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Stan's Uncle Jimbo and his Vietnam buddy, Ned take the boys on a weekend trip to experience the finer points of camping, fishing and blowing animals to smithereens. An erupting volcano and a mysterious creature named Scuttlebutt not only threaten the boys' excursion but endanger the entire town of South Park as well.
While Kyle's mail-order elephant gets to be too big to take on the school bus, the boys get a great idea-they decide to genetically cross breed the elephant with Cartman's potbellied pig, Fluffy, to make potbellied elephants! When they try to enlist the help of the mysterious geneticist Mephesto, things go horribly awry. Mephesto makes an evil clone from Stan's DNA and now the boys must stop the clone from destroying the town of South Park.
Trick or Treat in South Park is interrupted by an outbreak of pinkeye. While Stan, Kyle, and Cartman are getting themselves ready for the school's Halloween party and costume contest, a mishap at the morgue transforms the residents of South Park into brain-eating zombies. The kids have to save the day before they can get down to the business of trick or treating.
Cartman's birthday is upstaged by the battle of good against evil. When the son of the prince of darkness arrives in South Park, he sets off a chain of bizarre events that culminate in a battle between Jesus and Satan. The big event at the South Park forum conflicts with Cartman's annual birthday celebration.
South Park is at the mercy of genetically altered turkeys gone bad. While trying to get a free promotional digital sports watch, the kids end up contacting an organization that helps starving children in Africa. Mistaking Cartman for a starving African child, government authorities send him to Ethiopia. Adding chaos to confusion, a flock of wild turkeys revolt after their treatment at the hands of the local genetic engineer.
The dawn of Zinthar is close at hand! The Boy's discovery of a prehistoric relic spawns a monster that threatens to destroy South Park and the world. Help is on the way however, in the form of an award-winning actor, a celebrated movie critic and a rock superstar. But are they enough to overcome the terror of Mecha-Streisand?