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This week's topic

The Immune Response to S. pneumoniae

probably the single most common cause of bacterial pneumonia, meningitis and septicemia

See also Who should get the pneumococcal vaccine?



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Editorials  [more]
Is scholarly publishing becoming a monopoly?

It seems to be but scientific culture must take part of the blame.
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Global information flow

Publishers should provide information free to resource poor countries, say the editors of the Lancet, BMJ and BioMed Central.
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News and Comment  [more]

Many ways to be minimal

The genome sequence of a third mycoplasma brings home the message that few genes are essential in all contexts.
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Concerns surrounding over-complexity of trials

A leading cancer trial specialist warns that over-complexity of trials could be delaying the process by which successful drugs reach patients
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 Latest research articles

Who should get the pneumococcal vaccine?

Most countries recommend pneumococcocal vaccine in people at high risk of infection. Some, including the USA, also recommend it in people aged over 55 with no other risk factors. In a systematic review, Wiffen et al question both recommendations. Meta-analysis of data from RCTs found no evidence of benefit in either group. However, as one of our reviewers points out in an accompanying commentary, this absence of evidence does not prove absence of benefit.

R Andrew Moore et al (4 October 2000)
BMC Family Practice 2000 1:1

A ‘pan-muscle’ promoter?

Understanding of the detailed expression profiles of promoter/enhancer elements is a requirement for gene therapy. Hallauer and Hastings analyse expression of the ‘universal’ CMV IE1 promoter in skeletal muscle, and find that expression is not fiber-type specific. CMV IE1 thus appears to be the first promoter to be identified that drives expression in both fast and slow muscle fibers.

Patricia L Hallauer and Kenneth E M Hastings (4 October 2000)
BMC Genetics 2000 1:1


Sweet rejection

Rejection after renal transplantation is more likely if the patient is diabetic. Thomas et al hypothesise that this is due to peri-operative hyperglycaemia and studied whether a raised blood sugar alone could influence rejection, even in non-diabetic patients: 71% of hyperglycaemic patients develop rejection, compared to only 42% of non-hyperglycaemic patients. This has implications for peri-operative blood sugar control.

Merlin C Thomas et al (4 October 2000)
BMC Nephrology 2000 1:1


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The Immune Response to S. pneumoniae

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