Track: Deliverance

Basic Issues in Deliverance
Doris Wagner November 16-18, 2000

Track: Prayer

Prayer: The Why and How
C. Peter Wagner May 30 - June 1, 2000

National Prayer Assembly
Chuck Pierce June 1-3, 2000

Track: Prophecy

Teaming Apostles and Prophets
August 12-14, 2000

Prophets, Prophecy and the Prophetic Movement
August 7-9, 2000

Track: Regular Track

Spiritual Warfare Today
C. Peter Wagner November 6-8, 2000

Growth Dynamics of New Apostolic Churches
C. Peter Wagner May 3-5, 2000

Wagner Leadership Institute trains and equips men and women for leadership positions in local churches and in translocal ministries. Its goal is to equip leaders in the necessary skills for effective ministry.
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