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New Haven County Sheriff's Dept.
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This page was developed under the supervision and direction of Chief Deputy Domenic Jannetty and Deputy Richard Dunn.

Frank J. Kinney - High Sheriff

Domenic Jannetty - Chief Deputy

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New Haven County comprises twenty-seven cities and towns with a square mileage of 862.1 and a population of over 800,000. Within the county there are nine courthouses and one detention center. The task of insuring the integrity, safety, and security of the courthouses and detention facility is the responsibility of the High Sheriff. The High Sheriff oversees a department of two hundred fifty deputies. His staff, includes a Chief Deputy and a Major, eight Captains, and six Lieutenants. The department is made up of two major divisions: a uniformed division and a civil process division.

The Uniformed Division is subdivided into three units: courthouse security, prisoner transportation and the operation of the detention facility. Uniformed deputies are fully cross- trained in each unit area.

The transportation unit is made up of twelve deputies who, with six transport vans, transport over 50,000 prisoners yearly.

The courthouse security unit maintains security of the buildings, judicial staff, and the more than one and half million people who enter the courthouses yearly through out the county.

The detention facility is staffed by deputies who operate a cost-effective lock up for the city of New Haven, state police and various federal agencies. The detention facility processes over 15,000 prisoners yearly

The Civil Process Division is responsible for serving legal process relating to civil matters, carrying out eviction notices, serving domestic violence restraining orders enforcing child support warrants and the collection of court awarded judgments.

Both divisions are represented in a fifteen-deputy warrant squad.

In addition to its law enforcement duties, the New Haven County Sheriff's Department also operates several community outreach programs:

The Eddie Eagle Program: This is a gun safety class that is taught in elementary schools throughout the county. To date over 2,000 youngsters have been taught they should "Stop, Don't touch, Leave the area, and Tell an adult." During the presentation the children watch a film, are entertained by a deputy dressed in an Eddie Eagle costume and are handed a workbook to take home and read with their parents.

Kid Care Program: Deputies visit day care centers, photograph the children and hand out emergency information booklets to parents. This booklet which meets standards set by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, hold the pictures taken by the deputies and contain emergency information and safety tips that for parents and their children.

The Junior Deputy Program: School Children visit the courthouses for a tour that includes the lock up area and the arraignment court were the children participate in a question and answer session with the presiding judge and the High Sheriff. At the completion of the tour the High Sheriff swears in the children as junior deputies.

Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens: Deputies visit elderly housing areas and give the seniors safety tips on how to minimize the chances of their becoming a victim by being more alert when they are in and out of their housing areas, what to do if they are assaulted and how to avoid phone fraud.

Food and Toy Drive: During the holiday season the department works in conjunction with the Salvation Army by establishing collection sites at every courthouse to collect these items. Deputies deliver the food to various homeless shelters. The toys are given out to needy children through out the county.

Dui Check Points: The department assists other state and local law enforcement agencies in operating random sobriety check points. The New Haven County Sheriff's Department is a strong supporter of Mothers against Drunk Drivers.

Scholarship Committee: Each year at an awards dinner, the department awards $1,000 to seven high school seniors. To date the department has given away over $100,000 in scholarships.

Kids Day at the Yale Bowl: Each year the department treats around 1,000 kids to a day of free food, drink and football at Yale University.

Fund Raisers: To sponsor all these programs the department sponsors several carnivals in the spring. Deputies who volunteer their time provide security. Also the department has an annual outing which is the largest of its kind in the state. Each year over 3,000 people attend this outing.

Here are the current weather conditions in our fine city.

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