Monetary History of Egypt
Ptolemaic Dynasty

Cleopatra Berenike

81-80 BC

daughter of Ptolemy IX

Cleopatra Berenike was the daughter of Ptolemy IX. Berenike was married to her uncle Ptolemy X Alexander I. Her husband was a very cruel and unpopular king who was driven from Egypt by his own people and killed in battle in 88 BC. Following his death, Berenike ruled for about one year alone. Without a male heir of the royal house, the throne of Egypt was then claimed by the son of Ptolemy X by an unknown first wife. Berenike was forced to marry her much younger stepson (some argue possible son). The new king of Egypt proved to be as cruel and unpopular with the people as his father. Only nineteen days after the marriage took place, Ptolemy XI murdered his new bride - Cleopatra Berenike.

Monetary System


Monetary System

Note: The coinage of Ptolemy X displays a postumous bust of Ptolemy I. No coinage was issued ultizing his own portrait.


misc (116-106 BC)
AR Tetradrachm (14.2 grams)
AR Didrachm (7 grams)
AR Drachm (3.5 grams)
AR Hemidrachm (1.85 grams)
AE 34mm
AE 27-25mm
AE 20-18mm
AE 15-14mm

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