ACTV, Inc. Acquires Bottle Rocket

Goal2Goal and Puckblaster return to and BudLight® team up to bring you Bubble Boy Hockey

Strikeout King launches on

Kennel College on

Kenyon Rahseed joins Bottle Rocket

Shoot for Six on

New Senior VP of Sales
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The Movie Trivia Challenge

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MTV VMA Pool Party

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ACTV, Inc. Acquires Bottle Rocket ACTV logo

NEW YORK, August 21, 2000 -- -- ACTV, Inc. (Nasdaq: IATV) today announced that it has acquired Bottle Rocket, Inc., a New York City-based developer and distributor of interactive entertainment products for the Internet. Go to the full story or to Frequently Asked Questions about ACTV, Inc.'s Acquisition of Bottlerocket.

Goal2Goal and Puckblaster return to!

NEW YORK, May 15, 2000 -- Back by popular demand, these old style arcade games will keep your fingers twitching and your eyeballs rolling. Bottle Rocket announces the re-launch of its popular hockey arcade games on These simple games are based on familiar arcade classics but be forewarned - they're addictive! Goal2Goal PuckBlaster and BudLight® team up to bring you Bubble Boy Hockey

NEW YORK, April 14, 2000 -- and Bud Light® proudly present The Bubble Boy Hockey League with The Great One acting as commissioner. Fans of the classic pastime can relive their glory days and get a chance to win a trip for two to a 2000/2001 regular season opening NHL game.

Strikeout King launches on

NEW YORK, March 30, 2000 -- As the 2000 baseball season gets into full swing, Bottle Rocket announces the launch of Strikeout King on is the only all baseball site to feature dynamic, original audio and video programming as its primary content. Strikeout King, powered by Bottle Rocket trivia, will challenge even the most hardcore baseball fans.

Kennel College on

NEW YORK, February 15, 2000 -- Online interactive entertainment developer Bottle Rocket, Inc. announced the release of Kennel College, an interactive trivia game to accompany’s coverage of the 124th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Go to the full story.

Kenyon Rahseed joins Bottle Rocket

NEW YORK, February 3, 2000 -- Chief Executive Officer Greg Easley announced the appointment of Kenyon Rasheed, former NFL Running Back for the NY Giants and NY Jets as the west coast independent sales representative for Bottle Rocket, Inc.. Rasheed will initiate sales efforts for Bottle Rocket on the West Coast. Go to the full story.

Shoot for Six on

NEW YORK, December 6, 1999 -- Shoot for Six, a one-of-a-kind golf trivia game debuts on The game tests a player's knowledge of golf trivia in a virtual golf course environment and offers great prizes every month. Go to the full story.

New Senior VP of Sales & Marketing

NEW YORK, November 22 1999-- Gib Chapman joins as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing to manage all sales and marketing efforts for Bottle Rocket. Mr. Chapman, the former Group Publisher, Sports Group at Emap Petersen, brings 15 years of sales and marketing management experience from the print media business to his new position Go to the full story.

The Movie Trivia Challenge

NEW YORK, November 22 1999-- Think you know something about movies? Test your smarts and earn cash towards future orders by playing the Movie Trivia Challenge on Answer a question a day to earn Reel.Bucks, answer the questions correctly to earn more, and invite your friends and family to play the game to add even more towards purchases at "the best place to buy videos on the net.Go to the full story.

Bottle Rocket and Major League Baseball® Team-up for Second Year in a Row

NEW YORK, October 22 1999-- This month a century of baseball comes to a spectacular close as the 1999 World Series® gets underway. To celebrate the arrival of the Fall Classic, Bottle Rocket announces that for the second year in a row it will launch World Series Trivia Playoff, an online game for baseball fans everywhere. World Series Trivia Playoff will again allow players to pilot their team all the way to a world championship by answering challenging questions about World Series and baseball history.

"We're proud to have World Series Trivia Playoff play an important part in's 1999 World Series® effort," said Alex Kam, Director of New Media for MLB. "Whether you're a Ted Williams or a Bob Uecker at baseball trivia, the game is a lot of fun."

New and returning players will find that the World Series Trivia Playoff features dynamic graphics and a revised database of thousands of challenging questions that range in difficulty from hanging curves to hard sliders (and an occasional knuckleball). Players choose their favorite team from the 30 Major League Baseball franchises and square off against rivals to advance through the Division Playoff Series and the League Championship Series en route to a World Series victory.

