.  The development of this engine brought much experience, and led to working at VRGN and Gearbox Software.  At Gearbox, Sean works with Steve Jones to create advanced technology, but he managed to find time to implement several key features of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Sean plans on finishing his Comp Sci degree at UTD, though it may take a while. Once, Sean ate a Taco Bueno product every day for ninety days.

> Steve Jones – Engine Programming

     Steve joins Gearbox after working on the Opal 3d Engine with Sean.  While working with Sean, Steve attended the University of Texas at Dallas where he recently graduated with his B.S. degree in Computer Science.  Along with his undergraduate work, Steve also took a number of graduate classes working towards his Master's degree in CS with an emphasis on software engineering.  When not working on Opal or attending classes Steve spent the last few years as a programmer for Electronic Data Systems.  For Gearbox, Steve works with Sean creating next-generation rendering technology and physics and contributed to Half-Life: Opposing Force with new physics and game code. And yes, Steve can vouch for Sean's ninety days of Taco Bueno.

> Patrick Deupree - Lead Programming, Game Programming

     Patrick comes to Gearbox Software after working previously at Ion Storm on Anachronox.  Prior to that he has contributed to many titles including Dominion, Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail, and Arcade America.  He started down the path of a game developer by programming home games on the Apple II in 1982.  But, before getting into professional game programming Deupree worked on two non-game commercial products: Actor, an object oriented programming language for Windows, and PyWare 3D, a tool to choreograph marching band drills in a 2D/3D environment).  In Patrick's spare time he managed to earn a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and he's healing up nicely.

> David Mertz - Level Design

    Before joining Gearbox Software, David was a graduate student at Virginia Tech working towards a Master’s Degree in Biomedical engineering.  While David has been editing levels since the days of Doom, his path to professional game development started with levels created for Quake and Quake 2 and popular game variants such as Rocket Arena and Rocket Arena 2.  Like many members of the Gearbox team, David is an avid deathmatch fan and plays under the alias “Alpha_Male”.

> Stephen Palmer - Network Administration, Level Design, Tools Programming

     Before becoming Gearbox’s network administrator, Stephen worked as a programmer for NASA's Geographic Information Systems Department. And, prior to Gearbox, he was a core member of the Rebel Boat Rocker team. His amateur levels for Quake (including “Dark Forest” and others) created under the handle "Reichert" garnered him a strong reputation in the on-line community. For Gearbox, Stephen manages the network and quality assurance teams and oversaw the development of the "All Star" multiplayer levels in Half-Life: Opposing Force.  Stephen is also part of the design team where he not only creates some of the most interesting and unique environments our games offer, but he also has programmed tools useful for our designers and artists during development.

> Matthew VanDolen - Models, Animation

     Matthew VanDolen, a graduate of NYU in Film and Animation, began his career in art direction on independent and short films.  Matthew then spent several years as a graphic designer for Pepe Jeans London, Polo Jeans Co., and DKNY Jeans.  His love of digital entertainment motivated him to learn how to apply his artistic talent to game development and he joined "The Sherman Project", a tactical action modification for Half-Life.  For Gearbox, Matthew is responsible for character concepts as well as their creation.

> Matt Armstrong - Level Design

     Matt comes to Gearbox after designing levels for Team Fortress 2 with Valve.  Before working on Team Fortress 2, Matt created highly innovative and well-balanced multiplayer levels for Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic.  His amateur level, “Betrayed” (released under the handle “Hellface”), earned him a reputation as one of the top level designers in the TF community.  For Gearbox, Matt designed levels for OpFor CTF and Half-Life: Blue Shift. Matt’s passion for computer games began with his first computer, an Atari 800, and he still has his original Vectrex with games and accessories.

> Sean Cavanaugh - Tools Programming, Game Programming

    Gearbox Software starts Sean's career in the game development business.  Previously he was working as a contractor for the Expedia team at Microsoft for just over two years, and before that he worked at a small payroll startup company.  In order to test out new programming strategies as well as help out the Half-Life game community, Sean, under the handle "Zoner", took up maintenance of the compile tools for making Half-life maps, squashing old bugs, improving on their features, and making them easier for people to use. 

> Brian Hess - Level Design

    Brian comes to us fresh from the University of Virginia, where he narrowly acquired a bachelor's degree in Studio Art.  As his alter-ego, "wendigo", he is known from his contributions to such projects as "QuakeRally" and "X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse" in addition to the ever-enigmatic "Blahbalicious".  Brian also thinks he's a lot better at Doom 2 deathmatch than he really is.

> Rob Selitto - Level Design

    Rob Selitto began his professional career as a designer with Rogue Entertainment developing Quake 2: Ground Zero, Quake 2 for N64 and American McGee's Alice.  Before joining Gearbox, Rob had a brief stint with Ritual Entertainment where he contributed to the completion of Heavy Metal: FAKK2. At Gearbox, Rob manages to introduce new multiplayer games to the office game time on a weekly basis.

> Mike Montague - Programming

additional help

> Kristy Junio - Writing

     Kristy hails from Confetti Interactive where she had written the stories of "Korky's Quest" - a 3d children's adventure game.  She studied English Literature at UC Santa Barbara and UC Los Angeles.  As an advocate for children's organizations, each year Kristy spearheads one of the largest Toys For Tots collections in Dallas with many local game development companies including Ensemble Studios, Ion Storm, Rogue, G.O.D. and, of course, Gearbox Software. For Gearbox Software, Kristy wrote much of the script, the paper manual and the Official Strategy Guide for Half-Life: Opposing Force.

> Eli Luna - Layout, Graphic Design

     Eli is a graduate of the Art Insitute of Dallas and has a strong background in graphic design and printing. For Gearbox Software, Eli was responsible for the creation of the 2d maps found in the Half-Life: Opposing Force strategy guide as well as the layout and design of the paper manual for Half-Life for Dreamcast.


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