How can Vantage lower my cost?

By offering tailored pricing specifically for your business.

  • Watch for monthly statement fees, batch closing fees, account maintenance fees, monthly minimum fees and even annual fees. These fees can add significant cost to your effective rate, especially for low volume merchants.
  • Wide ranging prices a customer may use their card for would suggest a rate structure with a per item fee. Merchants with large ticket items or the potential for a large sale transaction should also structure their rate with a per item.
  • Eliminate your per transaction fees for American Express, Discover and Diners. These fees are unrelated to MasterCard and Visa pricing and simply pad the overall bottom line cost of processing service. Why would you want your pricing structured so that the more American Express and Discover transactions you process, the more it cost you to accept Mastercard and Visa? Eliminate these fees and restructure your pricing.
  • Calculating discount fees on Net or Gross sales can have a dramatic effect on your cost of service. Refunding the discount you paid whens credits are issued; a net pricing structure can far out weigh a low gross sale rate.
  • Two rates, one for Visa and one for MC. As competing card companies, they each carry their own individual cost and market share. Examine the effects of card share, average ticket per card and interchange fees for your business.
  • Check Cards or Debit Cards. Type of business, ticket size, equipment cost, and point of sale customer awareness are all factors that should be weighed into this decision. Remember that not all customers currently using a Check Card are going to automatically start keying in their PIN number just because you have a sign on your door or a Pin Pad on display. Also remember that the average check/debit card transaction is much lower than the average credit transaction. A rule of thumb is you are better off accepting transactions under $15 as check cards instead of as debit cards.
  • Artificially increasing the price of your non-qualified transactions may lower your qualified rate but increase your overall costs. Always pay attention to your effective cost by dividing the total charged your account by just your MasterCard and Visa monthly volume.
  • Do not lease bankcard equipment. Equipment is inexpensive to purchase or rent but very expensive to lease. Compare price and terms with our price list.

Fee sturcture is the most important element to good pricing.

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