"We're thrilled to be working with Major League Baseball again to bring baseball fans this great game," said Bottle Rocket Co-Founder and Executive VP Kelly Moulton.

Electronic Arts enters into development agreement and invests in Bottle Rocket

NEW YORK, October 18 1999-- "Bottle Rocket is a cutting-edge, online entertainment studio with a deep pool of talented and creative developers and game designers," said Bryan Neider, Vice President of business development at Electronic Arts. "Bottle Rocket will play an important role in Electronic Arts' strategy to continue to be a leading player in the online entertainment market." Go to the full story.

Bottle Rocket and MTV Are Throwing a Pool Party to Celebrate the Video Music Awards

August 3, 1999 New York, NY -- The MTV Video Music Awards are just around the corner (just think 9.9.99) and they want fans everywhere to join in the celebration. MTV joined forces with Bottle Rocket, Silicon Alley’s leading developer of online games and promotions, to create the MTV VMA Pool Party a prediction game which allows viewers the chance to go online and predict the winners. Keep in mind that where there are fun and games there are always prizes as well. The grand prize winner will receive a gift certificate from CDNOW for $999, a Sony MDBundle home/portable MiniDisc package, and a Video Music Awards gift pack consisting of a VMA t-shirt, hat and watch. There are also nine more chances to win a fabulous second prize package as well.

The game requires a quickie registration process where you will choose a login name and password. You then have the option of joining or creating a public pool or even setting up a private one for you and your friends. Next you move on to actually making your picks as you’ll be taken through each of the twenty categories (Best Dance Video, Best Female Video, Best New Artist in a Video, etc) and see who’s vying to win. Each category is assigned a certain number of points and depending on whether you cast your vote for the “favorite” or the “dark horse” you’ll get an assigned point value per category. (Bottle Rocket added a twist to keep things interesting so that the “underdogs” are assigned a higher point value than the “sure things” which gives a bigger incentive to those of you who consider yourselves to be risk takers.) Keep in mind that Bottle Rocket was betting on the fact that you might be a little wishy washy when it comes to your votes, so we’re giving you the chance to go in and change your mind as often as you like, well at least up until the actual awards ceremony begins at 7PM EST on 9.9.99. Piece of cake, right? We think so. So eat some cake and have some fun.

Noggin Skengle

NEW YORK, July 16 1999 -- Hang with Skengle and Skengle, a wacky pair of aliens who drink OJ and brush their teeth one day, causing a cataclysmic reaction that sends them hurtling through space towards Earth. They eventually find their way onto your computer. You need to feed them ... with your opinions. Click here to play.

Lucky fan wins $1000 on The Daily Quiz at Music HQ

NEW YORK, May 20 1999-- Bottle Rocket is excited to announce the first $1000 monthly contest winner in The Daily Quiz on Music HQ. The Web-based music retailer is the first site to license The Daily Quiz, a Bottle Rocket Daily Registration Engine (DRE) and sophisticated online marketing tool.

Music fans from around the globe enjoy the great prices and top-notch customer service on Music HQ. Now they have a reason to check out the site every day with the launch of The Daily Quiz, the latest Web-based entertainment from Silicon Alley game/marketing specialists Bottle Rocket. With a friendly user interface, a new trivia challenge each day, and a shot at a $1000 dollar prize, The Daily Quiz engages Music HQ fans with quick-loading entertainment and powers Music HQ with a dynamic marketing tool.

Users enter The Daily Quiz through a button on the Music HQ home page that launches the game in a daughter window. With this setup, users never feel as if they are leaving the site. Once The Daily Quiz is launched, users enter their email address and begin the game by selecting a category-Entertainment or Sports-and attacking the daily multiple-choice question. Registering and choosing an answer automatically enters users in the monthly prize drawing for $1000 and the runner-up prize of 10 CD's. Users may then easily return to Music HQ and check out their hot deals and wide selection.

Collecting user email addresses enables Music HQ to send all registrants a follow-up email the next day with the answer to the question. This email also includes a link back to the Music HQ page with The Daily Quiz launch button so they may take a shot at the current day's questions. Finally, the email allows Music HQ to contact their audience with a promotional message and short-term product offer, giving their most valued customers more reason to purchase from one of the most extensive online catalogues of CDs on the Web.

