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foto kils

industrial and scientific photography

Industrie und Wissenschafts Photographie

WEB site editing and serving

Internet Werbung und Bild-Gestaltung


high resolution scan service

web optimization and compression

Photography for over 75 years

over 50 years for Flensburg

first World Wide Web server @ Flensburg 1993

USA branch since 1993:

VIKING productions

educational television

we sail anysea




special offer: Gelbe Seite WeltWeit

Yellow Page WorldWide

Director since 1975 Uwe Kils

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quantitative Bildverarbeitung spezial photographie special photography web serving page editing homepage editing and serving image compression enhancing verbesserung scanning scannservice scan service film scan service dreidimensionale photographie 3D photography in situ service gutachten expertises vermessung optical internet werbung anzeigen annoncen announce advertising advertisement pr public relations communication kommunikation kommunikations beratung kommunikations software lern software learn software teachware daten dienst data serving data server image server image dienst bilder dienst flensburg online flensburg on-line interaktives lernen interactive learning