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History is doomed to repeat itself.

The inner workings of Blood 2.


Tchernobog is depicted as an evil God in Blood. This is not entirely accurate. In actuality, he is a necessary force in the universe. He is as old as time, and serves as the force that separates the dimensions from one another. Without him all the dimensions would intermingle, and ultimately destroy one another. This force cannot be destroyed, however, in order to perform its duties it must inhabit a physical form that is vulnerable to destruction. It’s original form was destroyed several millennia ago, and since then it has been possessing physical bodies it has come across in order to continue to perform its functions.

This need for physical creatures was one of the sources for the creation of the Cabal. The force that is Tchernobog is not an evil one, and actually is morally ambiguous. Usually its will supersedes that of the physical creature it inhabits, but there have been exceptions. The 5th incarnation was a Buddhist high priest that altered Tchernobog’s personality to include his religious regimen. The 16th incarnation was a bitter and evil man whose hatred colored Tchernobog as well. Currently, the Tchernobog force has no physical incarnation, and so cannot perform its duties. In Blood 2 this fact has devastating effects on this reality. The One That Binds refers to the Bindings Tchernobog creates to separate various dimensions. The Sleeping God refers to Tchernobog when he has no physical incarnation, and is nothing more than a roaming power source.

The Chosen

This is the title given to the generals of Tchernobog. Throughout history there have only been a few groups of Chosen.

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