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We live in Shelbyville, Indiana southeast of Indianapolis.

Even though it looks like Abingdon on Thames in England!



The INDY 500, the Brickyard 400, and the US GRAND PRIX!



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Work Information

Jack's Job when he is not at race tracks, MG Car outings, playing with Robots, or playing with model trains!

Senior Design Engineer at Hill-Rom Company in Batesville, Indiana The World's largest Hospital Bed manufacturer.

Susan owns TINKER TOT Discovery Center located in the heart of the south-side of INDIANAPOLIS.

TINKER TOT caters for two to six year old children in an environment that is conducive to socialization and self - actualization of cognitive skill sets. Susan has been in the day care business for over 14 years.

Located at 4202 S. Madison Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana


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Ham Radio STUFF (updated frequently)

Jack is an Amateur Radio Operator , KB9KJO. Listening to the 10 Meter band and getting REALLY interested in the 10/10 club and its mission!

Excitement this year surrounds the new licensing program unveiled! Really good stuff. Getting ready for the EXTRA class license before April 15 to take advantage of the "old" exams and not having to take the Advance level exam. A tech plus only needs 3B and 4B and hold until April 16 to get credit for an EXTRA license! See ARRL site for more details!

 Received the flyer from DARA. Looks like a great year at Dayton awaits.

Sunday March 12 brings the Morgan County Repeater Association HAMFEST. One of the three I go to EVERY year. I've been going to this one for over 10 years now…..


Dayton will be the ARRL national convention this year!

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Train Pictures and Information (updated frequently)

Here are several interesting pictures of a work in progress!

Stay tuned!

I made the walls of the river from ceiling tile! VERY easy to do, and looks pretty good.

The mountain is strips of cardboard glued to a styrofoam carton coat out for the train entrances and exits. The mountain itself is constructed of Plaster of Paris molded to shape. I will get the landscaping done as time permits! STAY TUNED!

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Favorite Links (updated frequently)

 c (This is the premier MG site)

 http://www.ebay.com This is where all the robot action is!

 http://www.petopia.com This is where all the "animals" hang out!

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Contact Information

We can be reached at jacknsuemg@shelbynet.net

Or at work at jack.wilkerjr@hill-rom.com


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FOR SALE ITEMS (Current EBAY auction pictures)


More Motorola STUFF for sale! I am going to finish selling my MOTOROLA development and make room for MICROCHIP. Just don't have the time anymore…..



Here's the ULTIMATE ROBOT controller…. Like brand new with LCD display….

Here's the latest and greatest ROBOT for the 21st century the COMMANDO BOT!!!!!







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Personal Interests

We'll be at MG 2000 this year in Cleveland, Ohio. This show will probably be as large as John Twist's University Motor Summer Party.

The train project is moving slower than expected. TIME IS ALWAYS IN SHORT SUPPLY. Anybody else have that problem?

I will be posting robot information in the future, including pictures, research projects, and software I have written for the little guys. I collect mainly TOMY, and HEATHKIT HERO robots, but I currently own over 60 other types, including many robot arms used for moving and just scaring the beejesus out of the cats.

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Susan will be posting her cat collection and pictures of the world famous Samson dog pictures soon. Here is a picture of Samson at Christmas!

 Here's a picture of CATS:



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