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Our calendar of actions happening in Prague and around the world. Add your events to the calendar.

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IMF Meetings Close Early After Protests
The IMF and World bank meetings have finished in Praha after enormous protests successfully blockaded the convention center.

street balcony face ya basta

The Prague Legal Team has released a new report that indicates that there are still people being held in the Czech Republic. They have also relased a survey of imprisoned activists and their experiences in jail. If you were arrested in Praha INPEG is requesting that you fill out this form.

For more legal information and numbers for the Czech Ministry of the Interior, see the legal information. For a breakdown of numbers of foreigners arrested, see: numbers. For the INPEG press release on the detained activists, see: press release. A call to protest Czech Embassies world wide has gone out. We've gotten reports from protests at the Czech Embassy in London. In Switzerland, the Embassy was occupied, more. Reports have also come in from protests at the Stockholm, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Barcelona, and Berlin embassies.

More Breaking News
links to archives of Free Radio Praha
Summary of S26
Solidarity actions from around the world.

The Prague Declaration
28 September 2000
We, the members of non-governmental and community-based organizations from different parts of the world, gathered in Prague and signing this statement, note the unprecedented early suspension of the 2000 annual general meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Given the number of scheduled sessions, including meetings with non-governmental organizations, that will evidently be canceled, the claim that they have simply finished their business rings hollow. [ read the declaration ]

Czech Newspaper Accuses Police of Using Provocateurs
mc donalds Police were probably involved in looting in the center of Prague on Tuesday, where the destruction of Mc Donalds took place. The organization of Citizens' Legal Observers (OPH) filed a charge against alleged agents yesterday.
Using men in disguise during demonstrations is a common police practice. Policemen masked as anarchists walk in front of almost every mass action. However, it is illegal to use agents-provocateurs. But according to photographers and eyewitnesses OPH has at their disposal, this is exactly what happened on Tuesday. For example, observers have filmed a man smashing a McDonald's window and then walking away through a police cordon without any hassle.
"We have video footage, photographs and eyewitness accounts," said Dusan Stuchlik, one of the OPH observers. Lidove Noviny (a Czech Newspaper) reporters met policemen dressed up as demonstrators in black sweatshirts with black scarves or hoods over their faces. At Tylovo Namesti, reporters saw one of the masked policemen hit metal bars on a showcase window with a pole torn off a railing; later, he arrested activists. [ read more ]

From Melbourne to Prague: the Struggle for a Deglobalized World
by Walden Bello
We are, here in Melbourne in the next few days and in Prague in two weeks' time, participating in an historic enterprise: that of creating a critical mass to turn the tide against corporate-driven globalization.
For years, we were told that globalization was benign, that it was a process that brought about the greatest good for the greatest number, that good citizenship lay in accepting the impersonal rule of the market and good governance meant governments getting out of the way of market forces and letting the most effective incarnation of market freedom, the transnational corporation, go about its task of bringing about the most efficient mix of capital, land, technology and labor.
[ Part 1 | Part 2 ]

REPORTS ON S26 26.9.00
IMC Summary of S26

party front lines arrest imc

Praha Statement
Statement from Seattle
Hear a report from an IMF offical on the relationship of the protests to the cancelation of the meetings.

Tuesday September 26 saw the outbreak of massive demonstrations against the IMF/World Bank annual meeting that is taking place here at the moment. Protestors from all over the world collectively besieged the summit with up to 20.000 people maintaining a circular blockade of the conference facilities, and some even gaining access to the heavily-guarded complex itself. Protests were city wide and numerous, both peacful resistance and active confrontations occured with a single united voice - Shut down the IMF - Shut down the World Bank. [read more]

Undercurrents Report on S26 in Praha
cops The images presented to the planet when the International Monetary Fund and World Bank hold their annual joint meetings are not ones of men in suits making key decisions for entire nations. The latest images are now of young people playing drums and waving banners, often lost in smoke and tear gas fired from riot police. Today, as the meetings got underway in Pragueâs former Communist-era Palace of Culture, a police and army guard set out to ensure the security of the ãcastleS as activists have dubbed it. Around 8000 activists are on the streets of the capital of the Czech republic to disrupt the meetings, taking inspiration from the actions in Seattle and Washington DC.