The Daily Quiz is a Bottle Rocket Daily Registration Engine (DRE). The DRE is a sophisticated marketing tool that recycles web site traffic, and gives online businesses the power to reach their most valuable audience with e-commerce offers and incentives. The DRE is available for licensing-call the Bottle Rocket Sales team today to harness the power of your Web site audience.

Film Fans Win on Awards Night with Predict the Winners with

NEW YORK, February 14 1999-- As Oscar-mania builds to a fever pitch, Bottle Rocket today announced the launch of Predict the Winners with, the game that challenges film fans around the globe to forecast this year's Oscar winners. The alliance of Silicon Alley sports and entertainment promotion specialists Bottle Rocket with, "The Best Place to Buy Movies," generates a chemistry last seen when Gibson and Glover paired off in "Lethal Weapon," and is sure to be the Awards season's blockbuster event.

"In addition to quality content, guaranteed low prices, and vast selection, can now keep movie lovers coming back to test their knowledge about movies," stated Dave Rochlin, vice president of marketing at

In Predict the Winners with, players attempt to correctly forecast the winner in 24 Oscar categories. Players compete against all other game participants, and also against a chosen group of friends, family or co-workers. Each nominee has a point value that players will "cash in," should the nominee win their category. But there's a shocking plot twist! The potential point values of nominees will float during the voting process! The more player votes a nominee receives, the fewer points they will be worth as a winner. Likewise, game underdogs that turn out to be top dogs on Award night will be worth the most points. Players can check their potential point total and revise their picks up until the day of the ceremony on March 21st. All participants are entered in a sweepstakes for a star-watching trip to the 2000 Academy Awards sponsored by Pepsi and Hollywood Video. Predict the Winners with, even comes complete with a blowout finale as players compete for individual prizes in a nail-biting High Score Challenge.

Bottle Rocket and The Sporting News® Launch the TriviArena

NEW YORK, December 19 1998-- Fulfilling many fans' wildest dreams of unlimited access to big league stadium action, Silicon Alley sports game specialists Bottle Rocket announce the launch of Sporting News TriviArena, a suite of online trivia games. Jam-packed with six interactive titles, TriviArena gives sports enthusiasts free VIP passes to pro league thrills and the opportunity to compete for Sporting News merchandise.

"Sporting News TriviArena complements the most comprehensive and insightful sports content on the Web," said Mike Duberster, president of interzines for Sporting News. "In covering the five major league sports, it provides the kind of smart, intense gameplay that our readers crave."

Sporting News TriviArena fuels the competitive fires of sports fans with games that replicate the strategies and appearances of the five professional league sports. Rather than simply clicking on a list of questions or suffering through slow-loading animation, fans can flex their trivia prowess while leading teams through the playoffs or a sudden-death overtime scenario. Strikeout King replicates a white-knuckles pitching duel, and 2 Minutes to Glory calls for a last-ditch touchdown campaign. Title Drive presents basketball fans with an East vs. West playoff bracket, and Penalty Shootout and Hockey Shootout simulate the intensity of overtime soccer and hockey heroics. The sixth man on this team is Play of the Day, an all-inclusive challenge for one fan to be crowned Genius of the Day.

Bottle Rocket Blasts Another Winning Shot with Ottawa Senators Shootout

NEW YORK, November 16 1998-- The Ottawa Senators, one of the toughest and most aggressive teams in the NHL, know what it takes to be a winner. Their line-up shines with bright young stars like tough center Radek Bonk and sniper Alexei Yashin. Now, they're adding a new championship-caliber player to the team-Silicon Alley's sports game specialist, Bottle Rocket. The Senators today announce the launch of Ottawa Senators Shootout, a free online game for hockey enthusiasts worldwide.

"The Ottawa Senators Shootout is a great way for fans worldwide to not only test their existing knowledge, but also to learn more about the great sport of hockey," said Kelly Moulton, Bottle Rocket's Executive Vice President. "And throughout the season, we will offer cool Senators merchandise as prizes to Ottawa Senators Shootout winners."

