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Our northern trains

A little trout lake, inaccessible by road. Majestic mountains with permanent snow caps. A green forest stretching beyond the horizon. This is the world that VIA's northern trains open up to you.

In the northern reaches of British Columbia: the Skeena

A fantastic two-day, 1,160-kilometre (725-mile) journey. Contact with Native culture, thrilling views of magnificent mountains, plus all the other attractions of the region... Welcome aboard the Skeena!

Three times weekly (on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays), this train leaves Jasper, Alberta, heading for Prince Rupert and the Pacific coast, in northern British Columbia. A night in Prince George, in the hotel of your choice, is part of the itinerary.

With Super-Saver fares, the round trip between Jasper and Prince George costs as little as $90. Some restrictions apply to these Super-Saver fares. Economy class is offered year-round. From May 15 to October 15, you can treat yourself by travelling Totem class!

A trip aboard the Skeena can easily fit into your vacation in western Canada .

After a pleasant stop in Jasper, you can take the Canadian, our Western Transcontinental. Connections with "BC Rail services", to Vancouver, are possible from Prince George. In Prince Rupert, ferries can take you to Alaska or Queen Charlotte Islands. Click here to take a look at the Skeena route map.

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In northern Quebec: the Saguenay and Abitibi

You can board the train in busy downtown Montreal and get off in the heart of the forest, on the banks of the river you have been dreaming of! The Saguenay travels from Montreal to Lac-Saint-Jean, then on to Jonquière. The Abitibi goes to La Tuque, then heads northwest, travelling through Parent to Senneterre. On the route of both trains lie the forests and lakes of northern Quebec.

Travelling to these regions by train is very reasonable. For example, with Super-Saver fares , the round trip between Montreal and Jonquière costs $86.

And you can easily set out from a point other than Montreal, Jonquière or Senneterre. By car, or in some cases by bus, you can travel to one of the stations on the routes of the Abitibi or Saguenay: Joliette, Shawinigan, Saint-Tite, La Tuque, Chambord, and so on.

The Abitibi and Saguenay leave Montreal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, arriving a few hours later in Senneterre and Jonquière, from where they depart early on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. These are daytime-only journeys in Economy class.

Because many Corridor trains go to Montreal, it will be easy for you to include northern Quebec in your next visit to central Canada. Why deprive yourself? To whet your appetite, click here for a map of train routes in northern Quebec.

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In northern Manitoba: the Northern Spirits

Head north for 1,700 kilometres - over a thousand miles! Leaving Winnipeg, in southern Manitoba, the Northern Spirits takes you to the vast subarctic region of Churchill, on the shores of Hudson Bay. It also allows you to reach Lynn Lake, from The Pas, midway between Winnipeg and Churchill. The Northern Spirits is, incidentally, the only overland means of reaching many communities along its route. For more details, view the Northern Spirits train map.

The Northern Spirits is a magnificent way to see the North - without hurting your wallet. The round trip between Winnipeg and Churchill is just $268. Some restrictions apply to these Super-Saver fares. You'll spend two nights on board, leaving Winnipeg Sunday evening and arriving Tuesday morning You can travel in Economy class or, for an additional cost spend your nights in the cosy comfort of our sleeping cars. Each sleeper car, The Chateau, The Manor and the River, add their own charm to this unique experience. The Chateau and Manor provide berths, single bedrooms and double bedrooms with private toilettes in all private rooms and an easily accessible washroom with shower in each of the two sleeper cars. The River Car exudes a private and intimate atmosphere as bedrooms are exclusively offered in this car. The single bedroom provides more space than in the other two sleeper cars because there is no private washroom; instead it is located within the public area of the car (this car does not include a shower, passengers can use the shower facilities of the Chateau and Manor cars). The double bedroom, in keeping with the tradition of luxury offers a private washroom without the loss of any space for relaxation.

Planning a sea-kayaking trip up north? We'll carry your kayak for only $35. Follow these links for information on checked bagage or VIA Adventures, our made-to-measure service for outdoor enthusiasts.
Winnipeg, at the southern end of the Northern Spirits connection, is on the route of the Canadian, which crosses the whole of western Canada.

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On Vancouver Island: the Malahat

The Malahat Aboard the Malahat you'll see some of the most beautiful landscapes on the east coast of Vancouver Island between Victoria, at the southernmost tip of the journey, and Courtenay, at the north end. The complete trip takes about four and a half hours.

Don't hesitate to get off at Chemainus, Nanaimo, Parksville or Qualicum Beach: as everywhere else in the network, Economy class (the only class aboard the Malahat) allows you to get on and off as many times as you like for the price of one ticket to your final destination.

What's more, this price is very reasonable. With Super-Saver fares, a round trip between Victoria and Courtenay costs $50. Some restrictions apply to these Super-Saver fares. If you wish, you can click here to view the map of the Malahat's route.

Note that this "autorail" has no baggage car, and so there is no checked baggage service.

On your next trip to discover the beauty of western Canada, don't forget Vancouver Island. Ferries provide fast service between Vancouver, the arrival point of the Canadian, and Nanaimo or Victoria.

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To the north of Lake Superior: the Lake Superior

Travelling through remote regions, such as those north of Lake Superior, can be risky. Unless, that is, you travel on the Lake Superior, which runs between Sudbury and White River. Even in a driving blizzard, its Economy class will assure you of safe, comfortable travel.

VIA offers three departures per week: westward on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and eastward on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The entire trip takes about nine hours.

With Super-Saver fares, you can purchase you can purchase a round-trip ticket between Sudbury and White River for only $94. Some restrictions apply to these Super-Saver fares.

Carrying items of oversized baggage such as a bicycle or canoe? Lake Superior's baggage car has room for them!

A distance of 10 kilometres (6 miles), or a short taxi ride, separates Sudbury and Sudbury Jct, which is on the route of the Canadian.

View our photo album to discover more features of our trains.

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