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 Tuesday, October 17, 2000
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Nebraska Cornhuskers at Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Week 3 Post Game - Happy Huskers

September 09, 2000
by: Sportvision

It wasn't supposed to be this close, but these are the kind of games Notre Dame wins. The Irish would've done it again, if not for Cornhusker Eric Crouch (7). He opened the scoring with a 62-yard first half TD. And he closed it with a 7-yard TD in overtime. That made for a group of very Happy Huskers.

Coaching Points:

  • Wingback Troy Hassebroek (89) motions across the formation, giving the Huskers a loaded attack to the right.
  • Eric Crouch (7) takes the ball off the left side with I-Back Dan Alexander (38) as the lead blocker.

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