October 10, 2000


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512 Megabit
Special Features:
2 Characters With Slightly Altered Quests; CG Cutscenes; 2 Different Sets of Weapons for Both Leon & Claire; Zombies Lose Limbs, Heads, Etc.; 3 Violence Level & Blood Coloration Options
Created by:
Published by:
Angel Studios
Bottom Line:

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Andy, The Game Hombre
Concept: 8.75
Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 9.25
Playability: 8.75
Entertainment: 9
"Even though it's an entire year and a half later, RE 2's gameplay is still an intense fright-fest that shows no signs of aging whatsoever. This was a great game to port to the Nintendo 64, and to be quite frank, I didn't think it was possible to deliver so many textures and FMV sequences on a cartridge format. Then again, that's what the whopping 512 meg cart is for. While the FMV quality is a tad on the fuzzy side, the story and suspense haven't lost their bite. Along with the most frightening tale to ever grace a Nintendo console, Resident Evil 2 delivers a puzzle-heavy gameplay experience coupled with breathtaking cinematography. If you can handle horror movies and enjoy sweating bullets in suspense for hours on end, RE2 shouldn't be missed."

Jay, The Gonzo Gamer
Concept: 8.5
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Playability: 8.75
Entertainment: 9.25
"RE 2 on N64 is an amazing accomplishment. The translation has been handled so well, you forget it's not on the PlayStation. It isn't a letter-perfect translation, but the only very noticeable difference is the slightly dampened sound of the gunfire. Despite all this praise, however, one thing constantly bothered me while I was playing - this game's almost two years old. It seems to me that almost anyone that wants to check RE2 out would have by now. I wouldn't classify being able to change the blood color and violence level as must-see features. Now if Capcom had brought Resident Evil 3 to N64, that would have been huge! Still, for those two dozen people that refuse to look at anything PS-X and haven't checked out Resident Evil 2, crawl out from under your rock and get this game."

Paul, The Game Professor
Concept: 6
Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Playability: 7.75
Entertainment: 9
"For a game that originally appeared on two CDs, Angel Studios should be commended for fitting this masterpiece on a single cartridge. The FMV, audio, and real-time cutscenes are probably some of the best ever seen on the N64. It is almost an identical port of the PS-X game, but there have been changes made to some of the puzzles. Angel even redesigned the special costumes found in the police station. What else has been changed? You may want to find out, but I can't see myself playing through this again. Even if you don't have a PlayStation and never experienced this game, you may have to think hard about the fact that you could practically buy a PlayStation for the price of this game. In the end, I advise you to take a look at this game at your local rental store."

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 In All Its Gory

October 29, 1999

The N64 has suffered without Capcom's Resident Evil series on it, but the reason for the game's absence seemed pretty obvious. A Resident Evil game just couldn't be done on a cartridge-based system. The rendered environments and cutscenes simply take up too much memory to be feasible on anything short of a CD. Or so we thought.

Capcom enlisted Angel Studios to mash, cram, and stuff Resident Evil 2 into a cartridge for the N64, and they've done a remarkable job of it. The CG cutscenes might be a little fuzzy, but it's a miracle that they're even there. The overall graphics during gameplay itself suffer to a very minor degree, but certainly not enough to seriously damage the entertainment value of the game.

You'll still drop your controller and soil yourself when something large and nasty smashes through a window, and you'll be just as disgusted and horrified when you come across a whole pack of zombies making a snack of some unfortunate individual.

In Resident Evil 2, you get the option of choosing two characters, Claire or Leon. Depending on which character you choose, you will encounter different situations and pick up different sets of weapons. As hard as the game is, and as frightened and weary you are after you beat a Resident Evil game, you always end up wanting to play through it with the other character just to see the different scenes.

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