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Mark's Homemade Sauerkraut

To make two sun jars of 
Mark's Homemade Sauerkraut

Start with:

3  Organic purple cabbages.
1  Half bunch of organic kale.
1  Half pint plain yogurt.
2  Gallons distilled water.
2  Very clean sun jars.
Chop, then shred the vegetables in your food
processor using a 3X3 mm shredding blade. 
Mix in a large bowl and place into the jars.
Mix the yogurt and distilled water, pour into jars.
Poke the the mixture to release most bubbles.
Tap off the jars to the rim with distilled water.
Screw on lids with holes and cover with cloth.
Put the jars in a warn dark place.

After just a two days, you can start
enjoying both the kraut and the juice!

You may drain the juice into a container for
drinking and refill the jar with new distilled water.
After a day or two you can repeat this process.

In this way, you will always have lots of this 
tangy, energy filled, life giving, power juice. 

Keep the jar clean and vegetables submersed.
The batch gets stronger depending on the
temperature and draining cycles. Good for two
or more weeks, if it does not get eaten by then.

I use Horizon brand organic plain yogurt
which contains the following live cultures:

L. acidophilus
B. bifidus
S. thermophilus
L. bulgaricus
L. casei
As to which culture thrives and ferments
the cabbage,  I'm really not sure!
Cabbage will ferment without the yogurt.
The yogurt seems to give it a better taste.
You may use any vegetables you want, 
add an onion if you want some kick!
You can add salt, kelp, herbs or teas.

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