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Junior High Focus
Ministry Development
Personal & Spiritual Growth
Professional Skills
Program Development
Super Seminars
Youth Culture

"Hearing from speakers who teach us and also understand our struggles is very inspiring. The encouragement and appreciation fuels me to keep running the race!"
-Darrel Martin, Petra Christian Fellowship, New Holland, PA

Junior High Focus
Helping Junior Highers Learn to Worship (John Wilson)
Junior High Campus Ministry and the Church (John Wilson)
Understanding the Millennial Junior High Student (Chap Clark)

Ministry Development
Beyond Youth Group: Developing Young Heroes for God (Efrem Smith)
Boundaries In Dating (John Townsend)
Building Healthy Self-Esteem in a Wounded Generation (Larry Acosta)
Helping Kids Whose Hurts Are Deep (Marv Penner)
Many Tribes, One God: Multi-Ethnic Youth Ministry (Efrem Smith)
Ministering to Teenage Girls (Helen Musick)
The Ministry of Nurture: Helping Teenagers to Grow Spiritually (Duffy Robbins)
Models of Youth Ministry (Mark Oestreicher)
Reaching the Heart of the Churched Kid Who Hates Being There (Larry Lindquist)
Top Ten Dangers Teens Face (Jim Burns)

Personal & Spiritual Growth
Developing a Power-Packed Prayer Life (Lori Salierno)
The Evolution of a Youth Worker: Aging Gracefully in Youth Ministry (Duffy Robbins)
Five Fatal Flaws of Modern Youth Ministry (Mike Yaconelli)
Fresh Brewed Life: A Wake-Up Call for Women (Nicole Johnson)
How to Achieve Balance in the Ministry (Lori Salierno)
How to Live a Balanced Life in the Midst of Ministry Demands (Chap Clark)
Messy Spirituality: Spirituality for the Rest of Us (Mike Yaconelli)
The Person Behind the Ministry: Nurturing Your Own Soul (Laurie Polich)
Spiritual Formation Lessons from Hollywood (Rich Grassel)
Staying in Youth Ministry for the Long Haul (Sue Myers)
Youth Ministry and Marriage (Jim & Cathy Burns)

Professional Skills
Beyond Programs: Making Teenage Disciples (Doug Fields)
Confronting False Sexual Identities (Christine O’Donnell)
Help! I'm A Volunteer Youth Worker! (Doug Fields)
Igniting Your Creativity (McNair Wilson)
Imaginuity: Brainstorming the Way They Do It at Disney (McNair Wilson)
Meeting the Needs of Families In Your Church (David Chow)
Media in Ministry: Using New Technology to Deliver Timeless Truths (Todd Temple)
Multitasking to the Max: Managing Ministry From Junior High Through College (Dave Price)
Positive Discipline: Working with Rude, Obnoxious, and Apathetic Kids (Les Christie)
Relationships That Build Disciples: Living Out Incarnational Ministry (Duffy Robbins)
Sexual Abuse: Ministry and Prevention (Jim Burns)
Starting Wrong: How to Really Blow It When You First Start Out in Ministry (Mark Oestreicher)
Using Interns in Your Youth Ministry (Dave Price)
The Vision Thing: How to Effectively Cast a Vision for Your Youth Ministry (Chris Hill)

Program Development
Breaking Down the Walls: Creating a Youth Ministry That Crosses Cultures (Larry Acosta)
Creating Transforming Camps and Retreats (Rhonda Lawes)
Developing a Ministry on the Public School Campus (Caroline Vandenbree)
Drama Basics: The How-To's for Creating Great Skits (Eddie James)
Family-Based Youth Ministry (David Chow)
Helping Kids Set Sexual Standards (Bart Campolo)
Incredibly Hot Games for Fun & Community Building (Les Christie)
Lessons From the Front: Learning From Young Inner-City Missionaries (Bart Campolo)
Making Worship Central to Your Youth Ministry (Jon Middendorf)
Ministering to Parents (Marv Penner)
Mission Trips That Change Lives (Dave Ambrose)
Nine Essential Elements for Student Ministry (Rich Grassel)
Reinventing Sunday School (Helen Musick)
Starting New Youth/Young Adult Church Services for Postmodern Generations (Dan Kimball)

Super Seminars
Developing Student-Led Cell Groups (Ted Stump)
Help! I’m Ministering to Hurting Kids (Steve Gerali)
How to Manage Your Ministry (Chuck Neder)
Leading Students to the Heart of Worship (Paul Baloche)
Molding Movies and Music into Ministry Tools (Brian Belknap)
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry (Doug Fields)
Recruiting, Training, Nurturing and Occasionally Firing Adult Volunteers (Les Christie)
Small Groups: The Key to Touching Your Students Deeply (Laurie Polich)
Teaching the Bible Creatively (Duffy Robbins)
When All Hell Breaks Loose—Helping in a Major Crisis (Rich Van Pelt)
The Wild and Wonderful World of Junior High Ministry (Mark Oestreicher)
Women in Youth Ministry (Sue Myers)

Characteristics of an Effective Youth Communicator (Ken Davis)
Teaching About Love, Sex, and Dating (Jim Hancock)
Teaching on Sex: Why We Shouldn't Teach Abstinence (Christine O’Donnell)
Youth-A-letics: Improving Your Ability to Speak to Youth (Chris Hill)

Youth Culture
The Church in the Third Millennium: Responding to Postmodernism (Mark Driscoll & Chris Seay)
The Future of the Church (A Sociological Perspective) (Tony Campolo)
How Today's Music and Media Impact Your Students (Walt Mueller)
Marks of the Millennial Student (Walt Mueller)
Reaching Unchurched Kids (Dave Ambrose)
Tribal Youth Ministry: New Paradigms for a New Millennium (Dave Hart)
Understanding Today's Youth Culture (Fred Lynch)
Young People as Change Agents (Tony Campolo)

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