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When I came to the end of the darkness, I stepped into a new dimension.  Here, I could sense the presence of a loving spirit, sent - I knew - by God to greet me.  Then, I was back at the site of my physical body.  Back and forth I traveled through the tunnel, several times in succession, moving from the Other Side to my electrocuted physical body and back again.

Each time I emerged from the tunnel, I was met by a radiant angelic being who stood before me, smiling.  The being had no wings, and I sense it was female.  She was everything I'd ever dreamed an angel would be.  As she moved toward me, I walked to meet her.  Her love surrounded me, and my spirit was filled with an almost unbearable joy.  The love this angelic being radiated towards me made me feel that she cared more about me than anyone else ever had or could.  Her love filled every particle of my being, every thought, and every emotion within me.  I felt completely comforted and reassured.

She "spoke" by sending words directly into my mind.  How can I hear her thoughts before she utters them, I wondered.  Yet, at the same time I was hearing her questions, I was answering them!   This marvelous being seemed to know all my thoughts instantly, just as I immediately knew hers.  Although I was standing directly before her, I could see her from every angle: front, back, top, bottom, and both sides - like a cubist painting by Picasso.

She walked closer and stood with me; then, we were both lifted about ten inches into the air, as if we were on a platform moving upward.  Extending her arm before her, she indicated that I was to look to my left.  I did so, my heart and soul completely open to her, for I knew God had sent her to help me decide what I should do with my life.

As I turned my eyes left, the entire scene changed into a life review, a vivid, three-dimensional color display of my entire life.  Every detail of every second, every feeling, every thought while I had been alive on Earth was displayed before me in perfect chronological order, from my birth until my electrocution.

At the same time, to my amazement, I was re-living my entire twenty-eight years simultaneously!  The best experiences brought me feelings of great joy, as if God were talking to me through the angelic being, sharing the highest moments of my life.  I felt as if every spirit in Heaven was watching with me, applauding me and letting me know that God approved of my caring, unselfish deeds.  It was then that I asked myself, Am I dead?  Am I really dead?

As the life review continued, I was shown two very special deeds I had performed.  As these scenes were displayed before me, every emotion I had originally felt returned in full force.  I also felt as if God and the angelic being were honoring me for having performed those deeds.

I will never forget the love that surrounded me at that moment, or the joy that ran through me.  Can you imagine being hugged by God and your angel?  It's an experience that defies description!

The first deed I witnessed had occurred the day I stopped my car to help push a woman's stalled station wagon out of mainstream traffic and into a supermarket driveway.  The driver had been struggling to push the car by herself, and I felt compelled to give her a helping hand.  After I had helped push her vehicle to safety, I rushed back to my car, afraid of getting a ticket for being double-parked.  In my haste, I hadn't given her a chance to thank me.   While reviewing this scene, I was filled with indescribable feelings of love, which seemed to be directed to me from angelic beings high above me.

Then, my angel showed me a second vision, a scene I'd forgotten.  I now saw myself at seventeen, when I'd worked at a convalescent hospital after school.  I had grown fond of a toothless old woman who was no longer able to speak clearly, and who never had visitors.  She liked to suck on graham crackers before going to bed, but no one wanted to serve her because when she had finished, she would drool as she kissed the entire length of the arm of the person feeding her.  While others avoided her, I willingly fed her the cookies she adored, seeing how happy this made her.

When that scene was replayed for me, I felt as if every loving spirit in God's kingdom was thanking me in unison.  I was amazed that such an act could have meant so much to God - and to me.  I felt humbled and very honored.

A glow surrounded the radiant being as she presented my life review, continuing to communicate with me telepathically.   As I viewed the scenes of my life, it felt as if I were absorbing many books all at once with perfect clarity.

Finally, my life review was finished, and I was whisked away from the angelic being and returned to the tunnel.   This time, I seemed to be falling through it, finally emerging in another room, in another dimension.  It was a world far more beautiful than any I could ever have imagined, a place of awesome serenity.  The peace and calm I felt surpassed any previous notions I had had about Heaven, and I knew, in the deepest part of my soul, that God was here.

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