See you in September
at the new Eastern Terminal.

Come fall, there won't be anybody home at the Bonner Springs toll plaza.  It will become an unattended station.  All westbound traffic will be routed through the gates of a brand new terminal located seven miles down the pike at milepost 217. The map below shows the location.
Get on a roll.
Then reach the toll.

You'll get on and off the turnpike from Bonner Springs just like before.  Only now, you won't have to break stride at the ramp to get a ticket or pay your toll.  Instead you'll go through a toll lane at the new Eastern Terminal with its grand total of 11 lanes.
Go West, old terminal, go West

Why change the location of the Eastern Terminal?  In a word, NASCAR.  The new racetrack will bring lots of revenue to the Kansas City area.  And lots of people.  In cars.  And RVs.  And buses.  The cars on the track may be fast.  But thousands of fans entering and exiting via the turnpike could create major traffic slowdowns.  We're getting around that problem by moving our Eastern Terminal farther away from the race site.
You've got a ticket to ride.
And ride. And ride

We'd like to make a special offer to our Bonner Springs customers.  Sign up for K-TAG electronic toll collection, and continue to pay the same toll as now.  Cash travelers will pay a higher toll, but K-TAG customers will be charged the current Bonner rate.  And there's no beating the convenience.  Just fill out the application and you're on your way.
There are two K-TAG plans. Please take a look at them and choose the plan that is convenient for you.


Open your account with $40; then every time you use your K-TAG, the toll amount will be deducted from the prepaid balance. We'll send you monthly statements, and you'll earn a 10% toll discount if you keep a positive balance in your account. This option has a $1 monthly fee per tag. (If your usage totals $10 per month or more, you begin saving money.)


This is a simple credit account. The $10 annual account fee has been waived for the first year for Bonner Springs customers. And there is no prepay. You simply accrue charges as you go and receive a monthly statement. You can pay by check or credit card.

Save money in 3 easy steps:

1. Click here to get the Adobe Reader formated application
2. Print and fill out the application
3. Hand to tollbooth attendant or drop in the mail.

For more information, call 1-800-USE-KTAG (873-5824)