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Foundation for Object / Relational Databases : The Third Manifesto
By Darwen, Hugh / Date, Christopher J.

Online Price: $44.95


List Price: $44.95
496 Pages
Published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Date Published: 06/1998
ISBN: 0201309785

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(HAS Moreinfo) Summary
Foundation for Object/Relational Databases: The Third Manifesto is a proposal for the future direction of data and database management systems (DBMSs). It consists of a precise, formal definition of an abstract model of data, to be considered as a blueprint for the design of a DBMS and a database language. In particular, it provides a rock-solid foundation for integrating relational and object technologies, a foundation conspicuously lacking in current approaches to such integration.

The proposed foundation represents an evolutionary step, not a revolutionary one. It builds on Codd's relational model of data and on the research that resulted from that work. Most notably, it incorporates a precise and comprehensive specification for a method of defining data types, including a comprehensive model of type inheritance, to address a lack that has been observed by many authorities; thus, it also builds on research in the field of object orientation. With a sound footing in both camps of the object/relational divide, the Manifesto is offered as a firm foundation for true object/relational DBMSs. The authors combine precision and thoroughness of exposition with the approachabiliy that readers familiar with their previous publications will recognize and welcome. This book is essential reading for database students and professional alike.

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