In Ottawa Senators Shootout, hockey fans control a Senators skater and goaltender in a thrilling, tie-breaking five-goal shootout. Each shot comes in the form of a challenging hockey-related trivia question, with play alternating between the Senators and the Senators' opponent. With a correct answer, a player's skater blasts the puck into the back of the net or his goalie makes a diving save. High scorers win prizes and their names are published on the Ottawa Senators Shootout site.

Bottle Rocket And HBO Let Fans Fine Tune Pro Plays

NEW YORK, November 16 1998-- Silicon Alley sports game specialists Bottle Rocket announced the launch of The Interactive Playmaker, an innovative online football game licensed to HBO's weekly gridiron report, "Inside the NFL." This hard-hitting game complements HBO's series by putting armchair quarterbacks inside the huddle of their favorite NFL teams, and inviting them to alter and execute offensive plays without ever assuming the risk of a punishing Reggie White sack. "'Inside the NFL' prides itself on bringing fans closer to the game than anyone else," said Diane Jakacki, executive producer of "What makes The Interactive Playmaker so special is that it gives players all the tools they need to feel like a real NFL coach."
The Java-based Interactive Playmaker presents fans with a "Play of the Week," displaying each team's alignment of on-field players in the form of an X/O schematic. A click of a button sets the figures in motion, re-enacting how the play failed or succeeded during the actual game. Fans are then challenged to alter the play's outcome. With just a few mouse clicks, they can change blocking patterns, pass routes, and formations, or select from among ten completely customizable pro-style plays. Players can even live out every professional coach's fantasy by telling ball carriers exactly when to high-step, spin, or dive for the first down. And while there are no "do-overs" in the NFL, The Interactive Playmaker lets aspiring coaches fine tune their strategy to their heart's content, and then watch the play unfold on their screens to see whether or not their coaching skills result in a gain, loss, or touchdown.

NHL Game Room Launches

NEW YORK, October 9, 1998 -- Bottle Rocket expanded its ongoing relationship with the National Hockey League with the launch of the Game Room on, the league's official Web site. Only days after its debut, the Game Room is exceeding all expectations, generating an average of 50,000 page views per day and rising.

There's something for every hockey fan in the Game Room, from the fast-paced action of the one-on-one hockey matchup, Goal 2 Goal, to the arcade-style rush of Puck Blaster and the brain teasing hockey trivia game, Playoff Run. There's also a daily trivia challenge, The Daily Slapshot and even a throwback to the classic hand held games of the '70's, Hockeytronic 2000. All the games offer monthly or weekly prizes like team banners, caps, jerseys, or a shopping spree at the store.

Bottle Rocket Goes Hollywood with the E! Online Hollywood Aptitude Test

NEW YORK, September 21 1998-- Bottle Rocket is proud to announce the launch of the E! Online Hollywood Aptitude Test. E! Online, a wholly owned subsidiary of E! Entertainment Television, came to us to create an entertainment-based trivia game. Bottle Rocket came up with the Hollywood Aptitude Test. The questions are all contemporary, with numerous opportunities for tie-in's with promotional campaigns for a variety of entertainment properties.

Imagine that you've been invited to your first A-list party. All the Players will be there, and it may be your chance to begin your climb to stardom or your last stop before a bus ride back to Akron. Correctly answer a series of entertainment trivia questions, and you're on your way!

The World's Game Comes Alive Online

Around the globe, excitement builds as the World Cup draws near. Now, StarMedia and Bottle Rocket have joined forces to create Tiros Penales, an online trivia game that captures the drama of a high-stakes soccer penalty shootout.

Since its launch in February, 1998 Tiros Penales has become a sensation. "Our World Cup pages would not be the same without the game. Enthusiasm and usage have soared," said Ed Gruyrko, StarMedia's Director of Marketing. Soccer fans can log on to StarMedia's Copa Mundial site at to play Tiros Penales in either Spanish or Portuguese. After selecting a national team, players answer challenging soccer-related trivia questions in a shootout format. With a correct answer, a player's striker blasts the ball into the back of the net or his keeper makes a diving save. High scorers win prizes and their names and e-mail addresses are published on the Tiros Penales site.

"Tiros Penales has given us an infusion of new users, many of whom return over and over again to play. Bottle Rocket has changed the way we look at online marketing - for the better," said StarMedia Chief Executive Office Jack Chen.