Despite Police Repression, S26 Success
we are winning Editorial by T. Moore
After a day filled with intense confrontation with police, demonstrators managed to actually completely surround and practically enter the IMF meetings. While corporate media has focused entirely on the so-called "violent, black-clad, pierced, and unwashed anarchists," they have completely neglected to mention that the policies of the IMF, World Bank, and WTO can no longer be tolerated. The police outside the convention center were protecting the IMF meetings from having public participation in them. We are people who are governed by the policies of the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, and the myriad of other economic institutions, with no voice in them. We do not govern our selves- we are governed by the tyranny on unaccountable economic institutions. We want to make decisions about our lives for ourselves- as a community, as families, as people, as children. The people on the streets yesterday were demanding a right to their own political power- not just for debt cancellation, not just for the reform of the IMF and the World Bank. S26 was about realizing a new day, a day were the people can choose the kind of society that we want to live in.

The World Joins Praha in S26 Actions
Reports on a few of the S26 solidarity actions on this International Day of action:
| Belo Horizonte | Berkely | Boise, arrests | Boston | Boulder | Bristol, UK | Bruxelles | Burlington | Buffalo | Chicago | Calcutta | Dakka | Delhi | Denver | Dresden | Duluth | Gainsville | Geneva 2 | Hadley | Hartford | LA | Lisbon | Madrid | Malmo | Melbourne | Montreal | Moscow | Mumbia, India, more | Netherlands | New Brunswick | New York, more | on-line] | Pittsburg | Providence | Portland, Rail Shutdown, Update | San Francisco | San Palo, more | Seattle | South Africa | Stockholm | Stavanger | Sydney 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | Tacoma | Tel-Aviv | Toronto | Turkey | Tuscon | Upsalla, Sweden | Washington DC | Wellington | Wroclaw

The IMF/World Bank are currently holding their 55th annual summit in Prague.
Thousands of people are continuing to converge in the city to highlight their opposition to the poverty, environmental destruction and social injustice created by these institutions. This is part of a growing worldwide movement against corporate globalisation.

Michael Albert's Primer on the IMF
Mark Weisbrot's Protests Keep Spotlight on IMF and World Bank Failures
IMF on the Ropes
By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissmant

Rallies, art festivals, conferences and direct action are happening every day for the duration of the summit. Stay online... stay in touch!

Open Letter to Vaclav Havel
havel In November 1989, we won some fundamental democratic rights, including the right to free assembly and free expression of political opinions. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, we won the freedom to travel. With the birth of the Czech Republic in 1993, The List of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms became part of the Constitution of the Czech Republic. As in the 1970s and 1980s, our rights are formally guaranteed. However, in practice they are trampled on because they depend on the benevolence of bureaucrats.
[ read more | auf deutsch ]

Older Features

Don't believe the hype - bypass the corporate media machine - take control - make up your own mind. In September people attending the events will have the opportunity to contribute to this site - if you choose to stay at home, and not take part, then don't just passively consume the media spectacle, check out IMC Prague and get the real picture as the events unfold.
9/20 - San Francisco - Media
9/26 - Prague - IMF
10/3 - Boston - US Debates
For a complete list of upcoming actions, check out: protest.net. Chat about what's going on in prague.

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video Prague 2000 video trailer (english)
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Occupation of Czech Embassy in London (english)
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photo Tear gas on the hill (english)
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O17 03:35:39

U.S. activists to hold weekly protest at Czech Embassy in DC (english)
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Teapot (english)
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video Tank and isolation (english)
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video school (english)
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International Solidarity is the Key! (english)
O15 09:34:58

Direct Line to "Political Section" at Czech Embassy in US (english)
O14 12:59:56

against INPEG (english)
O13 23:25:10

photo more smoke (english)
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photo Smoke (english)
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