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    Calling all N.Y. Adlisters and perhaps a few Adlanders
    Posted by dabitch on Friday, October 13 @ 15:17:37 PDT
    (read: 8 times - hits: 25)
      Networking/gathering This coming Thursday - the 19th of October 2000 - at eight p.m. (that's 20.00 hours) Dabitch is in New York City hanging with a bunch of New York Adlisters at the White Horse Tavern.
    The White Horse is conveniently located at the corner of Hudson and 11th Street and is for those of you who didn't know - the place where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death. We think it's apropriate.
    Dylan himself might be there - as it is said his ghost occasionally returns to rotate his favorite corner table.
    Be there - and wear something terribly ad-related to be recognised. :) (I'll have blue white and black hair - I think you'll spot me!)

    ( comments? )
    Winner of the Luke Sullivan Book
    Posted by dabitch on Friday, October 13 @ 14:41:57 PDT
    (read: 4 times - hits: 0)
      contests netspirit - user number 69 - is the lucky guy/gal who won the signed "Hey Whipple" book. I've sent netspirit an email and will mail the book off as soon as I get a reply. Netspirit is shy gal/guy with no user information or extras - so I'm just guessing that he/she is in the states (the real email ends with .com) So far There have been british american and romainian winners of the competitions here. For all you others - better luck next time.
    The usual smallprint - if there is no reply by next friday - I'll pick another random number, because somebody's gotta win this book.

    ( comments? )
    Posted by dabitch on Wednesday, October 11 @ 10:07:32 PDT
    (read: 63 times - hits: 86)
      announcement Mark Waites at Mother points out that:
    "Mother has what could be the perfect compliment to your gossips corner...yourstruthfully.com the anonymous e-mail forwarding service.

    Now anyone contributing to your site can hide like a little wimp."
    The clever part is - you can email from there anonymously and receive replies to your box! Very cool toy! Go play!

    ( Read More... | 4 comments )

    The dream team
    Posted by dabitch on Monday, October 09 @ 18:00:33 PDT
    (read: 111 times - hits: 0)
      advertising jokes littlebean writes "An account director gets into a black cab with two bin liners.

    "'Ello, mate," says the cabbie. "Just been sacked then?"

    "No", says the account director. "I announced that I was leaving to set up my own agency, and they had me escorted off the premises."

    (joke continues, read more)"

    ( Read More... | 1300 bytes more | comments? )

    Real American Heroes - Captured!
    Posted by Clayton on Thursday, October 05 @ 23:10:28 PDT
    (read: 569 times - hits: 0)
      Scoop - only on Adland Unless you're under a rock somewhere in the arctic circle and dead, you've probably caught the buzz about the American radio campaign for Bud Light. Well, after an excruciating bit of excavating and the trading of favors with friends who have ties to the mob, we've accumulated 15 of these kick-arse spots! So without further adieu, Bud Light presents... (more)

    ( Read More... | 2325 bytes more | 5 comments )
    Madison - One helluva show.
    Posted by Clayton on Thursday, October 05 @ 02:20:21 PDT
    (read: 193 times - hits: 0)
      Scoop - only on Adland The über-hip folks at Heavy have created a Web-based pilot based on something we live and breathe... dysfunctional advertising agency life! Woo-hoo! (more...)

    ( Read More... | 1041 bytes more | 3 comments )
    The land of political correctness strikes again...
    Posted by Clayton on Tuesday, October 03 @ 18:17:23 PDT
    (read: 108 times - hits: 67)
      Ad Rant ...but a plucky columnist retaliates and uses advertising to illustrate how silly the whole thing has gotten. (more)

    ( Read More... | 432 bytes more | 1 comment )
    Truth in Advertising
    Posted by dabitch on Tuesday, October 03 @ 07:40:54 PDT
    (read: 504 times - hits: 266)
      Gossip It's been making the round and you all want to see it -truth in advertising the film, here. Hilarious take on how life would look if we said what we really meant.
    Avion Film Co. in Toronto produced this film that Tim Hamilton directed, and wrote together with David Chiavegato.
    These are just two parts - more are on their way and Michael Schwartz at Avion promises to give us a nudge when the rest of it is posted on the net.

    ( Read More... | 9 comments )
    What is this spot selling?
    Posted by dabitch on Tuesday, October 03 @ 00:16:54 PDT
    (read: 59 times - hits: 207)
      ad critic I just have to show you this spot. What on earth are they selling? Are actors and stuntdrivers in the same union?

    ( Read More... | 2 comments )
    Do you know how to gossip?
    Posted by dabitch on Saturday, September 30 @ 19:38:50 PDT
    (read: 40 times - hits: 25)
      announcement Back in the days when Adland was over at the url:unltd.tm (a URL that I own but can't move here due to Turkmenistanian paperwork - don't ask) I'd get hundreds of mails a weeek of gossip and Badland ads. Thats why I built this.
    Theoretically - or my little daydream here - if enough gossip happy people sign up as users and the more active ones ask to be goldcardusers, this page will "generate itself".
    Anyone working in advertising hears some gossip not meant for general knowledge in any given week. You could post it here as news - others might want to know.

    ( Read More... | 1743 bytes more | 3 comments )
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