Prince De Joinville - Liverpool to NYC - landing 24th of October 1847 - complete
courtesy of John Michael O`Melia (Thanks, John!)

The PRINCE DE JOINVILLE was an American ship-rigged vessel of 527 tons and built about 1844. The ship was named after Francois Ferdinand Phillipe d`Orleans, prince de Joinville (1818-1900). a son of King Louis Philippe of France,and an officer in the French navy. The records show William W. LAWRENCE, as the first Master of the ship. Previous trip is recorded that LAWRENCE, as Master of the PRINCE DE JOINVILLE, arrived at New York from Belfast 29 MAY 1847, in ballast, with 202 steerage passengers; passengers listed, dated 29 JUNE 1847, in National Archives microfilm publication M237, roll 68, list #460 for 1847. She cleared for Liverpool on 01 AUG 1847. Now, we have arrived at the point where my ancestor and this ship cross paths. William W. LAWRENCE, Master, arrived at New York 23 days from Liverpool, with merchandise, 2 cabin and 117 steerage passengers. Passenger list, dated 26 OCT 1847*, in the National Archives microfilm publication M237, (group 36 on my copies), roll 69, list #850 for 1847. This ship cleared for Trieste on 14 NOV 1847.

BLACK, Jane 19 f spinster
SMITH, John 28 m laborer
SUTTON, James 25 m laborer
DAVIS, John 48 m laborer
FARRELL, John 24 m laborer
Michael 22 m laborer
HALLON, James 25 m laborer
     Ellen (w) 24 f spinster
     Charles (s) 09 m child
     James (s) 08 m child
     Francis (s) 09 m child
     Margaret (d) 03 f child
     Robert (s) 00 m infant
HAMILTON, John 17 m laborer
     Mary 12 f child
     William 08 m child
     Elizabeth 06 f child
JUDGE, Madge 33 m laborer
     Mary (d) 11 f child (died at sea)
     Samuel (s) 09 m child (died at sea)
KERNAN, John 49 m unknown
KANE, Jane 20 f spinster
KEHOE, Jane 14 f spinster
McGARR, Alice 29 f spinster
     James 19 m laborer
NICHOLS, W. T. 33 m farmer
     Selina (w) 31 f wife
     Selina (d) 09 f child
     Hephsibah (s) 07 m child
     Eliza (d) 04 f child
     Thomas (s) 01 m child
     Joshua (s) 00 m infant
LEE, Leonard 24 m laborer
SCHORK, George 24 m laborer
McGARRETT, Owen 21 m laborer
WILDE, Mr. 31 m laborer
WILDE, Mrs. (w) 26 f wife
JACKSON, Samuel 26 m laborer
     Thomas 28 m laborer
DRISCOLL, Helen 22 f laborer
LEAHEY, Elizabeth 22 f laborer
CRONIN, Murtagh 25 m laborer
     Mary 22 f laborer
CASSIDY, Michael 30 m laborer
     Patt 28 m laborer
     Catherine 25 f unknown
CLIFFORD, James 38 m unknown
GORMAN, Michael 15 m unknown
BRYAN, Morris 09 m child
McKAY, John 28 m unknown
SHEA, John 21 m unknown
McCLANE, John 30 m unknown
GORMAN, Johanna 20 f unknown
     Daniel 17 m unknown
FORREST, Mary 04 f child
CAMPBELL, Catherine 45 f spinster
     Christianna (d) 24 f spinster
GORMAN, Catherine 27 f spinster
     Owen (s) 01 m child
MOYLAN, Jeremiah 45 m laborer
     Catherine (d) 18 f unknown
SULLIVAN, Patt 21 m laborer
     John 19 m laborer
McGALLIGATT, John 35 m laborer
RILEY, Joseph 26 m laborer
McELROY, John 26 m laborer
LEDDY, Nancy 30 f spinster
     Mary (d) 04 f child
REID, Jane 30 f unknown
CRONNIN, Cornelius 22 m unknown
McFARLANE, James 22 m unknown
     Margaret 23 f spinster
McGRECHAN, Henry 25 m laborer
HANTON, John 24 m unknown
FLAHERTY, Bridget 35 f unknown
     James (s) 10 m child Michael (s) 08 m child
     Matthew (s) 05 m child
FAGAN, Mary 20 f spinster
BOYD, Edward 50 m laborer
     Rachael (d) 20 f laborer
     George (s) 19 m laborer
     Harkness (s) 12 m child
     Charlotte (d) 10 f child
McCONNELL, William H. 23 m laborer
     Edward 19 m laborer
HALL, Thomas 22 m unknown
PATTIGAN, Michael 34 m unknown
     George 24 m unknown
     Mary 30 f unknown
BYRNE, Mary 31 f unknown
     Patrick (s) 10 m child
     Ann (d) 12 f child
FLOOD, Ann 20 f spinster
     Michael (s) 10 m child
     Julia (d) 07 f child
SPIERS, David 20 m unknown
WOODS, William 31 m laborer
OMALEY, Austin 28 m laborer
ODONNELL, Nathaniel 20 m laborer
McGUIRE, Michael 20 m laborer
McDERMOTT, John 23 m laborer
     Sallie 12 f child
McCULLOCK, Ellen 18 f spinster
KELLY, Catherine 32 f spinster
COURRIN, Margaret 30 f spinster
     Mary (d) 06 f child
SHEEHAN, Patrick 30 m unknown
MANNING, Thomas 50 m unknown
MANNING, Eliza 13 f unknown
SANDARS, Eliza 16 f unknown
SHERRY, Barney 30 m unknown
ROURK, Daniel 24 m unknown
     James 26 m unknown
KEARNES, Mary 24 f unknown
McGOWAN, Samuel 21 m unknown